HOOPS: Is that your final answer?

It took us a minute to process what Eniel Polynice was telling us at the end of basketball interviews Tuesday afternoon.

I asked Polynice if there was a bit of pressure to get off to a fast start given the NCAA tournament goals for the Rebels and the attention they’re receiving in the preseason.

“We’ve earned that. People are finally starting to realize that we’ve beaten good teams, and we’re a good team ourselves. We just got to keep beating good teams, playing good and being humble and it will all fall a part,” he said.

Polynice ran off to practice. We huddled among ourselves and decided he meant to say it “will all fall in place.”

Anyway, it all starts Friday night for the men’s basketball team. The Rebels have won 45 games in Andy Kennedy’s first two seasons, but they’re hungry for the NCAA tournament bid that has escaped them twice.

Tipoff against Arkansas State is Friday night at 7.

— PA


One Response to “HOOPS: Is that your final answer?”

  1. Jay Stokes Says:

    i can’t wait….i’m gonna go out on a limb and make a prediction, just so it’s on the record. the rebels will finish the regular season 22-8, with a 10-6 record in conference play. they’ll be in the hunt to win the west and get a bye week the first round of the SEC tourney. they’ll win one or two games there, coming out 23-9 or 24-9…..earning a 5 or 6 seed in the Big Dance.

    Go Rebs….

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