FOOTBALL: Rebels ranked

Ole Miss is ranked No. 25 by the media. The Rebels are second in the receiving votes category in the coaches poll. It is the Rebels’ first ranking since the final poll for the 2003 season.

— PA

17 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Rebels ranked”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The Rebels deserve a much higher rating than #25. My rating would give them #2, they beat the Gators and at home, almost beat the #1 team and that team at home. So I would rate the Rebs as #2 team in the nation.

  2. flareb Says:

    My fellow Floridian, ” Did you take a couple of nips of rainwater while out fishing this afternoon. I see OM between fifteen and twenty. The two mail ins vs USC and Vandy really hurt and I don’t think people will forget those performances.
    Early indications are Missouri or Texas Tech in the cotton……….Oh Boy. I was glad to see Tech off the schedule three years ago. I say the over/under on that game is 120.

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    flareb, no rainwater nor fishing, it’s very cold in the AM here in NW Florida. Down in the mid 20’s. It is good weather to keep the beer cool, tho. Watching the Eli and NYG show against the Cardinals.

  4. charleston11 Says:

    I’m still in shock that PA picked LSU to beat Ole Miss while Locke picked the Rebels.!?!?~ Wow
    Go ahead and pick MSU this week because that will be wrong too.

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    How about this Superbowl matchup: NYG, Eli Vs NYJ Brent Farve. Possible. No “nips of rainwather”!!!!

  6. RebelGiant Says:


    Here’s a better match up:

    Giants & Eli vs Colts & Peyton

  7. Jay Stokes Says:

    jimmy, with all due respect….as much as i love ’em….ole miss isn’t the second best team in the nation.

    i agree with you that a favre-manning matchup would be very entertaining… could happen. both teams playing very well……

  8. Jay Stokes Says:

    rebelgiant, THAT would be a fun game to watch….

  9. va reb Says:

    Well deserved, Rebs!

  10. AGRReb Says:

    PA. You finally gonna have some faith in the Rebels or you going with State?

  11. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Espn is projecting Ole Miss Texas Tech in Cotton Bowl. With our secondary? Ouch

  12. rebel85 Says:

    Guys, with a win Saturday against MSU, we are VERY likely to go to the Cotton Bowl and face Big 12 and likely TT. Unlikely MO will get the nod at this point. Now our secondary is weak link but good front 4 pressure will slow down TT passing. We have a great front 4 on defense and if Hardy is strong, the QB will be in trouble all night. If we only need 4 to get to him, leaves more to help with the receivers. I don’t fear the Big 12 and great exposure. If this Ole Miss team brings their A game and plays mistake free–they can hang with anybody!!!

  13. mobilereb Says:

    Just wanted to share the Press Register’s headline over the article for the LSU-Rebel game in Sunday’s paper;


    Great win Rebels.


  14. RebelGiant Says:

    CFN predicts OM vs Mizzou in the cotton bowl.
    I’d rather see our boys go against MO instead of Tx Tech. Even tho they’ve both kicked our arse over the past few years. Tx Tech is a tall order.

    Whoever it is… BRING EM ON!

  15. m4rebs Says:

    I wouldn’t mind waiting one more year on the Cotton Bowl, fellas. It will be really nice, I mean really nice, Clark…..(sorry, Christmas Vacation moment), in the new Jerry Jones Dome Thingy in Irving next year. I wouldn’t mind breaking in the New Year over in Hotlanta, with 72F and the A/C slash Heating Unit blowing on me, with a Rock-Solid ACC opponent. We’ve got to start somewhere….I think either way we go, it is nothing but positive for our program. We definetely could utilize the extra 4 weeks of practice for the younger guys, and the National exposure to get some more 3 star recruits.

  16. djrebel Says:

    AGRReb, I’ve had faith in the Rebels for most reasonable games this year including Vanderbilt and South Carolina.

    — PA

  17. doubletripper Says:

    m4rebs i couldn’t agree more. let’s go where it will be warm so we all can enjoy the game without freezing to death.

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