FOOTBALL: Nutt audio clip

Houston Nutt’s postgame comments.

— PA



23 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Nutt audio clip”

  1. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, thanks for sharing the pics and the audio clip.

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Thanks, PA for the posting. Great football game yesterday. Now, the Rebs must knock off Miss State Friday and on to the cotton bowl.

    Our freedom that we so richly enjoy does come without a price to pay. God Bless America and those brave military troops that make a sacrifice to insure One Nation Under God and God Bless America. This is the day that The Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it.

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    Ole Miss is #25 in AP poll. Curious to see if we enter the top 25 in the Coaches poll.

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    Nope. Landed at #27 in Coaches poll.

  5. 03Rebel Says:

    There are 3 famous coaches who don’t want to face us again (Miles, Saban & Meyer) and probably listed us as top 25.

  6. rebnutt Says:

    Great win and it’s a tribute to great coaching & all that goes with that, the preparation, inspiration, etc. I must go back & give much credit to T. Nix–I was down on him after South Car. but he’s done an amazing job with the DL (& Coach Rocker) & the LBs. Maybe the secondary is better but they still scare the wits out of me. Also, Shibest should get a Nobel Peace Prize for his special teams work.
    We can’t let down against State & I think this staff will have the team ready.
    Which brings us to the reported rift between the coaches (assistants too, I hear) & the AD. It’s time for the alums to step up & find out what fire is causing this smoke. We may need a new AD, but I know we don’t need to lose this coach & his staff.

  7. m4rebs Says:

    Ok rebnutt. As I try to ask at my work, “don’t just bring us problems, bring us problems and POSSIBLE solutions.” What do you have in mind. I’m an alum but I’m not sure how I let Dr. K. to get rid Boone, not Nutt or any of the others. It’s kind of hard to argue with what Boone has brought to the Athletic department if you look across the board….Bianco, Kennedy, and Nutt, in the three majors. How do we address it?

  8. m4rebs Says:

    PA, please clue us in on these rumors. I just don’t hear that type stuff here in Tuscaloosa. I hear about things like stylist not being able to speak to their client when asked to cut their hair….in his office. It may break his concentration on thinking about the Auburn gameplan, you know?

  9. djrebel Says:

    Matt, honestly, I hear the rumors on boards like this more than around the program. I think Pete holds the purse strings tight, and while that may not sound like a big deal, I’m sure it is to head coaches who aren’t used to hearing the word “no.”

    Now is that enough to pull up stakes and leave? I don’t think so, but maybe it makes it easier if someone wants to wave $2.5 million a year to you to coach their team.

    I also think Pete isn’t stupid. He wants the program to be successful, sees the success and the potential for more. I don’t think he’s trying to run off Houston.

    — PA

  10. m4rebs Says:

    He better get off his rear and pay this guy. If we don’t give him some more money, it won’t take long for somebody to do exactly what you are talking about. It would be ashamed to lose the guy too.
    On a little different note, I was very critical of Tyrone Nix early on in the season, so I feel like after yesterday’s performance, I owe him the credit that he and Coach Rocker deserve. The secondary has played better since they started playing Mouzon again (thanks for listening to PA and myself coach Nutt). The D Line is making all the difference getting pressure and stopping the run without having to put 8 in the box. That takes the pressure off the secondary. Tip of the hat to Brumfield and Fein yesterday too. They are really coming around strong. Maybe it just took some time for this group to gel and figure out what the coaches were asking them to do. Gotta tip the hat to them for sure yesterday.

  11. m4rebs Says:

    “Pete isn’t stupid” – I agree, but will is his hard-headedness enough to make him look stupid at the end of the day?

  12. djrebel Says:

    I also believe the defense, particularly the secondary, is improving. It is important to note also that the last three quarterbacks they’ve played haven’t been top-tier SEC guys.

    — PA

  13. flareb Says:

    Is there any possible scenario that gets OM to Florida for a bowl game? I guess it would take a South Carolina loss or possible Georgia loss. GA has no gimmie vs. GA Tech. Clemson seems to be coming on.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Flareb, the SEC bowl policy says the Capital One Bowl gets the second pick. Following the SEC’s BCS representative, Cap 1 is bound to select the team with the next best overall record “or a team that is within one win” of the next best overall record.

    Then the Outback, Chick-Fil-A and Cotton Bowls “work with the conference office” to determine picks 3-5.

    If Florida beats Alabama, and Alabama is chosen for the BCS … a very possible scenario … then Georgia, even if it loses to Ga. Tech, would have the third-best overall record with at least nine wins.

    My guess is the Cap 1 would still want Georgia.

    Then it gets very subjective. The Outback Bowl has a reputation of not playing well with others.

    If there are two SEC teams in the BCS and Georgia goes Cap 1, your candidates for bowls 3-5 would be Ole Miss, South Carolina, Kentucky. Ole Miss and South Carolina both have seven wins, and both close with in-state rivals in games in which I believe they’ll be favored. Good chance for both SC and Ole Miss to get an eighth win. Kentucky has six wins and closes at Tennessee.

    In my opinion, the Outback will prefer an Eastern team, either South Carolina or Kentucky. That’s their MO.

    I was covering Mississippi State when it went 9-2 in 1999, and a 7-4 Georgia team went to the Outback Bowl over State, which went to the Peach.

    — PA

  15. flareb Says:

    Thanks for the insight.

  16. rebnutt Says:

    I wish I knew what the issue was between Nutt & the AD. I don’t, but I hear it’s real. And some of what I’ve heard is that it’s over budget stuff, as PA thinks might be the case. One rumor is that it’s over recruiting budget & expenses, and that the assistants are upset over it. I don’t think they would be demanding the max their 1st year, but they do know what it takes to compete in the SEC, and our AD may be more used to a 2nd tier recruiting budget (albeit that Orgeron did recruit well). I’ve also heard that there are candidates to replace the AD, I don’t know if this means retirement, and I’m not trying to start a rumor here. If I knew enough, I would love to suggest a resolution.

    I truly don’t think Nutt would want to leave with what he has returning next year, but there are some big, rich programs out there & you have to remember he has the same agent as Nick Saban, who might put together a Saban-type package for him at a school like Clemson.

  17. 03Rebel Says:

    What’s everyone’s vote on a college playoff system?
    I like the “plus-1” version, where 4 teams have a chance. I also think the bowl games should be played in order. The bowls should be ranked, and the higher ranked bowls play later in the season. Why don’t they already do that?

    Another trip to Dallas would be great, but I’d prefer a reason to travel to Florida.

  18. doubletripper Says:

    there has been talk in the memphis paper that the cotton bowl is still leaning to lsu. that’s alright with me i would much prefergoing to florida or atlanta where it is going to be warm. then when we have an even better record next year if they come calling, we can remind them that they didn’t want us this year. and tell them to take a hike.

  19. djrebel Says:

    Fort Worth paper believes it’s Ole Miss if the Rebels win the Egg Bowl. I think those are the vibes they’re hearing on the Ole Miss side.

    — PA

  20. AmoryRebel Says:

    I would like to hear everybodys prediction for the Egg bowl this week especially PA’s. I think if the rebs stay focused on the task at hand, remember what they’re playing for and who they’re playing, and don’t commit turnovers, it’ll be a successful day in Oxford on friday! HOTTY TODDY!!!

  21. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    AmoryRebel, in my 55 plus years as a Rebel supporter I have never went against them in predictions. Did in fun a few games back when Ole Miss played PA’s alma mater, that was since he was not going for his school. It was in fun tho. I have been with the Rebels in good years and alot of bad ones, but never went against them, knowing that some games was going to be tough. Integrity, loyality, or what ever one wants to call it. GO REBELS.

  22. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    And one other thing, Ole Miss could get beat this Friday in the Egg Bowl by a Miss State team that is in disarray. We can never take a game for granted. Miss State does have the potential to arise to this occasion, but Ole Miss has demonstrated it potential all season long. Sure they have lost some games, but in my opinion self inflicted. I do look for a battle. Miss State has all to gain nothing to lose. Ole Miss in a much different situation. A possible cotton bowl bid at stake for the Rebels, they can’t afford to lose out on this opportunity.

  23. AmoryRebel Says:

    My thoughts exactly JB, and as an Ole Miss fan you really cant help but be nervous about this type of game or any other for that matter because like coach nutt says, anybody can beat anybody on any saturday. I think state will try and bring different things or maybe even the same things you see from them week to week i dont know, but i do know that our guys will be ready to play. I believe that they know losing to state would bring down their success that they were wanting and deserved this season. I believe the lord above will take care of our guys and be with them and give them the strength they need. GO REBELS LETS DO IT ONE MORE TIME IN THE REGULAR SEASON-HOTTY TODDY!

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