FOOTBALL: Updated SEC Rankings

Rank, Team, Pvs.
1. Alabama (1): Undefeated and stilll No. 1.
2. Florida (2): No. 2 but the best team playing right now.
3. Georgia (3): Dogs survive scare against Cats in Lexington.
4. LSU (4): Defense was better against Alabama, but the Tigers are struggling at quarterback.
5. South Carolina (5): Gamecocks have cracked the Top 25, but loss to Tigers in Columbia keeps them from climbing past LSU in these rankings.
6. Ole Miss (6): Trying to avoid a trap game this week against La.-Monroe, it’s hard for Rebels not to eye next week’s visit to Baton Rouge.
7. Vanderbilt (7): Sixth win, sixth win, where art thou oh sixth win?
8. Kentucky (9): Freshman QB Cobb helped Cats amass 226 rushing yards vs. Georgia, most against an SEC foe in six years.
9. Arkansas (8): Hogs have two weeks to prepare for visit to MSU for Western Division “Cellar Bowl.”
10. Auburn (10): A 37-20 “win” against Tennessee-Martin can’t be too reassuring for struggling Tigers.
11. MSU (12): Dogs’ victory streak against Alabama in jeopardy this weekend.
12. Tennessee (11): Flat, listless Vols lose to Wyoming at home and fall to Rocky Bottom.

— PA


4 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Updated SEC Rankings”

  1. colreb420 Says:

    PA didnt tenn drum Msux?

  2. djrebel Says:

    I think Tennessee piled on at the end against State. I put them 12th based more on the Wyoming loss. I really thought they would play with a little more fire just days after Fulmer’s resignation and put up more than seven points on a three-win Wyoming team.

    — PA

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    It appears that the Rebs are slowly moving up toward the top provided they don’t shoot themselves in the foot!!! It my feelings that they should have already been up there, but self inflicted wounds put them at #6 today.

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I know that I am a looney tune ole man, but I think the Miss State defense is a better unit than that Tide offense. So, I look for an upset here.

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