HOOPS: 11 minutes to tip

I guess power outages are just part of Tad Smith. We had one here a few minutes ago. Fortunately I had some juice in the battery and didn’t lose what I was working on. Lights came back on quickly, but it was like a dunegon out on the floor when the teams ran out, because it takes those lights longer to strengthen.

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy had expressed concern about minor injuries to Eniel Polynice (knee) and freshman Terrico White (hip), but the trainer says they’re both good to go.

Teams are warming up. I don’t see any sign of new Arkansas State coach John Brady yet, but I reckon he’s in the gym somehwere. He knows his way around here, so the power outage was no big deal for him.

Former Ole Miss star Keith Carter is across the way. This is his first night as a member of the radio team.

— PA


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