FOOTBALL: Sunday presser update

This was filed for our print edition but space limitations made it an online extra instead. Anyway, here’s more Nutt from the Sunday presser.

— PA


10 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Sunday presser update”

  1. JB Says:

    Thanks, PA for this update.

  2. farley662 Says:

    You telling me to move again JB?

  3. JB Says:

    Farley, no can’t find where to get rid of that avatar. Trying another now. This is my son in this avatar with a 45lb Grouper that he caught back in Summer.

  4. farley662 Says:

    You know anywhere to hunt around here? I know you know the area well.

  5. JB Says:

    What type hunting? Deer,Turkey, Dove, Duck, Quail. My deer hunting days up there was in the Holly Springs National Forest and some private land. My ducking was in the Yocona River bottom. Quail, not too much, My dad was was the quail hunter. No one wanted to quail hunt with me affraid that I would shoot them when the covey quickly arose. I will ask my brother-in-law up there and see what he has to say about available hunting land.

  6. farley662 Says:


  7. bc Says:

    There are a several WMAs around there.$15 annual permit will get you on all of them. WMAs are all I hunt because I ain’t giving my money to a hunting club.Go to for maps, etc.

  8. farley662 Says:

    Thanks bc.

  9. JB Says:

    Good hunting Farley on WMA’s. Hope you dont’ get shot by one of those trigger happy hunters.

  10. farley662 Says:

    Thanks JB, I guess……….

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