HALF: ASU 27, Ole Miss 24

Rebels close with an impressive lob dunk from Warren to Terrico White. If they do that a few more times maybe they’ll take the lead.

I’ll handle the second half in the comments section below this post.

— PA


16 Responses to “HALF: ASU 27, Ole Miss 24”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss 9-of-28 for 32 percent, 0-for-7 from 3, 6-of-11 from ft line, 19 rebounds.

    Arkansas State 10-for-28, 35 percent, 0-for-7 from 3, 7-of-10 from ft line, 23 rebounds.

    I think a lot of ASU’s boards in the first half were of the loose ball variety. Also, the Rebels were working harder on the defensive glass than the offensive glass.

  2. djrebel Says:

    For Ole Miss, Warren is 0-for-6 from the floor, 6-for-6 from the line.

    Huertas is 3-for-4, scoring on drives into the lane. He has not attempted a 3-pointer.

    Arkansas State’s bench has outscored the Ole Miss bench 16-2.

  3. Jay Stokes Says:

    hey PA…..i think one three pointer might open the floodgates for the rebs….hope it comes early in the second half. i haven’t ever seen them with this low of a score except for up in lexington last season.

  4. djrebel Says:

    How bout 3 free throws off a fouled 3-pointer?

  5. djrebel Says:

    Rebels tie it up with 3 free throws by Huertas but fail on 3 chances to take the lead. ASU up 29-27 till Huertas hits a 3. Ole Miss up 30-29.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Rebels 5-for-5 from ft line this half, ASU 1-4. Rebs up 34-30.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Huertas is hoopin right now. 8 points this half. Rebels lead 36-33 at 14:14. Cantinol about to make his first appearance.

  8. djrebel Says:

    Bogan in for Warren at 12:27. Huertas hit another 3 since last we spoke. Cantinol has struggled, gets a rebound then loses it. Smaller guy gets him off his feet. Lots to learn.

    Rebels up 43-37 with a timeout at 11:44

  9. djrebel Says:

    Warren is 0-for-9 from the floor, 0-for-6 from 3, 8-for-8 from ft line.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Holloway scores 5 and grabs a nice rebound in a 2 minute span. Rebs up 48-39.

    Malcolm White blocks a shot and Bogan is fouled in transition. Free throw puts Rebs up 11.\

    Another 3 by Huertas and it’s 55-41. Brady isn’t happy and calls time out.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Huertas did not attempt a 3 in the first half but is 3-for-3 in the second, plus 3 free throws when fouled on another 3-point attempt. He’s 8-for-9 from the floor for the game. Rebels lead 55-41 with 8:48 left.

  12. djrebel Says:

    In trying to get a read on the rotation, minutes have been few for Graham tonight and fewer for Cantinol.

    Huertas has obviously heated up here. It’s clear how much the veterans mean to this team.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Rebels shooting percentage is up to 35. Huertas has 24 points. Looks like he’s on his way to 30.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Baskets on 2 straight trips by ASU cuts lead to 59-49, and Kennedy calls time out with 5:25 left. You may recall the Rebels’ struggles to close some non-conference games last year. Don’t go away folks.

  15. djrebel Says:

    Henry bounces two free throws in a 9-point game at the 4:38 mark. ASU with the ball.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Warren scores at the 4:04 mark, his second field goal. Rebels up 63-52 with 3:02 left.

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