FOOTBALL: Upon further review

I was watching a bit of the Ole Miss-Florida replay on last night and was reminded of Ted Laurent’s sack of Tim Tebow late in the fourth quarter.

It was a pretty athletic move to spring free, then a nice 1-on-1 tackle against a guy who’s tough to bring down.

For whatever reason Laurent has struggled a little bit over the second half of the season. Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix says it’s about production, not lingering pain from a knee that required arthroscopic surgery in August.

Lawon Scott has gotten better over the second half, and the two have been somewhat interchangeable.

It’s resulted in an interesting battle for playing time, and defensive line coach Tracy Rocker says he is “keeping them hungry.”

Laurent tweaked the knee in practice this week and may not play much against La.-Monroe Saturday.

Defensive line play has been strong all season, and that’s a big reason the Rebels are in the unusual situation of seeking bowl-eligibility.

Senior Peria Jerry has been the focus of that line. He’s gone next year, but there’s still a lot of talent and depth.

There will be an opportunity then for someone — Laurent and Scott are the likely candidates — to become the new face of the front four. It would be nice to see one of them really elevate themselves in the next three games.

In other news …
I’ll have some Andy Kennedy up on the blog later and will have game updates from the basketball season opener against former LSU coach John Brady and Arkansas State later this evening.

— PA

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