On first down from the 24 Burns connects with Chris Slaughter, and Auburn is across the 50 for the first time. Play gains 37 yards, and Nutt challenges.

Review confirms the calling on the field, though I don’t think the video evidence is conclusive, as they say.

Auburn first down at the Ole Miss 39.

Ole Miss is charged with a timeout.

The biggest screen in Oxford showed the guy stepping out.

Four plays later Auburn is in the end zone. Tate cracks through the line and runs 27 yards. Burns had just scrambled for 15 yards on third-and-12.

It’s 10-7 with 13:21 left in the third quarter, and the boos are coming down.

Drive covers 76 yards in five plays, 1:39.

We’re looking at a momentum swing here. The Rebels need to respond on offense. They started to do that at the end of the second half.

On third-and-3 from the 29 McCluster is stopped short.

Auburn players are running off the field waving hands in the air. They feel the momentum.

On third-and-7 from the 33 Hawthorne is wide open over the middle with Marcus Temple attempting coverage.

Auburn at the Ole Miss 46.

On third-and-4 from the 40 Burns passes incomplete. Rebels rush 4. Interesting call for Tuberville now. Punt team comes on. Green stands at the 10.

It is a punt, and it goes into the end zone.

Rebels at the 20.

Not seeing much Wild Rebel this game, maybe just 1. Not much of it last week either.

McCluster starts off with a hard-fought 5 yards.

Here’s Wild Rebel, and McCluster keeps for 5 to the 30. First down. Second Wild Rebel play.

On third-and-3 from the 37 pocket collapses and Snead is sacked for a 2-yard loss.

Park punts 44 yards, and Auburn takes over at its 21.

Atttendance has just been announced at 57,324, season’s largest.

On third-and-7 from the 24 Burns passes long to Billings in 1-on-1 coverage against Vaughn.

Tigers at the Ole Miss 47 after the 29-yard gain.

Allen Walker tips a pass in the middle and Vaughn intercepts at the 40.

Rebels face third-and-2 from the Auburn 24. Dexter with a pitch back, runs through the hole and tot he 6. Covers ball with both hands inside the 10.

Holding on Darryl Harris makes it a first-and-goal from the 16.

Incomplete, then 6 for Eason on a draw where he runs into the blocker. Third-and-goal from the 10, and Snead doesn’t see Hodge and runs around before getting tackled at the 13.

Dead ball personal foul against Hodge. Minus 15. So there’s a total of minus 18 on third-and-goal from the 10.

Shene goes from a chip shot to attempting a 45- yarder. His only miss this season is from 47 yards.

This one is short. Shene’s streak ends at 9.

Seven seconds on the clock.

Ole Miss 10, Auburn 7


2 Responses to “THIRD QUARTER”

  1. Jeff Jolly Says:

    DEFENSE!!!!! DEFENSE!!!!!! 6:00 4TH QUARTER…..17-7…….6 minutes from equaling SEC win total of last 3 years in just 6 games under NUTT.

  2. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Interception….Kendrick Lewis…3:50 left…Rebels still lead 17-7.

    Come on Offense….run out the clock.

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