FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?

There’s a natural tendency to count this chicken before it hatches.

Don’t do that. Not because of La.-Monroe but because of Ole Miss.

This is Alma Mater U for me. We were known for football in the 1980s and early 1990s, winning the Division I-AA national championship in 1987. Not sure what the school is famous for these days, but I figure Johnny’s Pizza is still somewhere near the top of the list.

There’s a lot riding on Saturday’s game for the Rebels, and that’s good. This would be more of a trap game for a team that was in the thick of the division race and was stepping outside conference play at this late time of the season.

The Rebels can become bowl eligible with a sixth win Saturday, and that hasn’t happened since 2003. There will be “big” games in the weeks that follow, because they’ll be trying to improve their bowl standing.

The Ole Miss seniors talk about leadership and keeping everyone focused on the task at hand. The fact remains, however, that these seniors have never been in this position of leadership. They themselves don’t know what it’s like to get ready for a bowl game, save the precious few who were around in 2003 — Jason Cook, Dustin Mouzon, Darryl Harris and maybe a couple others. These guys were not playing major roles then.

Houston Nutt has done a good job of talking about focus to the point even of visual aids with the mouse traps. There’s only so much a coach can do, and while I expect the Rebels to play with purpose, no one will know whether Ole Miss will be fired up or flat until near the end of the first quarter.

This is a program that has a history of some meager success against the SEC. There are only three wins, but one of them was last year at Alabama, so there are players on the roster who remember that game. The program has also come very close but fallen short in other attempts at SEC upsets. Auburn in 1995 and Kentucky in 2006 come to mind.

When you get past the emotions and get to the matchups, ULM is a sub-.500 team and is also sub-.500 within one of the weakest FBS conferences, the Sun Belt.

The Warhawks will have some playmakers — one of them quarterback Kinsmon Lancaster — because there are lots of athletes in the South, and the SEC can’t sign them all. The SEC team will have the better athletes and more of them, but if one or two playmakers make plays at the right time, upsets happen.

The Warhawks are giving up an awful lot of rushing yards, and the Rebels appear to be coming into their own in the rushing game. Not a good matchup for ULM there.

ULM has a fairly balanced offense, but so much of its rides on what kind of day Lancaster is having. I like the Rebels’ chances to control the Warhawks’ offensive line, which then relegates Lancaster to making things happen on his own. He is capable of that.

The Ole Miss secondary played better against Auburn. Kodi Burns, an average passer, was up around 320 yards, but much of that came in the final couple of minutes when the Tigers were in frantic mode. Burns hit some big plays, but the secondary closed out some big plays of their own with three interceptions.

I maintain my belief that the Ole Miss secondary can make average players look great. Lancaster will hit some throws.

The key for Ole Miss will be bringing fire and emotion to the table and keeping a handle on Lancaster.

I think the Rebels will be fine in both areas against my alma mater.

Ole Miss 34, La.-Monroe 19

— PA


40 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?”

  1. bornarebel Says:

    I think we will run the ball a lot and dominate the time of possession. Eason and Bolden both end up with 100+ yards rushing.
    Ole Miss wins big.
    Ole Miss – 41
    ULM – 17

  2. VA Reb Says:

    Ole Miss 38 ULM 10

    Bama 28 MSU 10

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    I think the Rebels will win this one by at least a couple of touchdowns, but I agree that ULM will have some big plays.

    Ole Miss 38
    ULM 20

    BAMA 21
    MSU 0

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, can’t believe that you are going against your alma mater!! That’s something that those disgruntled Miss State Fans would do, but not you, my friend. If you are not going to pick them, then I will. Jimmy

  5. djrebel Says:

    Jimmy, I appreciate your support. Gotta cut those emotional ties when credibility is on the line. Monroe was a fun place to be in the 80s when we had one of the best football programs in I-AA.

    — PA

  6. Hope Says:

    OH HOW I LOVE AND MISS JOHNNY’S PIZZA!!!! I love the Johnny Rebels too…but that pizza leaves a mark!

  7. farley662 Says:

    OM 35 ULM 20
    Bama 37 Crxxminators -2

    Coming to the OM game this weekend. Hope to actually see a win. Last several visits to the Vaught were loses for the boys in blue.

  8. Hope Says:

    Oh forgot my picks!

    Rebels 27
    Warhawks (Indians) 14

  9. djrebel Says:

    Now Farley, are you really hoping to see a win, or are you going to the game to put a hex on bowl-eligibility?

    — PA

  10. Peter @ Says:

    Rebels: 44

    love this site, though, Parrish.. you’re locked into my RSS feed, and – without a doubt – you’re my main source of late-breaking Rebel news..

    keep it up!


  11. m4rebs Says:

    Take a screen shot of this one, I’m going with the Rebs! Closer than the experts think however……I think we’ve been getting ready for the Bayou Bengals….we just need to win.

    Rebels 31
    Oooolamode 17

    I like the Tide over the BooDogs, but it won’t be a big blowout, probably in the 28/10 range. I like the Gators to squeak out a close one against the Cocks too, in the 24/14 range, but the 2 score lead comes late. Auburn gets drilled by UGA on the Plains this week, and I like Vandy to get it done over the Cats of UK by shutting down the Cobb kid.

  12. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Peter. This isn’t Peter Boone is it? (Ha.)

    — PA

  13. JG Says:

    Love Johnny’s Pizza, I grab it every time I go through Shreveport.

    Ole Miss 38 ULM 24

  14. Mark Says:

    Forget about just getting a win. The Rebels need to win big and set a tone heading to LSU. Rebs 45-10

  15. Glenn Says:

    Rebels will get some Kiemeaux Therapy [Johnny’s Pizza lovers will know what I mean] vs. the Monroe squad, 44-13. This is the only game I’ll be able to get to this year. Looking forward. GO REBS!

  16. jr85reb Says:

    Ole Miss 35

    ULM 17

  17. bigdraws Says:

    Pa1’s blog 1
    Ripleyreb 0

  18. jr85reb Says:

    Now that’s funny.
    + 1 for draws

  19. Chad Says:

    If we win big, we will lose to LSU. If we win a tight one, we may focus more next week and have a chance against the Tigers.

    Ole Miss 23
    ULM 14

  20. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    Two battle craving peices of dark meat in a row! This one will be close on the scoreboard, but never really in doubt.

    Ole Miss 35
    War Chickens, part Deux 21

  21. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    PA, I heard we haven’t won two in a row since 2004. When was the last time 3 put 3 wins together?

  22. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    that 1st 3 is supposed to be “we”

  23. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here with 2003.

  24. Jay Stokes Says:

    ole miss…….38

    ole miss……..85
    arkansas st….65

  25. cr Says:

    It’s November and football is fun again. Rebs run it 45 times for 300+ and keep the ball away from ULM. 41-13

  26. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Draws, I believe that you have done your home work.

  27. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Charlie Conerly:

    “Conerly starred for the Rebels as an All-American quarterback in the 1940s before embarking on a championship career with the NFL’s New York Giants. The Conerly trophy has been awarded to a Rebel five times, including Stewart Patridge (1997), Deuce McAllister (1999), Eli Manning (2001 and 2003) and Patrick Willis (2006).”

    As young lad in Tula on those rainy and cold autumn days do remember Charlie performing for the Rebels in Hemingway Staduim, and later on his performance with the New York Giants. Another Ole Miss QB followed along in Chalie’s footsteps is mentioned above, in Eli Manning. Eli, not only lead his Rebels as champions in NCAA football play, but went on to lead the NYG to Super Bowl Championship.

    Deuce and Patrick performing outstandingly in the pro ranks. Great Ole Miss Players winning the Conerly trophy. Go REBS.

  28. rebnutt Says:

    I predict more of a blowout–we’ve not had one of those in recent memory.

    Rebs 52
    ULM 14

  29. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Ole Miss 30
    ULM 24

    Me having a heart attack while we try to put them away in the 4th quarter and not doing it … almost guaranteed.

  30. RebelGiant Says:

    I think the rebs put together a good solid game. Rebs win 38-13

  31. m4rebs Says:

    Anyone see the BCA’s report earlier this week calling Ole Miss out for not interviewing and African-American coaching prospect after firing Ed Orgeron? And how dismal the numbers are in coaching by %? What are your thoughts regarding this PA?

  32. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll tell you my opinion. Kudo’s to Om for not bending towards the racist media. You saw a capable coach and grabbed him up. Looks like it’s working out for you.

  33. 03Rebel Says:

    Used love Johnny’s pizza too. They called their supreme “sweep the kitchen”. The Rebs should sweep up this former division AA champ and help out Snead’s stats & confidence for the year.

    Rebs 30

    Indians 17

  34. djrebel Says:

    Matt, I think some attention is returning to that topic because two African-American coaches have been fired this season — Tyrone Willingham and Ron Prince — and there’s some doubt as to Croom’s status at MSU.

    Did the report mention how integrated the current Ole Miss staff is?

    03, you’re hurting me man, busting on our I-AA national championship. That was a really good team with a handful of All-Americans, including Stan Humphries and Jackie Harris (TE), who went on to nice NFL careers. That team defeated Southern Miss in the regular season.

    — PA

  35. Mike Says:

    And people wonder why I say State would be a pariah around the country if they fire Croom? Look no further than the BCA report. State was lauded around the country and probably rightly so to have been the first SEC school to hire a black head coach. Now, regardless of how their program’s doing, he will only leave State on his terms. If he’s fired for having a program that is below the standards that State fans expect they will be torched in the media. State is in a no win situation. If they keep Croom, they keep heading in the same direction they are now. If they fire him, they get absolutely slaughtered by the BCA and the media.

  36. Mike Says:

    And I agree completely with bigdraws. For once, Boone did something that may not have been politically correct but was right for our football program at that time.

  37. bigdraws Says:

    btw, not calling you racist Pa. Just to clear the record.

  38. bigdraws Says:

    I’d like to respectfully disagree Mike. State doesn’t get that much national attention anyways. We’ve givin him every opportunity to build the program. I’d have no problem with him staying one more year. The 0-line took some hits that really hurt us. Once the national media looks at his record over his tenure I think they’ll settle down. Now, if the head hunters (Jackson & Sharpton) want to get into it, it might get a little more attention. I think that would only hurt their cause though. If they lambaste someone everytime a black coach is fired. Why would anyone want to hire one in the first place. Nobody ever accused them for being great minds though. Or even caring about anything but money. Just my opinion.

  39. PBeez Says:

    I am feeling good about the Rebels – or maybe that is the cold medicine kicking in.
    What passes as a blow out for the Rebs
    Rebs 24
    OolLaMode (I like that) 10

    and then
    NC State 28 Wake Forest 23.

    Hey how about this – the football team exciting & playing for a bowl at the same time the basketball team has us all jacked up as well!!! How long has it been since we had this? We look like a real, grown up athletic program!!

  40. L2 Says:

    Rebs – 49
    U L M – 13

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