FOOTBALL: Catching up with Mike Wallace

There are 15 Louisiana players on the Ole Miss roster, and they really look forward to this game. That’s even more true as they approach it with a belief they can compete and win. Wide receiver Mike Wallace, a New Orleans native, is always a good interview, and here’s what he had to say.

— PA

We have all the confidence in the world that if we don’t turn the ball over we’re going to win this game.

We have the players to do it. We have just as good of players as they have. We have just as good of coaches.

Everybody’s going to be fired up, and that’s a game we can get down there.

We always played with them, but after some calls some people would hang it up.

I believe coach Nutt and coach Austin will do a good job with the offense, and coach Nix and coach Rocker with the defense, and the whole team will be ready to go.

We’re trying to get to the best bowl game possible. There’s no turning back. We’re going down there, and everybody is going to be locked and loaded.

I just knew we were going to win that game, and they had all those first-round draft picks. Everybody thought going down there it was going to be a blowout.

Now we’re playing for a lot more. This would mean so much more now.

Bowe on the slant route. We’d have won that game. It would have been a huge win. This just makes it better, because it’s been building up for three years, they’ve put whuppins on us, but we’re going to be ready.

(What’s it mean to the Louisiana guys?)
We talk about it. That’s our home.

It’s really not about them, it’s about the stadium. I just like the atmosphere. That’s supposed to be the toughest place to play, and I believe we’re going to stand tall.

We’ve been in environments like that already and held our own. We stood tall, and I believe we’re going to stand tall in this game.

The first 5 minutes you’re going to see a lot of people hit hard and a lot of flying around.


13 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Catching up with Mike Wallace”

  1. akrebel84 Says:

    PA, if we do end up beating LSU do you think that we have a good chance of going to the cotton bowl?

  2. rebel 38663 Says:

    PA, any news on Eniel?

  3. Jay Stokes Says:

    i’ve heard we’ll go to the cotton if we beat LSU AND state……

  4. bigdraws Says:

    That’s what the Rebel here at work was saying this morning. Would give the Rebels second in the west if I’m not mistaken. Of course, you’re assuming that Bama beats Auburn. if they drop out of the BCS bowl I would think that they would get it.

  5. Mike Says:


  6. Mike Says:

    Never mind. The link doesn’t work. This Mandell guy writing for thinks we may wind up in the Outback Bowl in Tampa on New Year’s Day if we win out.

    I could spend New Year’s in Tampa.

  7. ripleyreb Says:

    Draws did you steal that avatar from Biz Buzz??

  8. Hope Says:

    It reads (the 3-4 I’ve looked at) that if Florida and Bama win out and Florida beats Bama in the SEC…then they go BCS, Bama to the Sugar it “looks” like SC to Outback, us to Cotton not sure about LSU though. I forget where they put them. Vandy in Liberty and Kentucky to the Music City. I think that leaves the Chick Fil A (Peach) if LSU gets the Cotton then we’d get the Peach. That is what I’ve figured out from the Sports sites.

  9. Hope Says:

    Oh- Sorry- that’s if WE win out as well!!!

  10. Mike Says:

    This is Mandell’s opinion:

    Bowls for SEC Teams

    Jan. 2 Sugar: Alabama (BCS at-large) vs. Utah (BCS at-large)
    Jan. 8 BCS Championship: Texas Tech (BCS No. 1) vs. Florida (BCS No. 2)

    Dec. 31 Music City: Virginia Tech (ACC) vs. Vanderbilt (SEC)
    Dec. 31 Chick-fil-A: North Carolina (ACC No. 2) vs. South Carolina (SEC)
    Jan. 1 Outback: Ole Miss (SEC) vs. Iowa (Big Ten No. 3)
    Jan. 1 Capital One: Georgia (SEC) vs. Michigan State (Big Ten No. 2)
    Jan. 2 Cotton: Oklahoma (Big 12 No. 2) vs. LSU (SEC)
    Jan. 2 Liberty: Kentucky (SEC) vs. Houston (C-USA No. 1)

  11. rebnutt Says:

    I am still concerned with our struggle on crucial short yardage situations on offense. Wish they would think about using a big, quick lineman (e.g., P. Jerry, or J. Powe) in the backfield, the same way Alabama uses Cody sometimes, to blow open holes. If nothing else, it becomes a decoy of sorts. Or what if they handed off to J. Powe on the 1-yard line, like the old Refrig formation? Powe may be too mistake-prone, but it’s an interesting thing to think about. Any thoughts from y’all on this?

  12. farley662 Says:

    I don’t see Vandy going to the Music City. Who would want a team from across town? No revenue to be made.

  13. doubletripper Says:

    rebnutt: i would like to see them throw to the fullback and hand it off to him some on third and short. it seem since noone uses the fullback to run the ball anymore, that when they do it almost always results in a big gain.

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