FOOTBALL: Jevan Snead update

Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead went through limited work in the team’s practice today but expects to go through all work tomorrow and to be full-speed for the Mississippi State game Friday.

Snead took a hard hit on his right shoulder — his throwing shoulder — in the Rebels’ 31-13 win over LSU last week. The play was near the end of the first half, but Snead returned and played the entire second half, inlcuding a naked bootleg run for a first down inside the LSU 5 as the Rebels were in run-out-the-clock mode.

“It’s fine. I’ll be 100 percent by game time. I’m good to go. There are no worries about any of that. I’m just fine,” Snead said.

Oher a finalist: Offensive tackle Michael Oher, a 6-5, 318 senior, has been named a finalist for the Outland Trophy, which goes to the nation’s best interior lineman. Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker won the award while an All-American defensive tackle at Auburn in the 1980s. Finalists along with Oher are Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson and Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith.

— PA


13 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Jevan Snead update”

  1. m4rebs Says:

    I think he has a seperated shoulder. That was what I thought the second the guy landed on him and he got up grimmacing. I thought the rest of the game, and season had just hit the turf at Tiger Stadium on one single play.
    It may be seperated, but you’ve got to tip your hat to Jevan for getting back in there and playing. I don’t remember him making many throws in the second half, and I don’t think it is coincidental.

  2. djrebel Says:

    I’m hearing there is no separation. He did make a nice throw to Breaux on the touchdown drive, but I think they’re also very pleased they didn’t have to call on Snead to throw much in the second half.

    — PA

  3. bro-n-law Says:

    How badly will Ol’ MIss win on Friday? Glad ya’ll finally got ranked. It’s about time.

  4. va reb Says:

    Sure hope Snead will be OK Friday. Maybe our running game will help him out. Congrats to Michael. What an inspiring story his life has been!

  5. djrebel Says:

    Bro-n-law, there is a level of emotion that comes into play, but the only way Ole Miss might lose is if it reverts to turnovers and penalties and if Snead starts forcing throws like he occasionally did earlier in the year.

    They have avoided those problems during the life of this 4-game win streak. They’ve been prepared, and I’m guessing they will be prepared again.

    On paper it looks like a big Ole Miss win.

    How bout your Baylor Bears? When’s the last time they beat A&M or any Big 12 team like that?

    — PA

  6. Collegehillrebel Says:

    “Making some history
    – With wins over both Florida and LSU, Ole Miss is believed to be the first team to defeat the two most recent national champions in the same season since Army did so in 1941.”

    Notre Dame beat Miami and Penn State in 1988. I think Miami won the national championship in 87 and Penn State won it in 86. (I will let somebody else check those facts). Both of those wins were at Notre Dame. Both of Ole Miss’ wins over the two most recent national champions came on the road. Maybe 1941 was the last time that happened?

  7. Will Says:

    Hey, PA, I don’t mean to call you out….you are doing a good job…although it appears to me that recently your Louisiana roots influenced your prediction for last week’s game. (LSU 26, Ole Miss 23) As you wrote it was a dominant performance by the Rebels. But I may have missed your admission of wrong, and not that you have to admit you were wrong in print. I’m just thinking about to your blog family.

    I may have the little man syndrome, but on Saturday, I got tired of the CBS announcers love affair with LSU. Granted LSU has more recent sucess than Ole Miss, but the history of this game over the last 6 years, excepting last year, it has been a close and hard fought battle. How many times did they reference the comeback vs. Troy? And yet did I once hear them mention the domination of Ole Miss vs. ULM?

    We won and that ought to be enough. But I guess I like a little more objectivity in commentators.

  8. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Will next season be a re-building for the Ole Miss football program? Think that remember someone saying that none of this football team has ever been to a bowl game.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Will, a lot of folks have hammered me about the prediction, and that’s fine. It really doesn’t bother me. It goes with the job.

    I didn’t get emails or anything telling me what a good job I was doing of supporting the Rebels by picking them to beat both Vanderbilt and South Carolina.

    Bottom line is people were mad then. Didn’t want to talk about it. That’s fine.

    There were plenty of people who thought Ole Miss would play close last week. They thought that in Vegas with LSU being a 4-point favorite.

    I don’t know that anyone predicted the bloodletting that we all saw. I know Glynn Guilbeau in Baton Rouge called it Ole Miss 27-17.

    LSU rushed for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns against Alabama, so it was reasonable to think they’d get a little bit done in the run game against Ole Miss.

    Jarrett Lee isn’t very good right now, but it hasn’t taken a great quarterback to get things done against the Ole Miss secondary.

    Your assumption that I wanted LSU to win because it is my home state is way off base.

    One of the things this job has done, for me anyway, has been to take away my ability to be a fan.

    I invest so much of myself in covering the beat that I don’t have the time or energy to emotionally invest myself in being a true fan of another team.

    I think what Ole Miss is in the middle of right now — a possible 5-game win streak to close a season that almost got away — is not an easy thing to do. LSU was an obvious challenge with a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, even though it was struggling in some areas of the game.

    Houston and his staff clearly had the better team that day.

    But I feel no more compelled to call attention to that wrong prediction than I have to call attention to right ones.

    Predictions are hit or miss. They’re something we do for fun, because it creates reader interest.

    We certainly don’t get a bonus in our paycheck for being right.

    — PA

  10. doubletripper Says:

    sounds like will is just jerking your chain pa. don’t pay any attention to that kind of stuff and just keep the good news coming.

  11. Barry Spencer Says:

    You are the man. I am having to work in Big 12 country (Texas, to be exact),
    and you are my main source of info about Ole Miss. Keep up the great work and have a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving.


  12. Will Says:

    PA, Good answer! I am just jerking your chain…. I am very much in the public eye myself and know what it is like to be held accountable for things I say. Believe me, I’m two weeks from being homeless if I mispeak.

    At least you are not writing the things that your beat counterpart is writing. He’s really pouring it on. I almost feel sorry for the Doggy Fans. Note I said ALMOST! 🙂

    Just keep writing and predicting….at least you can’t be voted out by your readers.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Will, this is a busy week. Come back and jerk my chain in June. (Ha ha).

    — PA

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