FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?

The games just keep getting bigger folks. That’s what real football in November is like.

There aren’t championships on the line for Ole Miss and LSU this week, but there’s quite a bit at stake, especially for the Rebels.

They’ll make a bowl game at 6-6, but to do so would be disappointing given the opportunity they have in the last two games.

A win at LSU would guarantee Ole Miss second place in the Western Division based on a head-to-head tie-breaker. There’s no trophy for second place, but when you’ve been where the Rebels have been it’s quite an accomplishment.

A win would give the Rebels favored status for the Cotton Bowl, provided they close out the regular season with a win at home next week against rival Mississippi State.

The Rebels would finish no worse than 4-4 in the SEC and would have a shot at 5-3. They won only three SEC games the previous three seasons.

Lots at stake for Ole Miss, and I don’t have a good feeling about it for the Rebels.

LSU may be disappointed by being out of the championship hunt right now, but there’s still a lot of talent on that team.

There is also big-game experience, and the Rebels have none. That is significant.

It was a humbling experience in Baton Rouge last week, even in victory. Had the Tigers lost to Troy that might have been a curtain call and not a wake-up call. Instead, 37 unanswered second-half points may create some momentum.

The picks and problems of LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee have been well-documented, but have the problems of the Ole Miss secondary.

The Rebels have played better in pass coverage since the Arkansas game, but Lee will be a cut above the quarterbacks they’ve faced, Kodi Burns and Kinsmon Lancaster.

For Ole Miss to win:

The secondary can’t give up big touchdown plays.

The Rebels’ stout defensive line has to be at its best, slowing down a punishing tailback in Charles Scott and a devastating blocker in fullback Quinn Johnson. Ole Miss held its own against Alabama’s talented offensive line and tailbacks. A repeat performance is a must.

On offense the Rebels need success in the run game to open up some passing opportunities for Jevan Snead — who needs to pass with greater than 50 percent success — against an LSU pass defense that is giving up 206.3 yards a game, ranking ahead of only Arkansas and the Rebels themselves.

Ball-protection goes without saying. A one-turnover effort was enough to win at Florida.

The Rebels will play it close and have their chances. Maybe they’ll make good on them.

But I’m thinking November experience comes into play at some point.

— PA

LSU 26, Ole Miss 23


50 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I would say going to Winston-Salem, Gainesville, then Tuscaloosa each time knowing you were on the road against a BCS caliber team, and in some instances a national championship contender provided some big game experience to build on, plus considering the senior leadership that understands the LSU rivalry and what it felt like in Baton Rouge two years ago. I don’t believe the Rebels get rattled, overconfidence might actually be a concern at this point. The Rebels have picked up momentum and confidence in the last month while LSU and their fans have gone through two emotional weeks in the Alabama game and Troy, yes Troy, comeback. Methinks LSU becomes the first to give in a close one.

    Rebs 27-17.

  2. JG Says:

    2 or 3 weeks ago I would have agreed with that score, but Houston Nutt has finally taught these guys how closeout and win football games.

    If Ole Miss can make some plays early in game,(an interception would be real nice) I think that LSU crowd will turn on its team real fast. I would expect to hear boos for QB Lee if he comes out playing like he has the last couple of weeks. LSU just does not play as well during the day.

    Ole Miss 0
    LSU 2

    Ole Miss 27
    LSU 21

  3. ripleyreb Says:


  4. Jeff Says:

    A football team is only as good as its leader! We have a leader now in Houston Nutt. He will have this team focused. Look out Dallas look who’s back—The OLE MISS REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rebs 22-20

    An early Peria Jerry and Kendrell Locket sack for a saftey proves big as the game unfolds.

  5. Jeff Jolly Says:

    The momentum is building for a “November to Remember”. The Rebs build on their winning streak and push for higher bowl. A Florida bowl on New Year’s Day is at the end of the tunnel. One step at a time, LSU, MSU….Florida bowl. Go Rebels!

    Ole Miss 31
    LSU 28

  6. jr85reb Says:

    Going with 34-28 Ole Miss.

  7. bornarebel Says:

    Ole Miss – 17
    LSU – 14

  8. bigdraws Says:

    Will be interesting to see if the Om secondary can contain a terrible qb.

    31-17 rebs.

  9. Hope Says:

    The Rebels have EARNED this win….and will earn it the hard way Saturday.

    Ole Miss 21
    LSU 20

  10. bigdraws Says:

    “The Rebels have EARNED this win”

    Did I miss something? When did the game start?

  11. L2 Says:

    As one HONEST (I know they are hard to come by) Alabama fan said after they squeaked their win out against the Rebs – ‘If Ole Miss plays the rest of their schedule the way they just played us – then they have just lost their last ball game of the year!’

    Ole Miss – 23
    lsWHO – 12

    November to Remember – then let’s come up with something for January, cause the Rebels will be playing in ’09!

  12. djrebel Says:

    Hope you guys are right, because the Cotton Bowl is a fabulous experience.

    — PA

  13. m4rebs Says:

    It surprises me none that all are picking the Rebs, except for PA. I’ve gone with the Rebs on 3 occasions this season, Memphis, Vandy, and ULM. One concerning point is that it appears the National Media thinks this one is an upset in the waiting, and when that happens, it usually doesn’t work out for the Underdog. We weren’t given any chance to beat Florida, nor did I. I really feel like we are ready to make a statement again, however. We got a lot of credibility after beating Florida, only to come back and lose a key game to South Carolina in the Vaught. As many of you saw last week, I just wasn’t bought in on this team’s ability to really crush ANYBODY, but boy was I wrong. That’s not something we’ve had in a long time in Oxford, and neither has a win in this series. I’d like our chances alot better in the Vaught for some reason, and I hope I’m wrong about this…..

    LSU 38
    Rebs 35 Overtime(s)

  14. cr Says:

    Rebs 237 LSU 0

  15. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “The Rebels have EARNED this win”. Hope, they really need to play the game first.

    I pick the Rebs and HOPE they earn it.

  16. david Says:

    i think becuase its a road game we have a good chance…I think they have a little fire going in…lets see if we can burn down that place. I think you see a little different look in the rebels this week. I think they bring it and bring it hard. I have seen some bullentin board material this week from LSU but they shouldnt need that. Its LSU, enough said. Go Rebs.
    Ole Miss 35

  17. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Day game in BR

    Rebs 24
    LSU. 13

  18. Jorel Says:

    Thank goodness for a relevant November…thanks Coach Nutt!!

    Rebs 28
    Heathens 17

  19. JJJackson Says:

    Ole Miss has competed better than LSU against common opponents mainly because the front 7 of Ole Miss is better than LSUs. In all other positions, these two teams are almost identical — in performance, if not talent.

    Protect the ball and Ole Miss wins. 7 – 10 point spread is my guess.

  20. rebel2011 Says:

    35-24 Rebels. LSU has a terrible defense. over 50 points to florida and georgia. even our weak secondary didnt do that against florida. coach nutt is the real deal. Bring on the cotton bowl and Texas Tech (they will lose to Oklahoma) and we will show them what a real SEC D-Line and O-Line looks like. This game against the Kittens will be won or lost in the trenches. Whoever controls the line will win.

  21. Jay Stokes Says:

    PA, i have to respectfully disagree with one point in your analysis. i think that if LSU had lost last week, it would have been more of a wake up call than they got winning the game. they played a bad game, almost lost to a team they have no business losing to……BUT…….there is the “biggest comeback in school history” thing to be proud of after it was all over. sure they were not happy with their performance, but would have just been plain angry if they had lost the game. i was hoping they would come back and win for our sake……

    i think ole miss is a prime example of the fact that….no matter how much talent you’ve got on your team, it all starts at QB. without solid QB play, it’s hard to be successful. i think the rebels will put all kinds of pressure on their QB(s) and make it hard for their offense to establish a rhythm.

    Ole Miss……….31

  22. m4rebs Says:

    Side Note comes to mind as I read on here: This is the 30 year anniversary of the Jim Jones’ Cult Kool-Aide massacre.

  23. farley662 Says:

    Aedan is out of surgery and he is doing great. We are waiting to see him and should be able to go back in the next few minutes. His surgery went really well with no complications. The surgery lasted longer because the doctor decided to go ahead and repair his pulmonary artery. By doing that, there is only a 15% chance he’ll ever after to have surgery again.

    Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes.

    Robert, Michelle, and Aedan

  24. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Farley. Great news.

    — PA

  25. Mike Says:

    Farley, God is good. Our prayers continue for you, Aeden and Michelle.

  26. VA Reb Says:

    Great news, Farley. Like my grandson, Aeden will be up and about and then doing everything he wants to. My grandson started T-Ball two weeks ago and loves it. All the best, my friend. I know that the good prognosis is a load off your and your wife’s mind. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

  27. VA Reb Says:

    Can’t pick against the Rebels so I’m saying a 24-21 win. But, we must get and keep a lot of pressure on their QB. He will throw all over the field if you do…if you don’t and he hits a few and Scott has a good day….it could get ugly.

    But, I think Coach Nutt has the Rebels believing in themselves, and I think they will win this one and be playing the Dawgs for a possible Cotton Bowl spot.

    ARK 23 MSU 17 in a hard-fought one.

  28. Jeff Jolly Says:

    VA Reb,
    As I understand it, if they win this one, they will be possibly be playing for one of the Florida bowls against MSU.

  29. L2 Says:

    Great News Farley – prayed for you guys this morning – Thanks for giving us update. Best wishes for speedy recovery!

  30. jr85reb Says:

    Wonderful news farley. Lot of us in the background were saying prayers.

  31. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Farley, great news about Little Aedan. Thoughts and prayers with you and family.

  32. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Rebs 27 LSU 24

    Ark 35 MSU 14

  33. va reb Says:

    Jeff, either playing in Florida or playing in Texas would be great.

  34. ripleyreb Says:

    Wish I could ppost.

  35. Raleighrebel Says:

    Rebels 35

    LSU 17

  36. Ravens Says:

    LSU 3 Ole Miss 2
    Sorry, wrong game

    Ark 3 MSU 2

    Ole Miss 34 LSU 30

  37. pBeez Says:

    I’m in another of my good feeling/over optimistic modes –
    Rebs 24 – LSU 17
    NC State 21 – UNC-CH 17
    Go Rebs! Go Pack!

  38. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    I really enjoy wearing t-shirts that say Ole Miss 31 Opponent 30. I’d love to buy another one after Saturday in Baton Rouge.

    By the way, trying to get a hall pass to go down to see the basketball team tomorrow in Daytona Beach. Will report on what I see if I get the hall pass from my bride. Headed to Tenn. for the weekend so I definitely won’t get to the Sunday game.

  39. DFW Reb Says:

    Ole Miss ——More than LSU. Always a tough game, but so is FL.
    Arkansas—A lot more than MS A&M. Miss A&M —–WHO CARES?? Anyway, MS A&M has won it’s last game of the year.

    There seem to be a lot of A&M Fans on this board. Why don’t you bring back Jackie? Bring back that dog pound rock, that was my favorite…..

  40. EglinReb Says:

    I remember the Cotton Bowl. David Cutcliffe out coached Les Miles. I’ll never forget that and I know Coach Nutt is a better head Coach than Coach Cutcliffe.

    We match up well in the trenches and that is where it counts.

    Rebels win turnover battle, go up early and Coach Nutt out coaches Les Miles down the stretch. 31-23 Rebels.

    I’ll see ya’ll in Big D

  41. PBeez Says:

    I am booked to fly to NYC on Jan 1 to go to a conference. Of all the years not to be able to watch the new years day bowls . . .

  42. bigdraws Says:

    dfw, wish we could bring back the Rock. That would mean we’re winning.

  43. PatrickH Says:

    Ole Miss 24
    LSU 13

  44. DFW Reb Says:

    Hey Draws…all kidding aside. The Rock was entertaining. I wish it was the Egg Bowl for SECW every year. How cool would that be?

  45. pgrebels! Says:

    Can’t wait to see Cordera Eason rush for 100+ yards again and LSU”s Lee get picked six again for fifth game in row! Rebels will roll in this one and they deserve it!

    Rebels 28
    Bayou Kittens 6

  46. bigdraws Says:

    I hear ya DFW. The ms schools just haven’t been able to put a good season together in the same year since the 90’s. Looks like yall are headed in the right direction. We’re at a point of limbo again I think. I’m kinda optomistic about basketballl, although I realize we are young. I’m hoping Cohen can bring back the glory to the old man (dudy noble). I’ve been going to games there since the early 80’s. That super regional we hosted was “late 80’s/early 90’s” esque.

  47. Madrebel Says:

    Yet again the little Maron Sports Editor of the the Tupelo Maron Newspaper picks Ole Miss to Lose, thanks very much our odds of winning has become much Greater. In the following order GO TO HEll LSU, MSU, along with PARRISH ALLFORD and the Tupelo Daily Journal.

  48. djrebel Says:

    Madrebel, calm down buddy. Don’t know if you meant to say “Maroon” or “Moron,” but you missed on both counts.

    — PA

  49. bigdraws Says:

    It’s ok madrebel. I remember when I had my first beer too.

  50. m4rebs Says:

    Dude, PA and I pick against the Rebs in every opportunity. The players have asked us to do this to motivate. Where have you been????

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