14 Responses to “TRIVIA TIME”

  1. Bo Says:

    I’ve been doing some research ever since you listed this, and my guess is Brett Favre. I couldn’t find actual win loss stats for the QB’s, but based off everything I could find, it was Brett Favre with 29 career victories. Of course, Brett benefited from being a 4-year starter. To the best of my knowledge, the others were 3 year starters.

    I do believe that Wayne Madkin is the winningest QB in State history…

  2. JG Says:

    the answer?

  3. djrebel Says:

    Can’t tell the answer right now JG. I just put up my first-ever poll. It has to sit a while.

    — PA

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    My vote to Archie. Remember that he as out part of a season with a broken arm from a cheep shot from a U of Houston LBer. The guy was out to hurt Archie is my feelings.

  5. Bo Says:

    Since you don’t want to give us the answer yet, could you tell us a website that we could research such things? I know that is a great website for team and coaching statistics, but it doesn’t take it to the player level statistics.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Bo, that’s a good question, and because I don’t have a good answer to help you, I’ll go ahead and tell you guys the answer is Wayne Madkin.

    I had an interesting talk with Wayne today for a story we’re doing on a couple of key Egg Bowl anniversary dates. It’s been 25 years since Ole Miss won on the wind-blown field goal block and 10 years since State won to wrap up the West title.

    Wayne and I talked a little bit, and I knew he was State’s winningest QB. He said he was watching college football one day when the same trivia question came on ESPN and was surprised to find that he was the correct answer.

    I know Eli only started three years and his win totals were 7, 7 and 10 which gets you to 24.

    Wayne started most of his freshman season, all of his sophomore and junior seasons and most of his senior season.

    Basically, I’m relying on ESPN’s research here.

    I know Wayne got credit for 10 wins as a sophomore, 8 as a junior. State won 8 when he was a redshirt freshman, and he may have started six of those games.

    The only way I’d know to research fully would be to go through the media guides of each school.

    — PA

  7. Bo Says:

    Wow, that’s pretty impressive. The ONLY way that that will get beat is to have a 4 year starter on pretty good teams. Nothing against Wayne Madkin, but the reason that they won so many games during his tenure was because of their defense. It was VERY good!

  8. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Wow, that’s pretty impressive”. Impressive I say, but I don’t think this is the Wayne Madkin and cow college inspirational hour. This is when the Ole Miss Rebels are preparing to face those demons in a playoff for what could be the best season that the Rebels have had in some time, and a good bowl bid in reward. Just remember last in seasons finality when The Rebel coach mildly gave the game away to that bunch with a 4-1 call late in 4th qtr. Pardon Me!!! Don’t think that we will see Coach Nutt pull such a stupid play.

  9. bigdraws Says:

    Demons? Where’s the love JB? Especially with a Godly man like Crxxm at the helm.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    BTW, I voted for Archie.

  11. rebfan Says:

    I could see coach nutt going for it on 4th and 1 to clinch the game.

  12. bigdraws Says:

    I hope it’s that close.

  13. Collegehillrebel Says:

    Interesting question, but Madkin gets a lot of credit for wins his freshman or sophomore season where he started the game, but a different QB finished the game and brought the team from behind to win the game at the end.

  14. Jeff Jolly Says:

    That’s true Collegehillrebel. I was in Starkpatch when Madkin started against Ole Miss. If State had started and played the Morgan kid the whole game, the two point conversion at the end of the game would not have mattered. State would have won handily.

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