FYI: Chat about the Rebels tonight?

I’m checking chat interest for tonight at 9:30. This is an odd time, but I expect to be settled into a hotel room by then.

We’re expecting to launch an updated site early in the new year with our own blog software that would then include, I’m told, live chat capability.

Does 9:30 tonight work for anyone?

— PA


20 Responses to “FYI: Chat about the Rebels tonight?”

  1. Barry Spencer Says:

    I’m up for it.

  2. david Says:

    i am game, what hotel are you in? my parents left memphis on the train this morning and arrive in new orleans this afternoon and then i guess theres a few buses driving everyone over to BR tomm at 10 am. last my dad said there were going to 6 full buses of rebel fans. Where is the team staying at? I think theres going to be more rebel fans than LSU is used to. Hopefully they all will be wearing red, I know I’ll be sitting on the coach with my ole miss jersey on holding my daughter and her ole miss outfit cheering our butt off. She is 7 months and is already getting excited about a bowl game, i dont think she knows whats going on but when she hears people say the Hotty toddy chant, boy does she get all worked up. Thanks DJ for your work.

  3. rebnutt Says:

    Speaking of wearing Red, the team is reportedly wearing that too for the first time this year.

  4. JG Says:

    Love the Red!

  5. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, You are a Genius. I can post again.

  6. PBeez Says:

    Red? darn, all my t-shirts are blue!
    My daughter could care less. I’ll have to send her into the front room to watch Hannah or something.
    Enjoy your chat, I’ll check in if I get back from happy hour in time.

  7. cr Says:

    If I can remember.

  8. RebelNGA Says:

    No red but my Ole Miss Sweat Shirt will worn. I can only hope that the local station will choose to broadcast the game. Go to H… LSU. Go Rebels

  9. Jay Stokes Says:

    i’m interested……hopefully i’ll be around.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys. Been running errands all day, so I’m just checking the blog again.

    David, I’ll actually be in Pearl tonight. With the 2:30 start, I can leave from there early in the morning and hopefully get back around 11. When I wake up I’m half-way home.

    Ripley, glad you’re back on the board. I need you to post final scores. I don’t know why your posts had started going into the spam folder, but they did. I hope this works. Let me know if you have problems.

    — PA

  11. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks, PA it’s good to be back on. I’ll be glad to post the final score . GO REBS.

  12. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks, PA it’s good to be back on. I’ll be glad to post the final score . GO REBS.

  13. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Glad to see you back ripleyreb, hope things going well with you. If the Rebs can clean-up with wins over LSU and Miss State, it could possible be back to the Cotton Bowl for them. Its much better for Coach Nutt in his first season as a Reb coach than for Coach Cutt in his start-off with Ole Miss. Coach Cutt did win his first coaching game as a Rebs and I believe that was a bowl game.

    As the end of season draws closer, things should be really looking good for Ole Miss in recruitment . Miss. State got major problems within its sports program. Should the basketball team suffer as did the baseball and football team, its my believe that Mississippi’s great quality of athletic personnel will head for Ole Miss, Miss Southern, and elsewhere.

    GO REBS its time for a long winning run as in olden times. Not just three and out.

  14. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks JB. It’s good to be back. Rebel basketball playing in your beautiful Sunshine State tonight. Sure wish I could be there. Maybe they will be 4-0 when they return to Oxford. Ole Miss 8-Utah 7 early.

  15. ripleyreb Says:

    5:40 to go 1st half UM26-Utah31.

  16. ripleyreb Says:

    Halftime Utah 46–Rebels 36.

  17. ripleyreb Says:

    Final Utah 83–Ole Miss 72.

  18. david Says:

    man dickie v just took a shot at ole miss on the duke bball game, said cut got a raw deal at mississippi…lol, orginaly called us MIA

  19. ripleyreb Says:

    Catch You Guys tomorrow. Us old folks have to have our beauty rest.

  20. doubletripper Says:

    who cares what dickie-v thinks? i can’t stand the guy. whenever he is doing a game i am trying to watch, i have to turn the sound off so i can enjoy the game. man is he annoying. i can’t imagine that i am the only one who feels this way. why in the world they keep him on the air i’ll never know.

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