FOOTBALL: Nutt calls on Snead to produce more

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt has called out quarterback Jevan Snead, challenging the Texas transfer to up his game.

Snead had a problem earlier in the season with working so hard to force plays, to make something when it really wasn’t there, that he may be going the other direction right now and being hesitant when opportunities really are there.

He’s started slowly the last two weeks, but in both games, wins against Arkansas and Auburn, he’s corrected himself in time to make big throws at big times.

Consistency from Snead will go a long way in helping Ole Miss close out some games earlier.

Snead at half production is still an upgrade from recent quarterback play, but his potential greater than what he’s shown lately. The Wake Forest game with four touchdowns and only one interception against a very experienced defense comes to mind.

Snead is a worker, a guy who takes his leadership role seriously. His personality and ability are a good mix, and combined they’re what will help him develop into a very good quarterback.


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Nutt calls on Snead to produce more”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I thought that Snead has carried his share of the load very good. Wins over the mighty#4 Gators, playing #2 Bama on even keel, beating miss piggy in the sty, and disgracing Tubby and his war chickens. So what more can be expected of this young Reb. GO REBS under the command General Snead!!! This ole Reb support you.

  2. doubletripper Says:

    this ole rebel supports everyone also, but i would like to see a little more consistency from jevan. i was watching them warm up before the game and jevan was off with his passes then also. tapp on the other hand was right on. i would like to have seen coach nutt give him some playing time to see if he could do it in a game. also might have been a wakeup call for jevan.

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