FOOTBALL: The Heisman Question

Now, who’s your top three for the Heisman? I found out last week I’ll be a Heisman voter this season as well.

John Pitts, our sports editor, says he’s not buying that Big 12 propaganda. There doesn’t seem to be much defense going on in the Big 12, but I’m liking Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree right now.

What Tim Tebow has done since the Rebels beat the Gators in the Swamp is pretty impressive too.

Shifting gears, the basketball Rebels are back on the floor tonight at 7 against South Alabama at Tad Smith. The Jags return a lot of experience from a 26-7 NCAA team that almost beat the Rebels last year.

I’ll have more football to post later, and I’ll have basketball updates from the game tonight.

— PA

21 Responses to “FOOTBALL: The Heisman Question”

  1. david Says:

    I am going to say harrel if they beat Okla, if not its up in the air and its probably Tebow’s to lose. Ole Miss lit a fire under them. This seems like a year where there no clear winner. Who would you invite to NYC, top 5? Harrell, Tebow, McCoy, Crabtree, and Bradford. I know theres a since of Big 12 love there but typically it goes to the player who is the best offensive player and we all know the Big 12 is all about the O and no D. Just my thoughts

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Tebow and possible Colt McCoy

  3. djrebel Says:

    Thanks JB and David. I think this is a team award too, and if Texas Tech beats Oklahoma one of those guys — Harrell or Crabtree — will begin to separate from the pack.

    — PA

  4. cr Says:

    Interesting this year. Harrell has done a great job getting Tech to places they have never been. Once Florida turned Tebow loose they have been unstoppable. The next few weeks will decide it since both will be on the stage. Hard to believe only 10 days left in the regular season.

  5. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, heard Polynice is having exloratory knee surgery in Jackson on the same knee he had scoped over the summer and his length of time out will not be known until after the surgery but will probably will be several weeks. Any thing you know about this and how bad will this hurt the team? Also have any ideas how we will handle the rotation now with only 5 scholarship guards and 3 positions to fill? Thanks and cant wait until saturday

  6. farley662 Says:

    It has to be Harrell. Look at his numbers. And he engineered the drive that beat Colt and the boys. 2nd place I’d say Tebow. I can see McCoy winning because Harrell and Crabtree will split votes and the media likes to snub the SEC guys most years.

  7. L2 Says:

    The guys from Tech are the darlings as of right now because of all the numbers they are putting up – but I just cannot see them going into Norman & winning this week?? ‘That is why they play the games though.’
    Going by if they lose – as Tebow said earlier that since he has a vote – it would go to Colt McCoy because of what he has done for that team.

    I don’t know what kind of NFL career he will have – but I still say there is not a player in college football that can take over a game like Tebow. Since the Rebels woke up the giant a few weeks ago – Tebow has lived up to what he said – ‘That he would be sure that this team would not be the same the rest of the year.’ Has he ever lived up to that statement. That, for me, is what the Heisman is about. Character. Passion. Ability. Leadership. And getting the job done = Tim Tebow. Not usually the popular thing – back to back winners…..but Tebow (especially if they make it to the Nat’l Championship game) should stand at the podium again!!

  8. VA Reb Says:

    Depends on the rest of the season. Right now in order:


    If UF wins out, Tebow. If Texas Tech wins out, then Harrell. If they both lose, McCoy has a shot.

  9. Jay Stokes Says:

    i like harrell too. if tebow wins the heisman again, i may vomit. mcfadden deserved it last year way more than he did…….and there are better quarterbacks out there this year.

  10. cr Says:


    Why would a class kid like Tebow winning upset you? In my opinion he may be the best to have ever played college football and without a doubt one of the classiest.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    Would be a breath of fresh air having a man of God win the Heisman.

  12. farley662 Says:

    How the heck could you say DMac deserved the award? His numbers were not even close to Tebows. Sounds like someone knows not of what they speak.

  13. Bo Says:

    1. Tebow – People forget that his numbers in the loss to us were still impressive!

    2. Colt McCoy – He’s certainly the MVP of the country, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the best.

    3. Michael Crabtree – He has excellent skills.

    I’m not buying into the Texas Tech stuff overall. Every QB that gets thrown into Mike Leech’s system has unbelievable stats. Graham Harrell threw for over 600 yards last year, in a LOSS. I wonder when the last time was that Ole Miss had over 600 yards of TOTAL offense, much less passing yards….?

  14. Jay Stokes Says:

    ha. i think i ran into a few tebow disciples. it’s all a matter of opinion, people! cr, i never said that tebow was not a “class kid”. farley, how the heck could you NOT say that mcfadden deserved the heisman?? you can definitely say tebow deserved it, but to say mcfadden didn’t??? sure, tebow had better numbers, but quarterbacks typically do have flashier stats than tailbacks. they’re guaranteed to touch the ball every play. if you are going only by numbers on a page, then yeah tebow should have gotten the heisman. it was mcfadden’s senior season, though, after consecutive years of dominating the best defenses in the country. mcfadden was a two or three star recruit coming out of high school and developed into one of the best backs to ever play college football. if you can’t at least concede THAT point, then i think you definitely are too far into the tebow camp. he’s a great quarterback….one of the best in the country, but i got so tired of how he became an obsession with the media last year.

  15. farley662 Says:

    I never bought into the DMac hype. Without Felix Jones, he wouldn’t have been nearly as good. Tebow carried Florida.

  16. RoastBeef1 Says:

    Honestly, I thought Colt Brennan should have won the heisman last year with Tebow a close second. I know they got blown out by Georgia, but that game was after the ceremony and to me, Colt carried that team to a BCS berth and put up huge numbers. I think he deserved a little more credit for what he did with Hawaii than what Tebow did with Florida. It was still one of those 1a/1b type situations though.

    As for this year, so I far I’d go with Harrell then Tebow. If TT loses this weekend but Harrell still has a great game, I don’t think he should be penalized for poor defensive play. If Tebow, McCoy, and Bradford can have one loss and still be considered for it, than so can Harrell.

  17. rebnutt Says:

    Go back & look at Colt, PA. He got demoted in the Heisman watch after the TTech loss, when in fact that was a game (maybe the best this year) only because he engineered such a great comeback. So even in their loss, he was his team’s leader & drove them to what should have been a fantastic comeback win. A letdown on defense kept him from becoming the great hero of that game–and he doesn’t play defense!

  18. stangreb Says:


    Probably swap the last two. If Oklahoma beats Tech this weekend it will get as confusing as the BCS. Then it would probably be Tebow.

  19. cr Says:


    Your response on Tebow is typical of what happened to Peyton Manning. What an injustice. We put a kid like Woodson on the pedestal and wonder why kids grow up the way they do.

  20. Jay Stokes Says:

    cr…..just for the record, i thought woodson winning the heisman was a joke. peyton should have gotten it.

  21. bhamrebel Says:

    Tebow (I mean, honestly, if you’re starting a football team, this is the first guy you want–for all kinds of reasons)

    Terrance Cody (this is the second)

    Michael Crabtree

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