FOOTBALL: Sunday presser notes

The Monday presser was moved back a day as has become a custom with Houston Nutt.

Here are some topics Nutt touched on today.

Penalties: “Two of them were retaliation. I know the guy kicked you in the head, so what? I don’t care if he kicks you in the head twice and talks about your mother, get back to the huddle. It’s a selfish act. It’s a me world out there now, it’s all about me. One thing we can teach them is it’s not about you, it’s about our team.”

The Rebels were penalized six times for 70 yards. They had 25 yards in penalties after reaching the Auburn 6 late in the third quarter. They were averaging 49.7 penalty yards going into the game.

The secondary: “We’ve got to do much better with the deep ball. That’s no secret. We’ve been saying that since Day 1. It’s been a weakness. Cassius (Vaughn, on the play that wasn’t reversed) thought the guy went out of bounds, and he lt up. You can’t let up. If you don’t you’ve got a chance to tip it or knock it, and he may miss it. To me, that’s effort.

“The positive thing is we got the three interceptions. Tyrone (Nix) did a good job of mixing zone and blitz. Now we get three turnovers and don’t turn it over ourselves.”

Defense overall: “I thought we had a very solid game. Our front, led by Peria Jerry, has been outstanding. He’s been a leader. He chases the ball and goes hard every snap. The linebackers … Palmer, Walker, Brumfield, Cornell … are all improved. That was one of the questions when we got here. Dustin Mouzon came in at corner and gave us a little bit. That mix will keep creating competition, and we will need all of them.”

Defensive end Greg Hardy:
“We’ve got two good weeks, and maybe we can get him ready to play.” It’s unclear whether Hardy’s biggest obstacle right now is his surgically repaired right foot or his attitude. Probably a mixture of both.

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Sunday presser notes”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Thanks for the above notes. Looks like if Ole Miss runs the table and Alabama loses; Bama still the SEC West winner. One major obstacle ahead for the Rebs, that being LSU. Miss State may not be a push over, but think if the Rebs play them as they did Auburn, OM should come away with a victory. I don’t think Miss State is a “dead dawg” yet, but do believe they still have a dawg fight within. Hope its not with the Rebs, but would not bet against it. Anyway, those dawg must come to Oxford.

  2. pBeez Says:

    I agree with that assessment Jimmy. We’ve been so close all year, like we were just one step short, and this weekend we found our step. I like that we won at home (finally) beat a demon from our past, and now have a lot of control over our destiny. We could run the table now, though it won’t be easy, I think we can.

  3. doubletripper Says:

    i think all of us fans are getting a little tired of hearing about how hardy marches to his on drummer. i think it is just about time he make up his mind to be a team player or just keep on marching clear out of oxford. enough is enough.

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