FOOTBALL: Catching up with Joe Lee Dunn

Here’s a short excerpt from an interview with Joe Lee Dunn for a story for tomorrow’s print edition. Dunn had No. 1-ranked defenses and both Ole Miss and MSU and is now coaching with former Kentucky coach Hal Mumme at New Mexico State.

Both of those guys are pretty unorthodox on their respective sides of the ball, and they had some interesting games against one another in the 1980s when they were both in the WAC and in the 1990s when Mumme was head coach at Kentucky.

Here’s Dunn on his quest to find dominant defensive linemen to play for New Mexico State:

“You can find them, but you have to find them in a wide variety of places. You can’t get them all here in New Mexico. There just aren’t that many people. You have to go to Texas and California, pick up a couple in Arizona and go back and get a couple in Georgia and Mississippi. When I was head coach at New Mexico we recruited in the South, and a bunch of people came out here.”

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Catching up with Joe Lee Dunn”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Joe Lee did have a tough defense at Ole Miss under head coach Brewer. However, after Brewer decided to take permanent retirement from college coaching, Dunn’s interim head coaching tenure for the Rebs did not pan out to good.

  2. Tommy Acklin Says:

    Some guys are better suited to be coordinators….Coach Dunn in one of the best at thinking outside of the box, and getting the best footballers on the field……..

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