HOOPS: A few quick thoughts

The Zach Graham-Terrico White double-team on the position held for two years by Eniel Polynice got off to a pretty good start.

There’s no question these guys can replace the offense that Polynice would bring. But every team needs that lock-down defender, and Polynice was that for Ole Miss. That will be hard to replace. That’s a more natural part of White’s game I believe, but he’s a freshman, and it will take a while to get there.

Graham will knock down more 3s — he hit two last night — than Polynice and gives the Rebels another perimeter weapon. He can also penetrate and score, but he won’t rebound near as well. White may get there on the boards. He had five last night.

While Polynice wasn’t a threat from outside, he managed to get his points somehow and was prone for a triple-double on any given night. Graham isn’t that kind of passer.

It was a good start for the two guys, but South Alabama was also playing without one of its better players, its second-leading scorer from last year.

I’ll have Kennedy’s postgame comments up later this morning.

— PA


6 Responses to “HOOPS: A few quick thoughts”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    how many scholarships does basketball get? do we have any open scholarships to fill for next year or are we planning on someone leaving since we signed that recruit from memphis?

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    A few quick thoughts, not about HOOPs, but about BirdZ blog. Us ole rebels should have spent more time over there on “The Bird Blog” giving him support. It was a place where we ole rebels and Tula Missonary Baptist could air our thoughts. BirdZ, a good guy, about 100 years younger than I, but still he is a very good young whippersnapper. He’s got some of that ole Yocona River mud stuck between his toes. Your had a great blog, BirdZ, sorry it closed.

  3. djrebel Says:

    2011, I haven’t added up the numbers, but I have no doubt they will work out. As a coach you anticipate and plan for attrition. Sometimes you encourage it. That’s just being honest with a kid when he doesn’t fit in your plans.

    — PA

  4. ripleyreb Says:

    Am I back on yet PA ????

  5. cr Says:

    Kennedy said last night they were down to 10 scholarship players so doing the math I would gues they have 12. It appears we played nine last night so I would guess someone like Cantinol (sp?) won’t be around next year.

  6. rebel2011 Says:

    yeah it seems like cantinol is not really going to be much of a help this season. If anyone went i would have to say it would be him. I was just curious because i came to that 12 number too but 12 just sounds like a small number of scholarships so i didnt know if that was all you get

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