FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser

All present and accounted for after the open date, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said.

“Yeah, they never seem to have car trouble on the way out of town, but sometimes on the way back in, they have car trouble,” he joked.

Not this time. Everyone was on hand to go through a rigorous Sunday practice, harder than the usual light fare the players have on a Sunday following a game.

The only player to miss practice with injury was fullback Jason Cook (concussion), but he is expected to be back on the field Tuesday.

On other topics …
Trap game: Nutt calls Saturdays’ La.-Monroe game a “trap” game and has tried to visualize that to players with big mouse traps placed all over the football building.

Trouble from La.-Monroe: Nutt says La.-Monroe can give you problems with their multiple formations.

“They’ll go 2-back, 1-back, no-back, three wides, four wides, five wides. They can give you a lot of problems, because they do so many different things,” he said.

Coaches know ULM players: Wide receivers coach Ron Dickerson and safeties coach Kim Dameron were both on staff at La.-Monroe last year. That will be beneficial mostly in how these coaches can offer opinions on ULM players.

“They know those guys and recruited a lot of them,” Nutt said.

Wild Rebel: Nutt said he hasn’t given up on the Wild Rebel formation but has used it less the last two games, because teams have spent so much time preparing and trying to take it away. He will continue to try and pick his spots to us the formation and says he’ll look for chances to throw from it as well.

Hardy status: Nutt said defensive end Greg Hardy moved around well in Sunday’s practice. He’s optimistic that the eccentric Hardy, one of the team’s top play-makers, will be close to full strength for the final three games.

Snead’s week: Nutt liked what he saw in practice from quarterback Jevan Snead last week, calling it his best week fo the season. Snead apparently excelled in some work against the first-team defense. The transfer from Texas has struggled with accuracy issues of late. Nutt thinks he’s getting better there. He’d like to see him around 60 percent, which would be about 10 points up from where he’s been the last two games.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Quick notes from presser”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, i saw somewhere in another post something about an article on recruiting. do you have the link on that? also this might be a little bit of an unsure situation, but do you see any interest in ole miss in bringing tig barksdale in to play safety? i saw an article on scout saying that the biggest mistake he made last year was not signing with ole miss but that he wants to hear from them again. Do you think the coaches will be willing to take a risk on him, because i think he could be a dynamic safety, because it looks like we are set at running back. just a thougt. thanks for the good coverage

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Just hope the Rebels are not looking ahead to LSU and forgetting about ULM.

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