FOOTBALL: Ole Miss-LSU game thread

About 15 minutes to kickoff now. I’ll have some updates in the comments section.

— PA


158 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Ole Miss-LSU game thread”

  1. david Says:

    how many rebel fans are there? those red uniforms look awesome on cbs

  2. djrebel Says:

    This new LSU press box is very nice. It’s also one of the highest I see on a regular basis. Off to the left you get a nice view of the downtown skyline with the capitol and behind it the cancer fumes rising into the air from the plants along the river.

    To the right you see the old Ag building where Pete Maravich played basketball. Straight ahead, if the east side upper deck wasn’t in the way, I’d probably see my hometown, Denham Springs.

    Nice representation of Ole Miss red in the stands, particularly in the low-level south end zone but also in the east side upper deck.

    — PA

  3. david Says:

    ok enough with how it looks, i am freezing up here in kc, lol…How do the players seem? Pumped?

  4. djrebel Says:

    They’re all just wishing they could look east and see Denham Springs. No, actually they just look very business-like, not overcome with emotion or excitement, just ready to get started. They’re back in the dressing room now as LSU seniors are being presented.

  5. david Says:

    i am going to have to mute the tv, they are all over lsu…i like the way the rebs came in, you could hear the rebel players saying hey they hate us

  6. david Says:

    wow, looks like we are coming to play the air game

  7. david Says:

    give me a break come on, that was the worst call, you can see he didnt turn up field until snead had snappped the ballwhat did you see?

  8. pgrebels! Says:

    There’s the first terrible call.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Wallace turned up field early, not by much, but it was early.

  10. david Says:

    pg, can you say they want lsu to win?

  11. pgrebels! Says:

    don’t they always? Hey, go Mike! hotty toddy!

  12. pgrebels! Says:

    btw, magnolia trophy is hideous

  13. david Says:

    what a pass! PA how pretty did that look live

  14. djrebel Says:

    Snead hits a wide-open Wallace in the middle of the field for 37 yards and the TD. Safety took a wrong turn in the zone. Wallace had 3 catches for 61 yards on the 76-yard drive. 8, 76, 4:00.

    Rebels got it done in the air on the drive. Didn’t try to run that much. 1 Wild Rebel play where Bolden took the snap and handed to McCluster.

    LSU about to get the ball for the first time.

  15. Jack Says:

    linquist was commenting on how wide open wallace was. Busted coverage

  16. david Says:

    ok sorry cbs who is alan palmer? lol

  17. david Says:

    not stop, looks like they came to play again…one guy stops scott then all you see on tv is red jerseys dive bombing on top…looked nice

  18. djrebel Says:

    Didn’t understand LSU’s handoff on third-and-9. Strong first series for the Ole Miss defense.

  19. djrebel Says:

    2 nice jobs by the defense, but the offense needs to change field position now.

  20. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Any updates on little baby Farley?

  21. djrebel Says:

    I haven’t heard any new news.

  22. pgrebels! Says:

    What a play on the ball by M green

  23. ripleyreb Says:

    Darn LSU clock. Sounds familiar??

  24. ripleyreb Says:

    I know JB remembers THE clock game.

  25. david Says:

    ok lee has a wide open guy and blows it and the announcer says lockett flashed in front of him so i am giving him a pass on that one…give me a break

  26. djrebel Says:

    End of 1.

    Tigers face second-and-17 at the Ole Miss 16 when play resumes.

    Rebels are still stopping the run — smothering it. But the Ole Miss pass defense is coming into play. Cassius Vaughn has been beaten badly twice on this drive. The second time he just grabbed the receiver for pass interference, which probably saved a touchdown, but you never know with Jarrett Lee throwing it.

    Anyway, LSU is in the red zone.

  27. djrebel Says:

    They’re having clock problems here, which I believe is a traditiion that was established in 1972.

  28. david Says:

    seriously fix it! driving me nuts

  29. djrebel Says:

    LSU’s Colt David just kicked a 46-yard field goal. It’s l7-3 at 13:37. Field goal was made possible because Mouzon dropped Charles Scott for a 4-yard loss on an option run, then Lawon Scott sacked Jarrett Lee.

    Took LSU 11 plays to drive 31 yards, but the Tigers got it done. Ole Miss offense hasn’t appeared since the opening series.

    Defense still looking pretty stout.

    Clocks are now operational we’re told with mock applause from the crowd. They don’t mock things here do they?

    Ole Miss 7, LSU 3

  30. david Says:

    nice hold there, gotta fiqure out some pass def,need a big kick off return to take back the game. PA, do you think their are a lot of high school players debating between ole miss and lsu at the game?

  31. david Says:

    didnt understand that third and 5 call unless they are going to fake

  32. david Says:

    and as i typed that PA they do it

  33. pgrebels! Says:

    what the heck is the wild cat? pretty sure arky is hawgs lol

  34. Jack Says:

    fake punt. I called it

  35. Barry Spencer Says:

    What a fake. Nutt is so unpredictable, I’m glad he is on our sideline.


  36. djrebel Says:

    Rebels go 71 yards in nine plays. Key play was Jason Cook’s pass to Kendrick Lewis on a fake punt for 33 yards to the 5. 2 plays later Bolden took a Wild Rebel snap, kept left behind Oher and Harris and eeked into the end zone.

    Early on in the drive Snead had success with short drops as Kent Austin decreased the pocket to combat the LSU pressure.

    9:01 left in the half, Ole Miss 14-3.

  37. david Says:

    ok PA these announcers have yet to call one player their correct name for ole miss

  38. david Says:

    make the call PA?

  39. Barry Spencer Says:

    That was an awful call.

  40. djrebel Says:

    I thought he was trying to maintain his balance. The consensus in my little group was that it should not have been overturned. I also believe that when any play reaches the replay booth all bets are off. You never know what you’re going to get. I don’t think the replay I saw conclusively told me what Green did. It only added to the confusion.

  41. Barry Spencer Says:

    What a pass by Snead.

  42. Barry Spencer Says:

    TD Ole Miss.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. david Says:

    thats some nice touch, maybe after his playing days he can give massages, becuase that boy is putting me to sleep its so pretty

  44. pgrebels! Says:

    Why can’t the announcers just say that Snead is having his breakout game today instead of “next year?”

  45. Stuck in Bham Says:

    That’s the QB we have been promised. Hotty Toddy

  46. Jack Says:

    Those were three of the prettiest passes ive seen from snead all year

  47. david Says:

    pg its becuase they love lsu, when do the fans start leaving again, we arent troy

  48. djrebel Says:

    Snead just threw what might have been the best three passes he’s thrown this year, without doubt the best three in succession.

    Rebels cover 89 yards in five plays and 2:15. The last 78 yards on passes to McCluster and Summers that burned LSU’s Peterson on the left side, then 25 yards to burn Jones on the right side. Wallace made the catch for the touchdown.

    5:36 left in the half, Ole Miss leads 21-3.

  49. Barry Spencer Says:

    Interception Ole Miss

  50. Stuck in Bham Says:

    I’ve been waiting 5 years for this type of game

  51. Jack Says:

    Lee is looking increasingly worse at qb.

  52. spencer silverbach Says:

    go rebels, hotty toddy.

  53. pgrebels! Says:

    Bad call on Marshay gives kittens 6.

  54. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Lee going down may not be a positive for Ole Miss…

  55. djrebel Says:

    If you thought this was going to be easy, it may not be. With Lee out it looks like there’s life to LSU’s offense.

    Jefferson hasn’t been particularly crisp with his passes, and I’m not sure the “freshness” we’re seeing now will hold up. We’ll see.

    His first pass was to LaFell who was wide open on a blown coverage. He just threw a pretty good one to Tolliver over Mouzon for the touchdown.

    LSU fans have been clamoring for this kid, and he’s a great looking athlete who represents something very different than Ole Miss prepared for most of the week.

    2:13 left in the half, Ole Miss 21, LSU 10

  56. djrebel Says:

    High ankle sprain for Lee. Not likely he’ll be back.

  57. djrebel Says:

    Running game is nill for Ole Miss. Tigers using their timeouts now in anticipation of getting decent field position and a crack at some points. Ole Miss faces second-and-10 from its 34 with 1:55 left.

  58. djrebel Says:

    Snead has gone to the locker room. Tapp is warming up.

  59. farley662 Says:

    LSU just got screwed on that one.

  60. Barry Spencer Says:

    It looked like he went down hard on his shoulder during the sack.

  61. Jack Says:

    Ole miss hasn’t gotten that much pressure. Where is Hardy?

  62. djrebel Says:

    Half ends on a sack by Kendrick Lewis. Ole Miss leads 21-10. Both quarterbacks may be out. Snead’s status is unclear. If you hear something on TV or radio post it here.

  63. farley662 Says:

    He’s been resting all day. His heart rate has been good and he’s looking and feeling much better. They are weaning him off the ventilator again and hope to get him off the ventilator today or early tomorrow. Gonna do an MRI or CT scan first part of next week to make sure the seizure was not caused by any underlying problem. I was just over there talking to him and his was trying to find my voice and open his eyes. They still have him heavily sedated and are weaning him off the pain meds as well. They just jumped the gun with everything and want him to come off the meds and ventilator at his own pace this time.

  64. Stuck in Bham Says:


    Hang in there and trust your faith. God bless you and your family

  65. ripleyreb Says:

    Sounds like better news Farley. We’re pulling for Aedan big time.

  66. ripleyreb Says:

    Sounds like better news Farley. We’re pulling for Aedan Big time.

  67. Jack Says:

    im hearing that snead is hurt

  68. djrebel Says:

    May see some Billy Tapp action in the second half. There’s no way to tell what Tapp, who played last week against La.-Monroe, might do in a real game, but the initial thoughts are overly optimistic.

    Some halftime numbers: Ole Miss 250 yards on 36 plays, LSU 130 on 33.

    Ole Miss 5 carries, 18 rush yards. 14-for-18 passing for 245 yards.

    LSU 14 rushes, minus-2 yards, 9-for-19 passing, 132 yards, 1 pick, 1 TD.

    Lee was 4-for-12 with a pick, Jefferson is 5-for-7 for 83 yards and a TD.

  69. djrebel Says:

    Snead has come out with the team and is moving his right arm. He’s throwing the ball in warm-ups but appears to be “short arming” throws and hasn’t really unleashed one.

  70. Thomas Ward Says:

    Put Lee back in! Another backup QB looking like a Heisman candidate against us! LOL

  71. djrebel Says:

    Jefferson ran for 28 yards on his first two carries before the Rebels adjusted a little bit. David nails a 52-yard field goal and it’s 21-13 with 11:11 left in the third.

  72. Barry Spencer Says:

    Looked OK on that throw.

  73. Jack Says:

    CBS seems like they are pulling for LSU

  74. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Yeah they are pulling for LSU bc they have them next week vs Arky

  75. Jack Says:

    Snead made several strong throws this half. Shoulder looks fine

  76. Barry Spencer Says:

    Great play after a near pick

  77. Thomas Ward Says:

    Snead is really playing well today.

  78. Jack Says:

    Double spin move by bereaux

  79. Barry Spencer Says:

    TD Ole Miss

  80. Jack Says:

    This is the first game where it seems that we have relied primarily on the passing game over the run game. I also love the way our players are covering the ball up once they have it. Three points of pressure

  81. Barry Spencer Says:

    GO REBS,HOTTY TODDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. djrebel Says:

    13-yard run by Summers on an end around from the Wild Rebel and its 28-13 at 7:53 in the third.

    The play was set up great by OC Kent Austin, who ran McCluster from the Wild Rebel off right tackle twice. This time when he gave it to Summers, there were few white shirts on the other side.

    Drive went 72 yards in 8 plays and 3:12

  83. Barry Spencer Says:


  84. Jack Says:

    Where is Hardy? Jerry doing most of the work

  85. mccombreb Says:

    I like the way the announcers are building up Jerry’s draft stock. He is playing a heck of a game. Maybe we’ll see why LSU has felt that this QB is not ready for prime time.

  86. ripleyreb Says:

    Congrats to the Bulldogs.

  87. djrebel Says:

    Hardy’s only coming in for pass rushing situations. That was a key pass block at the line of scrimmage he had minutes ago to force LSU to settle for the field goal.

  88. djrebel Says:

    Quarter ends with Rebels facing second-and-12 from their 45. Ole Miss 28-13.

  89. Barry Spencer Says:

    15 minutes to go.

  90. djrebel Says:

    Rebels content to play field position right now. We’ll see if comebacks are harder to come by in the SEC than the SBC.

  91. Thomas Ward Says:

    Is Marshay injured? Dexter has fielded last two punts.

  92. Bill Says:

    Why isn’t Green returning punts?

  93. Barry Spencer Says:

    Any exodus of LSU fans yet?

  94. ripleyreb Says:

    Come on REBELS– HOLD ON.

  95. djrebel Says:

    Rebels are liking Eason on the ground right now. It worked with leads against Arkansas and Auburn.

  96. Jack Says:

    NOOOOO MCCClllllusssstttteeerrrrr

  97. djrebel Says:

    Dexter fumbles. LSU at the Ole Miss 40. Rebels are 6-0 when Dexter doesn’t turn it over, 0-4 when he does.

  98. Jack Says:

    Lockett just made a great open field tackle

  99. Barry Spencer Says:

    Way to go Lockett

  100. Jack Says:

    Now the penalties are mounting for LSU. Excellent!!

  101. Jack Says:


  102. Barry Spencer Says:


  103. ripleyreb Says:

    What a DEFENSE!!!!!! WOW

  104. Jack Says:

    It amazes me how big of a difference maker that Hardy is.

  105. Barry Spencer Says:

    ripleyreb, Do you know my Inlaws, Barrett and Bobbie Chapman?

  106. bornarebel Says:

    It amazes me how we have dominated this game. Way to go REBS!!!!

  107. farley662 Says:

    Good game today by the Rebs.

  108. Jack Says:


  109. ripleyreb Says:

    Barry, Yes I do. Big Red Gro.

  110. Jack Says:

    Ball game

  111. Barry Spencer Says:

    Tell them hello when you see them. I am working in Texas and haven’t been home in 4+ months.

  112. Barry Spencer Says:

    Who’s going to the Cotton Bowl Game if Ole Miss gets it?

  113. ripleyreb Says:

    Will do Barry, be glad to.

  114. Jack Says:


  115. Jack Says:

    There are no LSU fans and all Ole Miss fans. I LOVE IT

  116. Barry Spencer Says:


  117. Jack Says:

    LSU is playing dirty. Off sides on purpose

  118. ripleyreb Says:

    OLE MISS 31—lsu 13. FINAL

  119. Barry Spencer Says:

    No I mean from here in the forum?

  120. Bo Says:

    Hotty friggin’ Toddy!!!!!!

    This win is just as sweet, if not sweeter, than the Florida win. One thing’s for sure, they both felt darn good! 🙂

    Are we on the way to the Cotton Bowl?

    The Arky fans can say anything they want….I’ll take Nutt as the Head Coach ANY day!!!!

  121. ripleyreb Says:

    Screw You CBS. They interviewed Coach Miles twice during halftime and Coach Nutt ZERO times.

  122. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This was a great win for The Rebs. Sorry about the injury to LSU QB Lee.

  123. ripleyreb Says:

    The more you win –The warmer it gets—- HOUSTON NUTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. L2 Says:

    It feels like today just repays everything we have been through for the last few years! I am proud for all who have hung in through it all!
    This day should prove what an SEC caliber coach can mean to a group of talented guys needing leadership. He may not be appreciated by outsiders – but Coach Nutt can make his home in Oxford from now on. Looking forward to making travel plans for the New Year with my Rebels – Told the wife to pack the bags!!!
    P.S. Was great to see the Valley empty – except for the Red/Blue that stayed to celebrate. Wish I could have been there!!

  125. Kim WW Says:

    When are the guys flying into Tupelo? I want to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hotty Toddy….go REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  126. mobilereb Says:


  127. pBeez Says:

    What a game!
    Not the total domination that NC State put on Carolina today, but DARN CLOSE!
    I can’t got to the Cotton Bowl, I’ve got to go to a ding-dang academic conference new years day weekend. go figure.
    But we MUST beat MSU next weekend.
    Go Rebels Go!

  128. m4rebs Says:

    Way to go Rebs. We looked great, on National TV, regardless of how much discredation Vern & Gary did for us, ALL DAY. I didn’t realize CBS was owned & operated by Louisana State. What a joke. Like someone mentioned, no Nutt interview before or after a half. It was like they were rooting for them to come back on us when it got to 21-10. And if they could have brought up the comeback from last week, one more time, they may as well shown the hole dang Troy-LSU game. I realize LSU has a much more National following than us, but come on.
    Like I’ve said time and time again this year, I love being wrong when it feels like it feels right now!! Hotty Toddy. Whatever bowl is willing to take us, we’ll be there. Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, or Nashville. If the Vols keep on winning for us, we should just move right on up into the cat-bird seat. That is of course, we TCB next week in the Egg Bowl.

  129. Jay Stokes Says:

    those two CBS commentators are absolutely terrible. it was bad when they played bama earlier this year…..even worse this time. i officially start the petition to get them fired here and now.

    great win for the rebels. i really wanted them to score on that last drive……now let’s bring the egg back to oxford next week!

  130. Jack Says:

    CBS announcer did not call any of our player by their actual names. Hodge=Wallace, Bolden=Eason=McCluster.

  131. farley662 Says:

    Did y’all win? With all the griping I can’t tell. 🙂

  132. ColoradoReb Says:

    CBS sucks! It was the worst called game I’ve seen in along time. PA, is there an address to write and complain. I’m in Colorado and had fifteen people that are impartial watching. Tell all said, Is OM even playing”. Vern can sick it up his sugar hole pull it back out and let Gary lick it. Hotty Toddy!

  133. L2 Says:

    Agreed on broadcast today. From Alan Palmer – to announcing the last names of all players – to putting High Hat wearing Les Nesman of WKRP fame on before and after the Half.
    The only thing I heard positive all day was G. Danielson (Blackledge wanna b) saying how you better watch out for Jevan Snead next year & SHOCKINGLY Ole Miss has 3 guys who might just go in the first round of the draft.
    Honestly, I do believe they were more concerned that LSU was 0-FER on ‘their’ broadcast this year than they were about doing their job – which should be to know how to pronounce both teams names & give out info we actually care about.
    Was a big Vern fan till today – would have been bothered if they had treated any other team this way.

    But hey – they can get fired up about being able to kiss AL’s hiney this week & we will continue celebrating!! Glad I got that off my chest!

    Farley – hope your little man is doing better today – saw on here that you all had a scare yesterday. You all have been in our thoughts.

  134. bigdraws Says:

    Hey ripleyreb. Did you used to live in Tupelo? I caught your name on Aedan’s care page. If your the same guy I think you are, we know each other.

  135. m4rebs Says:

    What a beautiful fake punt in the 2nd Qtr, huh? The Hatter got caught with his tally-wacker out on that one. I love how we faked the reverse that we used against Florida, then used the FB to flip it to the former WR in Lewis. Nutt played it perfectly.
    If we don’t pony up the money to keep this ENTIRE staff, we should seriously question our adminstration’s committment to supplying us with a saleable product. You guys know what I mean?

  136. ripleyreb Says:

    Yep Draws you probably know me. I lived in Tupelo and Sherman for 30 years. Congratulations on the predictions. You predicted UM31– LSU17 thats close. Did we go to church together??? Parkway?

  137. bigdraws Says:

    Parkway baptist. That’s you. I’m lilwitt.

  138. bigdraws Says:

    Hope all things are going well. Saw your son awhile back. Is he still working for the college up there? Didn’t know you were living up that way now.

  139. ripleyreb Says:

    I have thought for some time that was you. I enjoy your posts, very entertaining. I retired last year and I am back to my old stomping grounds. Miss Tupelo though. Please tell your Dad hello. Son is still at FHU, 7yrs. He was in Tiger stadium today with his old pal Luke McAlpin. They had a ball. If your ever up this way give me a call, I’m in the phone book.

  140. bigdraws Says:

    Will do Rip. Luke’s a Rebel fan? Wow, black sheep of that family, huh. My wife is from up that way. (dumas) So, I’ll be up there a good bit during the holidays. Would love to meet up for a cup of coffee or something.

  141. bigdraws Says:

    Watching your Sooners put the beatdown on tech. This thangs gittin ugly.

  142. ripleyreb Says:

    Sounds good I’ll buy, please call . Not sure Luke is a Rebel fan, just likes to see a good game here and there.

  143. bigdraws Says:

    I hear ya. And congrats on the retirement. We just had another newborn. Got two kids now. 3 and 0 years old. Good to talk to ya. Gotta get some rest and very good to talk to ya. I’ll be in touch before too long.

  144. ripleyreb Says:

    OK Draws looking forward to seeing you. Give the little ones a piece of bubble gum for me.

  145. bigdraws Says:

    Had to drop back by. We miss you bubblegum man. 🙂

  146. flareb Says:

    Colorad Reb,
    Interesting analysis. Forget about those yoyo’s. Rebs keep winning. Should see some top twenty five action this week. Egg bowl is not going to be easy.

  147. bigdraws Says:

    “Egg bowl is not going to be easy.”

    Are you serious? Alright, I’m out for real this time. Congrats on the win yall, I’m out.

  148. m4rebs Says:

    I agree, Egg Bowl WILL NOT be easy. We were in a very physical football game today. We may not be near as peak performance rolling in on a short week Draws. We aren’t poor-mouthing, I promise. It will be a fight to the end. You guys put up more points on Arkansas than we did. And, you guys have some tall recievers that WILL pose problems for our secondary.
    PA – looks like Nutt finally listened to us….saw Dustin Mouzon in there making some good plays today.

  149. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Hey PA- Love the blog. Didn’t know about it until right before we got Nutt. I was chasing private jets on when the coaching search was going on and found y’all. I’m usually at the game or listening on the radio. I watched CBS today and kept refreshing your (our) website today. Got more insights into the game than the networks offered from our our side. Keep it up! Thanks again to and everyone else! Go Rebs!

    Also- I’m pretty sure I will name my next dog Houston!…

  150. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    I don’t think UM will have to worry too much about State. Dogs still have a pathetic offense, and the win was made possible only because of a weak Arky defense.

    MSU’s offense, such that it is, relies on the run, something OM won’t have much trouble stopping. We may have tall receiver, but our QB can’t see them most of the time.

    Oh, anything can happen, I suppose, but it would be more of a shocker if OM lost. I wouldn’t mind it happening, but I’m a realist.

  151. djrebel Says:

    C’mon Bizbuzz, this game brings with it the classic cliche of the sports world — throw out the records. Honestly, I think State’s best chance would come if the Rebels reverted and started giving up turnovers and big plays, something they haven’t done in their four-game win streak.

    — PA

  152. 03Rebel Says:

    Hotty Toddy, great win! It was a beat-down! Nutt was hired to win big games and of course the “Magnolia Bowl”. He will be successful and loved, if he can keep up the dominance of LSU. Not so much if he relies on winning the day after Thanksgiving (e.g. Cutcliff). I hope we got a lot of recruits attention yesterday.

    DJ, I think your comment goes for Any opponent:
    “best chance would come if the Rebels reverted and started giving up turnovers and big plays”
    Ms State is in the SEC, and like the Hogs, will rely on emotion. So, I guess you can throw out the stats, but the better team should win. Hopefully no one will try to copy last years superbowl like celebration and run around with their schools flag.

  153. m4rebs Says:

    Bizbuzz, that is crazy talk. Your offense put up 31 points yesterday and had a guy run for 179 yards. That serious against any SEC opponent. It will be close. Remember 2001??? We should have rolled in to Starkville and blasted that Bulldog team, with Eli and all of his glory. But we didn’t. You cats took it to us that night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a nip & tuck game this year either. Last year is a prime example that you can dominate a game, and still find a way to lose. I think the coaching staff at UM lost that game a year ago, not saying this staff has that potential, but anything is possible.
    And I do agree, 03Rebel, I hope we are a little bit beyond 50 year olds running around a 100 yard area with a 20×10 flag. Leave that for the male cheer leaders.

  154. bigdraws Says:

    Yeah, because no Ole Miss coach ever got too excited and made a fool of himself. Right O?

  155. 03Rebel Says:

    Not for beating a 3-8 team.

  156. m4rebs Says:

    Welcome back Draws. I figured that would beat you out of the bushes. Hope you got to finish your business in there. Gotta love Egg Bowl week!!! All in fun Draws!!!

  157. flareb Says:

    To think we were getting along so well this year. I’ve even managed to avoid the PA penalty box. College football is about emotion and OM left alot in Baton Rouge. If you don’t believe me, see Texas Tech.

  158. bigdraws Says:

    Wouldn’t be egg bowl week otherwise. Can’t wait to see the tempers flare this week.

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