On third-and-5 from the 34 Burns avoids a sack and throws to Slaughter for the first.

Slaughter gets behind Green for 42-yard gain to the 17.

Auburn calls time out with 12:29 on the clock. Tigers face third-and-12 from the 19 when they come back.

After three quarters Ole Miss has 286 yards to Auburn’s 226. Snead is 13-for-28 for 126 yards. He’s thrown a touchdown but hasn’t thrown his pick yet.

Shay Hodge is generally a mild-mannered guy. Don’t know what he did for the personal foul, but it’s a killer. Maybe you can afford a slip up in the red zone against Southeastern Louisiana but not this game.

Ole Miss rushes three, plays zone, and Green intercepts at the 8.

Rebels at the Ole Miss 34.

Rebels need to do something with the momentum shift.

Rebels face third-and-4 from the 41.

Snead to Hodge to the Auburn 48.

On third-and-1 from the 39 … actually less than 1 … Snead sneaks for the first, but there’s a flag … facemask against Auburn.

Rebels at the 21.

On third-and-4 from the 15 Dexter fakes a pass then jukes a defender and gets to the 7.

First-and-goal from the 7.

At the 3 with a first down after a facemask.

Snead passes to Derrick Davis for the touchdown. Yes Derrick Davis. Play went left, Snead rolled right and hit Davis wide open.

Kick is good and Rebels lead 17-7 with 6:45 left.

I leave it with you here.

Ripleyreb, post a final for me.

— PA


19 Responses to “FOURTH QUARTER”

  1. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Eason fumbles after good gain…Auburn ball with 3:38 left….dang….come on DEFENSE….whoooooooo…..we finally got a decision overturned…they ruled his knee was down….1st down Ole Miss.

  2. Jeff Jolly Says:

    :59 left…Ole Miss ball…punting on 4 and 1. 17-7.

  3. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Auburn…1st and 10 at their own 17…51 ticks left.

  4. Jeff Jolly Says:

    10 seconds left….on Ole Miss 39….but we have a 10 point lead…

  5. Jeff Jolly Says:

    REBELS WIN!!!!!!

  6. mobilereb Says:


  7. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Tubby has now lost 4 games in a row…..don’t ya feel sorry for him???


    I’m glad we have Nutt. The Rebels are playing so much better this year. At this point, I think we finally made the right hire.

    Wish I lived closer to Oxford. May try to go over to Baton Rouge. It’s much closer than Oxford. Off next week….let’s make this the November to Remember. Go Rebs.

  8. Bo Says:

    This was a HUGE win for the Rebels! I know that goes without saying, but not only does it put us in position to own our own destiny toward getting to a bowl game, but we are going into a bye week with confidence.

    If we don’t overlook and play poorly against LA Monroe, it will guarantee our first non-losing season since 2003.

    Houston, we do NOT have a problem! 🙂

  9. Raleighrebel Says:

    Great win for the Rebels! Defense played great. Definitely need our secondary to protect the pass better, but the three interceptions we had really helped keep us in the game. Looking forward to the Rebels having a week off, and watching Kentucky beating MS State today.

  10. Bo Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, let this stat marinate in your brain:

    Houston Nutt has now won 3 SEC games after 6 SEC games, which means he has already equaled the number of SEC games that Coach O won in 24 SEC games.

  11. RebelGiant Says:

    Great win rebs. Let’s win out!!!

  12. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    A great win Ole Miss, just don’t stop now. Three more to go in regular season play; win them and on to a bowl. GO REBELS!!!!

  13. MoReb1 Says:

    Can anyone explain what the ruling was when the Auburn stepped out of bounds on the pass completion at the start of the 3rd quarter?

  14. ripleyreb Says:

    REBS-17 Tigers-7. Better late than huh PA? Just got home from the Grove. Nice win.

  15. m4rebs Says:

    Days like today justify me buying season tickets, no doubt about it. So many things enjoyable about today.
    1) Finally beating an SEC Team in Oxford,
    2) Ending a 16 year drought
    3) What a beautiful Day
    4) What a great, semi-electric atmosphere
    Like I said on Thursday night, just cause I predicted a loss, I’m so glad we won this one. It was very sweet. And to see Tuberville’s frustration after all the stupid penalties and picks. I’m a Rebel, I’m a Rebel, I’m a Rebel through and through, I would rather be a Rebel than an Aubie in Orange and Blue!!!!!

  16. rebelfan81 Says:

    How about Derrick Davis!! Saw him come in and we just knew it had to go to him, and it did. I am very impressed at how the Rebels keep fighting and how they just know that they can win and that they don’t give up. A major change from past years. GO REBS and KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!

  17. farley662 Says:

    Congrats on the win guys.

  18. Jay Stokes Says:

    hey PA……how ’bout cordera cracking the 100 yard mark? i didn’t hear many people talking about that in media. i thought nobody would be able to accomplish that this year with all the backs coach nutt has in the rotation. great game for him….i think he’s getting better as the season goes on.

  19. djrebel Says:

    MoReb1, the ruling was that the Auburn receiver was forced out of bounds, but the officials didn’t explain that to Houston until after he had called for the challenge. Lots of times they’ll run by and say something like, “He was forced out coach …” but they didn’t do that yesterday.

    Jay, it looks to me like Cordera is really coming on with strong, downhill running. It’s been good to see him protect the football, because that was a knock against him earlier. I’ve always thought that Cordera would be a good, productive player and that he was mismanaged by the previous administration.

    — PA

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