FOOTBALL: Day After Observations

A few thoughts and opinions from Ole Miss’ 31-13 win over LSU.

It was a beatdown, plain and simple. It was physical domination of LSU that I have not seen from Ole Miss.

I’ve liked the Rebels’ defensive line all season long, but because LSU was able to run the way it did against Alabama, I thought it would run a little bit on Ole Miss, enough to help its passing game.

That simply wasn’t the case. LSU freshman QB Jordan Jefferson got a little bit done, but once the Rebels adjusted to his different style he was toast like everybody else.

Kentrell Lockett led the DL with five tackles, 1 1/2 for losses and a pressure.

Peria Jerry had only three tackles but 2 1/2 were for losses, and he had a sack. But Jerry changed the game on his that wasn’t a tackle. He was a hair late on a pressure against LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee, and his resulting follow through fiinished Lee for the day, maybe for next week too, with a high ankle sprain.

LSU coach Les Miles spoke at length about the fake punt and how he thought that was the play of the game. It got the Rebels to the LSU 5 late in the second quarter and set up their third touchdown, a 3-yard run by Brandon Bolden.

The fact is Jerry’s non-sack was the play of the game, because it forced Miles to go the distance with Jefferson and not use him only as a change-of-pace guy.

The fake punt was, however, picture-perfect execution. The Rebels ran a fake at Florida with Lionel Breaux. Since that was on video, Breaux drew a lot of attention from the Tigers when he was in the game on the play.

The Rebels went with a quick snap, and Jason Cook found Kendrick Lewis wide open, and the former wide receiver moved downfield in a hurry.

It was a great set up by Nutt, as was Markeith Summers’ 13-yard touchdown run from the Wild Rebel. Twice on that drive — which was important because it answered Colt David’s 52-yard field goal that made it 21-13 in the third quarter — Dexter McCluster took a Wild Rebel snap and ran off right tackle for a short gain. On this play, McCluster took the snap, ran right and handed to Summers, who had few folks in his way on his way to the end zone.

Like at Florida, the Wild Rebel was effective where the basic run game really was not. The run game did pick up late when the LSU defense had been on the field a long time, and Cordera Eason was able to help chew up the clock, a consistent scene in what is now a four-game win streak.

It was interesting to watch how many Louisiana natives made big contributions: Bolden with a touchdown, Lockett with his day on the DL, Breaux with a 39-yard catch on the third-quarter touchdown drive and Mike Wallace with two touchdown catches.

Great to see Jevan Snead have a big day with big throws and protect the football. It had been either or with him. It was like if he didn’t throw a pick, he was fairly average with his accuracy. This time he made big throws — like the three in a row to McCluster, Summers and Wallace — for the Rebels’ third touchdown near the end of the first half.

— PA


One Response to “FOOTBALL: Day After Observations”

  1. Evans Martin McLeod Says:

    I sure am glad you don’t know what you were talking about picking LSU over the Rebs. You must not pay very close attention. We killed them. Get a new job.

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