FOOTBALL: Catching up with Kentrell Lockett

Kentrell Lockett is one of the best quotes on the Ole Miss team. A go-to guy, we call him. It’s no coincidence that he’s a journalism major. He grew up in outer New Orleans and had plenty to say about the LSU game earlier this week.

— PA

(Your thoughts on the LSU game?)
It’s big going home. I’ve been getting a lot of text messages, somebody’s going to lose, somebody’s going to get cleat prints on their chest, all types of things. You just laugh at it, it’s football. It’s a rival game with people you know just mouthing off.

They’re more comfortable now after they were scared to death playing Troy.

(Who are the texts from?)
From players who I’ve know, who I went to school with, and who I competed with talking about what they’re going to do and who’s going to do this and what’s going to happen.

Jai Eugene supposed to be doing this to Jevan and our receivers, Chad Jones is supposed to be doing this, Charles Scott’s supposed to be doing this to our D-line, and Quinn Johnson’s supposed to be splitting us when he comes down to block on powers and stuff.

OK. Say it. It doesn’t bother me.

It’s pretty much like playing against my home boys, guys I’ve known for a while, coming up through pee-wee. We played basketball, baseball or some type of sport together. You know the guys, and you know they’re going to be mouthing off on the field. It’s going to be a comfort zone and at the same time, it’s going to be a place to show off to show them how much your game has elevated and how much you’ve changed from pee-wee to the college level.

(Equally matched teams this year?)
Since I’ve been here we’ve played them good to a certain extent. This year with their lack of quarterback play, or you could say lack of quarterback play, they just seem vulnerable at times, especially after watching the game last week against Troy. It just so happen Troy let it slip away.

We feel like we can get them if we just go into the game confident, and make it up in our minds that we’re going to win, and let it take care of its own.

(Take them lightly?)
Not necessarily. We have to play them hard. We went into the game Saturday not taking ULM lightly. It’s another big game, and we have to go in and execute.

(What would a win mean to you?)
There would be a lot of bragging rights for a year, especially going home for Christmas to see those guys and go, ha ha, what’s up with those text messages now. It would be bragging rights for a year, and I’d pretty much be the big guy. The neighborhood where I live is full of LSU fans. They’re telling my mom and dad what they’re going to do and all that stuff.

(Do you text back?)
Yeah laughing, ha ha, or we’ll see, or yeah, whatever.

(So you weren’t the antagonist?)
Not at all. I didn’t even know they had my number.

No, it started before Saturday, but now it’s coming on strong.

(Did you cheer for LSU growing up?)
Growing up I was an LSU fan and really wanted to go to LSU, but as I got older and started to know football and college football, I didn’t think I was going to be straight on LSU. I didn’t want to go to LSU.

(What turned you off to LSU?)
Just the whole swagger, the cockiness. I just didn’t like it all. Got tired of it. Saw too much purple and gold. I’m tired of purple and gold.

(Did winning at Florida in the Swamp prepare you guys for this?)
Yeah, pretty much, playing in front of a big-caliber team in front of that many people, the crowd getting into the game, the wave in the first quarter. It prepares you going into a big game like this. You know it’s going to be loud and it’s going to play a big factor in the game. It’s not like we’re going into an unfamiliar situation. It’s something we’ve been in before and know how to overcome.


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