FOOTBALL: The Warhawk-Indians

I can tell you a lot more about this school from the 80s when we won the Division I-AA national championship than I can through its lonely sojourn through Division I.

Yes, I say “we” with this school since it has thousands of my cash, and its name is on my degree.

This is the school that beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa last season, but many key players are gone for La.-Monroe, which has struggled to a 3-7 mark this season. The team formerly known as the Indians — now the politically correct Warhawks — is coming off a 24-21 Sun Belt Conference loss at Middle Tennessee Saturday.

Looks like the homeboys are a running team, which I reckon won’t bode well for them in their visit to Oxford this weekend.

The thing Ole Miss players need to remember, is there are lots of athletes in the south. La.-Monroe will have some on the team, though there won’t be much depth.

Can’t “flop around” in this one, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt says, and he’s right. There’s way too much on the line for the Rebels, who can become bowl eligible for the first time since 2003 with a win.

The Rebels are in good position for seven wins and have a shot at eight, but it all starts with ULM, the last non-conference game of the season.

Nutt’s news conference begins at 2, and I’ll post some notes afterward.

— PA


17 Responses to “FOOTBALL: The Warhawk-Indians”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    “Nutt presser begins at 2”

    Sounds like something they do when you get caught cheating at Tunica.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Draws, you’re all over it man. I just told Gene and Brad here, “You know, every now and then this sort of thing happens when you’re dealing with that name.” I’ll have to do a little editing.

    — PA

  3. VA Reb Says:

    Draws, that was priceless!! Maybe you should be writing one-liners for Croom!

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Those are too easy VA. The man does a good enough job making fun of himself. He don’t need my help.

  5. Matthew Says:

    I saw Monroe in Murfreesboro saturday and the real threat for Monroe comes from the QB. He has some wheels and can scramble and run or scramble and throw. Hopefully some sacks and pressure will keep him off balance. I look for Jevan to have a big day. He should be able to get his rhythm going into the lsu game.
    PA I can tell the PC name issue is something that bothers you as well. It’s sad both of my schools have PC issues and have caved into the pc police to some degree. MTSU derives its name from N.B. Forrest and his Civil War Raiders and obviously Ole Miss has its historical ties. Its sad when schools cave in b/c somebody doesn’t like something. Look at Ark. St., UL Monroe, Stanford, etc etc. Without a real debate or democratic voice administrators steam roll the will of the majority b/c some special interest groups need a battle to fight. Sad commentary for sure. How long will it be before some Chancellor, AD, and head coach team up to try and make The University of Mississippi change other traditions that make us Ole Miss.

  6. JG Says:

    CBS just picked up the LSU game.

  7. farley662 Says:

    I saw where OM was suing a high school team on sixpack this weekend because they were using the Colonel Reb logo. If the school is trying to get away from that image, why do they care?

  8. bigdraws Says:

    Good point Oscar. I think when they said they’d like to get away from it, it was just PR speak. They love that mascot and embrace the tradition. Not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but that’s the fact.

  9. cr Says:

    When and if ESPN Gameday ever came to Ole Miss and Corso wants to pick the Rebels will he put Colonel Reb on his head?

  10. bigdraws Says:

    Or UNLV for that matter.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    And howcome Leake Academy is allowed to use the same logo\mascot?

  12. farley662 Says:

    I like the Colonel. They preach about wanting to get rid of the old guy, but they sure do pimp the image out on everything they sell. I got a hat with the old fella on it BBM bought me. And all the stores around here have stuff with him plastered all over it.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Is it the one where he’s got his hat turned around backwards like a gangsta?

  14. farley662 Says:

    Nope. Old dude on a plain blue hat. Farley don’t like the backwards hats.

  15. bigdraws Says:

    Whatta grouch.

  16. doubletripper Says:

    i guess how much you have to cave to the pc police depends upon who you are. florida state is still the seminoles. with the war chief galloping out on his horse and everything.

  17. djrebel Says:

    In the mid-90s Northeast Louisiana changed its name to Louisiana-Monroe. The president (of the school, not Bill Clinton) wanted that. He thought being the U of Louisiana, even with a hyphen, would give the impression that the school served a larger area and would lead to more prestige and grant money. There may have been some other thinking too.

    I’m not as up on the inner workings of Alma Mater U these days, but when I drive through the campus, which is rare, I can’t see that it’s rolling in dough. There have been some building upgrades, but it’s been 20 years, so there should be building upgrades. Enrollment is down from where it was in the late 80s.

    So there’s the name change.

    The mascot change was of course initiated from outside pressure, the NCAA, not inside pressure.

    The school’s mascot was just “Indian,” not a specific tribe like Florida State’s Seminole. The school approached a couple of area tribes seeking a sort of relationship, and the response was lukewarm or worse.

    So now they’re the Warhawks, which I guess offends only predatory birds and alumni.

    — PA

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