Wallace fumbles the kick and gets only to the 15.

Rebels get only one first down and punt Auburn back to the 30.

Tigers go from the spread and move to mid-field where they punt. Two tackles for loss by Lockett on the drive. Auburn ran seven plays and never went from a 2-back set.

Rebels go 3-and-out. Snead is way too high for an open Hodge on third-and-5. He started slowly last week too.

Another short one for Rob Park, and Auburn is back at the 30, where it was a few minutes ago.

Tigers reach the 45 and punt after Burns is incomplete on a fade on third-and-8. Heavy rush by the Rebels.

Rebels start at the 42 but go back to the 24 after holding against Gerald Harris and a sack by Antoine Carter.

Eason gains 5 to the 29.

Auburn end Antonio Coleman, the SEC sack leader, is down and is staying down. Tommy Tuberville has come out to kneel beside him, but now Coleman is walking off with some assistance.

Third-and-23 for the Rebels.

Snead’s pass is ugly and way short for wide open Eason, the safety valve receiver. There was pressure in the pocket, but Snead could have done better.

On third-and-3 from the 42, Stephens hits Burns, and he fumbles, Bowers and Justin Smith fail to recover. Major opportunity lost.

Rebels punted back to the 32.

Eason runs 28 yards to the Auburn 40. Rebels become first team to cross midfield.

Wallace gains 5 on an end around, but Daverin Geralds is called for clipping. Rebels back at their 45. First and 45.

On second-and-25 Snead scrambles into Auburn territory 17 yards to the 38.

On third down Snead makes a good pass to Eason who catches it and trips.

That’s the end of the quarter. Rebels will be punting from the Auburn 38 when the second quarter begins.

Ole Miss 0, Auburn 0


2 Responses to “FIRST QUARTER”

  1. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Walk down to the Reb coaches and tell Kent Austin to take Snead out for a series or two. He throwing passes over 4 feet over the receivers heads. We should be up 2 touchdowns. He needs to sit a little and calm down.

    Defense is playing great.

  2. oxfordrebel Says:

    We finally get some offense going in the second quarter. Snead looks horrible today, but made a few good throws towards the end of the half. D-line is playing possessed right now. Great job by those guys.

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