FOOTBALL: Heading into ULM week

A few notes and observations after a Saturday of watching college football and not covering it.

There is a difference, you know. While I enjoy my job, it’s nice sometimes to kick back with the clicker on the couch, to arrive late and not miss anything or to leave when the game is finished. Lots to be said for that approach.

In watching a great portion of several games I offer the following:

LSU can be had. Not a big news flash there, but the Tigers played better than I thought they would against Alabama.

LSU tailback Charles Scott is a load, and he gets good blocking from his offensive line and fullback. Many of those linemen went down with some sort of injury yesterday, so it’s not clear how strong they’ll be when Ole Miss visits on the 22nd.

Alabama was giving up about 60 rush yards a game, and Scott and the Tigers ran right through them.

The Tide’s big nose tackle, Terrence Cody, was coming off the injury list, and he obviously is not the same human being he was before he was hurt early in the second half against the Rebels.

Scott and Keiland Williams, who flirted with the idea of signing with Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss, will challenge Peria Jerry and the Rebels’ defensive line. They could possibly challenge Greg Hardy, but who knows what his situation will be.

That same defensive line can change things in the Rebels’ favor with a good pass rush. LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee did not disprove theories that he’ll make poor throws and careless ones over the course of a game. A strong Ole Miss rush will compensate for weak pass coverage that has the ability to enter Lee into the Heisman race.

The unknown in the mix is LSU true freshman quarterback Jordan Jefferson. He’s much more mobile. He did not get on the field against Alabama, but given Lee’s performance that could change.

In other news …
Kentucky has a pretty good football team. While Georgia has fallen from its No. 1 perch, the Bulldogs still have some top-flight athletes, and Kentucky — which lacks a big-name win this season — played toe-to-toe and had a chance to win on the final drive.

It would help the Rebels in their bowl standing if Kentucky peters out at the end. The Cats have six wins already and with Vanderbilt and Tennessee left on the schedule have a great shot at eight wins. They also have a fan base that turns out for bowl games, wherever they are.

I thought Tennessee would play with some emotion and beat Wyoming, then Vanderbilt. I was wrong on the first count and probably wrong on the second.

Commodores fans are rightfully nervous right now. Still needing a single win for bowl eligibility they go to Kentucky, host the Vols and go to Wake Forest. Maybe they’ll beat the Vols.

Texas Tech, the primetime ABC game for the second straight week, was quite entertaining. I have a Heisman vote this year, and Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree are legitimate candidates.

Tech coach Mike Leach was very laid back and funny when I worked with him during Ole Miss’ home-and-home series with the Red Raiders. Leach may be a bit more intense these days. He didn’t have any one-liners for the sideline TV lady prior to taking the field against Oklahoma State last night.

Tech had no trouble getting past the emotional win over Texas and now has two weeks to prepare for a trip to Oklahoma. It will be hard to pick Tech to win that game, because the Sooners are going to get their points, much more so than did Texas or Oklahoma State.

A Tech loss will throw the Big 12 South into the world of tie-breakers.

— PA


12 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Heading into ULM week”

  1. jhlco Says:

    Where is your Joe Lee Dunn article? Looked for it on the website but didn’t see it.

  2. Bacchus815 Says:

    The Tigers do not have 2 weeks to prepare for Ole Miss. They play Troy next week in a makeup game. Ole Miss will be their 5th straight home game.

  3. Bacchus815 Says:

    The Tigers do not have 2 weeks to prepare for Ole Miss. They play Troy next week in a makeup game. Ole Miss will be their 5th straight home game.

  4. rebnutt Says:

    Good article on the Reb’s recruiting, thanks for that. Hope they can rack up the OLs & DBs before it’s over, we really need them. I agree with you on LSU. Like everyone else, they’ll try to pick on our CBs.

  5. rebnutt Says:

    Forgot to ask, do we have a shot at the WR coming out of Macon?

  6. djrebel Says:

    Jhlco, here’s the link for Dunn. I found it in archives. We’ve been having some trouble lately, some technical problems in getting stories posted.

    http: //

    Bacchus, I forgot about LSU having to move that Troy game. That’s good for Ole Miss. I think two weeks to heal and prepare would have been good for LSU. I do think they’ll start to play Jefferson a little bit.

    — PA

  7. djrebel Says:

    Rebnutt, not sure on the receiver from Macon. I’ll have to check. I did have a guy fairly close to Bumphis tell me to look for him to pick Florida.

    — PA

  8. Bacchus815 Says:

    Surely Jefferson has done something in practice or the classroom to not be playing at least a little bit. Lee is regressing more and more each week.

  9. RoastBeef1 Says:

    I don’t know about getting Pat Patterson. Sure OM is on his list, but I got a feeling he could end up with Bama. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up at Southern Miss. He backed out of his committment with State because he wanted to go to a team that will spread it out and throw the ball. Southern Miss has tried to develop that and a tandem of Patterson and probable freshman all-american/5 star recruit from last year, DeAndre Brown could be scary.

    I’ve also heard Bumphis is basically going to Bama or Florida but I don’t understand why he’d do that. He won’t play at Florida, too many great athletes similar and faster than him, plus they’re all young. I wish he’d give OM some thought. I’d love to see him running the Wild Rebel next year.

  10. Jay Stokes Says:

    PA….did you hear anything through the grapevine about the exhibition game with UAB on friday? i’ve been trying to find some stats or something on it with no luck…..

  11. djrebel Says:

    Jay, haven’t heard anything on the UAB scrimmage. May hear something today.

    Beef, I’ve heard Florida for Bumphis. You’re right. He can go to Gainesville and get lost or he can go to Ole Miss and be a star in the Wild Rebel.

    These kids coming out of high school all think they’re better than the other guy. Sometimes they’re right.

    I figure Bumphis would walk in next year and at least be the No. 2 guy as the Wild Rebel, spending a year behind McCluster. If Bumphis adapted quickly you would probably see more of the formation than you’ve seen the last couple of weeks, because he would provide the threat to throw the ball.

    — PA

  12. VA Reb Says:

    If LSU had a QB, they could have easily beaten Bama. I think Tebow and the Gators will expose Bama for what they are. A good defensive team but very average on offense…certainly not the best team in the country.

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