FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?

Greetings guys. Welcome to the prediction thread many of you have been waiting for.

These predictions are all in good fun, of course, but pick against the locals, and you can really stir things up.

I offered some insight into what I was thinking last week on a response below, so I won’t rehash that here.

I also am going to resist using the most over-worked cliche in sports — throw out the records.

College football is an emotional game, and honestly, I don’t account for emotion enough when I offer these predictions.

I can’t see much else that Mississippi State has going for it right now in this matchup. On paper it’s just a game the Rebels should win.

State got some people’s attention last week with 226 rushing yards and a career-high 179 by Anthony Dixon. But that was against Arkansas, the league’s worst rushing defense.

It does serve as a reminder that Dixon is a capable back when he gets a little blocking.

A little blocking is all that’s been available at State many times this year. The Bulldogs are rushing for 115.5 yards a game, ninth in the league, and have given up 26 sacks, 10th in the league.

The Bulldogs’ rushing defense of 144.6 yards a game ranks 11th in the SEC.

Numbers indicate that Ole Miss, average 180.1 yards on the ground, can run the football. That’s what the Rebels need to do, because that will allow them to take some pressure off quarterback Jevan Snead who will play with a tender shoulder.

The Bulldogs have been pretty good against the pass, giving up a 51 percent completion rate and nine touchdowns, but their seven interceptions are second-fewest in the league.

Snead was on target last week against LSU, and he’ll need to be that sharp again. He’ll have a harder time burning State’s corners.

In simplest terms, if the Rebels do not revert, they’ll win. If they do not return to the first half of the season when mistakes, turnovers and big plays allowed on defense were normal, they’ll win.

Ole Miss is plus-6 in turnover margin over the life of its four-game win streak.

The Rebels have been good on the defensive line all season, and they’re peaking right now.

Houston Nutt has had these guys sharp, focused and ready to play each Saturday. I expect it will be that way on a Friday too, especially with a likely Cotton Bowl berth on the line.

Ole Miss 28, MSU 14

— PA


36 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?”

  1. tcfan Says:

    Let’s say:

    OM 34
    MSU 10

    The rain could slow down the game, so if heavy rain, i’m going to say:

    OM 27
    MSU 13

  2. stangreb Says:

    You can wrap this one in red & blue

  3. AmoryRebel Says:

    Im going to say 31-17

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    Thanks for posting the predictions PA. I know you’ve got a lot going on trying to cover two sports and it being Thanksgiving weekend. Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving.

    The Bulldogs have played a couple good games this year, but I just don’t see this game being one for them. I think the seniors at Ole Miss have been waiting a long time for a bowl game, and with the Cotton Bowl possibly being one game away, I think their leadership will step up for the game. I look to see the Rebels get ahead quick in this one and the defense to step up and keep the Bulldog offense from getting much done. Bulldogs give up early in this one.

    OM 41
    Bulldogs 10

  5. RebelGiant Says:

    Rebs win 30-12

  6. RebelGiant Says:

    Hope you have a great TG. Thanks for all you do.

    Hope all you Rebels and Dogs have a wonderful TG.

    Everyone be safe out there and enjoy your time with family and friends.

    And may the rebs win big!!!

  7. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Giant. I appreciate you guys reading and posting.

    — PA

  8. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Here’s hoping for some pumpkin pie and a 24-13 Rebels win.

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I pick the Rebels by 3. Disagree with Raleighrebel Says:The Bulldogs have played a couple good games this year, but I just don’t see this game being one for them.

    Miss State will let it all hang out for this game. They Have all to gain and nothing to lose. That State team has great potential and this could be the game that the offense and defense decides to show up and carry their own load.

    Ole Miss has the advantage on offense. Miss State has the advantage on defense.

    It may rain,sleet, and snow, but it will not be a mud bowl game as it was in 1951-52.

  10. will Says:

    Ole Miss 16
    Mississippi State 0

    I can see State’s defense and the weather making this game incredibly boring. We will be looking forward to the Cotton Bowl and not be too focused.

  11. ripleyreb Says:

    Looking back at the history of who wins during the past decade, it’s simple–it’s OUR TURN. I think it is our turn to keep the Golden Egg for a while. In a hard fought battle—OM-24 MSU-6. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

  12. L2 Says:

    Ole Miss – 27
    State – 6

    Off and on rain – yet, i think the Rebs can generate enough & then control State’s O most of the day. Have a feeling that the entire game will be one that never is in much doubt. Don’t say that as a knock against the bullies – just believe it is our year. Nutt has had the guys focused (as you well put P.A.) every Saturday to play & with so much on the line – Friday should be no different.

    Thanks for everything you do P.A.!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  13. Thomas Says:

    I would love a 27-6 game. I’d like to see a punt return for a TD and a Defensive score along with about 20 from the offense…so my score will be Ole Miss 35, MS State 13

  14. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Looking back what happen with the Egg Bowl on 28 November:

    November 28, 1907 Jackson Mississippi State 15 Mississippi 0 Tied 3-3-1
    November 28, 1918 Starkville Mississippi State 34 Mississippi 0 MSU 9-5-1
    November 28, 1929 Oxford Mississippi 7 Mississippi State 7 MSU 17-
    November 28, 1953 Starkville Mississippi 7 Mississippi State 7 MSU 24-23-3
    November 28, 1959 Starkville Mississippi 42 Mississippi State 0 MISS 28-24-4
    November 28, 1992 Oxford Mississippi 17 Mississippi State 10 MISS 52-31-6
    November 28, 2002 Oxford Mississippi 24 Mississippi State 12 MISS 56 -37-6
    November 28, 2008 Oxford Mississippi State at Mississippi ( You fill in the blanks)

    November 29, 1952 Oxford Mississippi 20 Mississippi State 14 MSU 24-23-2 The Mud Bowl
    December 1, 1962 Oxford Mississippi 13 Mississippi State 6 MISS 31-24-4 l Jim Wetherly performs in sub of All-American Griffin to win this Egg Bowl

  15. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I was not around for all those above Egg Bowl games, but do remember many!!!

  16. m4rebs Says:

    This one is a bad spot for us. Cotton Bowl thoughts in the distance, Bayou Beat-down in the rear-view. Dixon and the State offense stay balanced and Woody gives up the play calling again this week. Going to be a nail biter, and I’ll stay consistent:

    Mittittippi Tate 20
    Ole Miss 17

  17. Raleighrebel Says:

    M4: “I’ll stay consistent” I agree…Consistently wrong. Debbie Downer

  18. PatrickH Says:

    I agree with m4rebs that Ole Miss probably won’t be pumped for this game. But I’ll disagree on the outcome. Houston won’t be able to get the guys as excited as they were in Baton Rouge, but that won’t be enough for the Bulldogs to end their season on a winning note — it’ll merely hold down the margin of victory.

    Ole Miss 23
    Mississippi State 7

    Have a great Thanksgiving, P.A. You do an outstanding job covering the Rebels.

  19. bornarebel Says:

    The Rebels remember getting embarrassed last year. They want revenge. There will be no problems getting pumped to play State. Ole Miss wins big.
    Ole Miss – 38
    State – 9

  20. farley662 Says:

    Nutt 34
    Nuttless 13

  21. bro-n-law Says:

    Missing you this week. Thought we would have caught a “Bond” flick! Hope you have a good day tomorrow and a Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe you can get a group up for some football tomorrow. Rebs should do okay on Friday.-BIL

  22. EglinReb Says:

    Special prediction from Maui:
    Ole Miss 31 MSUcks 7. And I’ll see ya’ll in Big D.

  23. rebel2011 Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Rebs will be pumped up for this one. They remember last year all too well, and they have too much pride to not care. 31-10 Rebs.

    Happy Turkeys to all!

  24. J. Moore Says:

    PA, some people aren’t looking for honest opinions, only opinions that match their own. Take it as a compliment that you can stir the pot. Ole Miss 38-17. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE.

  25. rebnutt Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Thanks for the best stories & blog on the Rebels. I think this game is important for more than a bowl choice, it may swing the recruiting battle our way on a few boys leaning or committed to State. I believe our defense can keep them down & K. Austin will call a few gems to keep us on top.
    OM 28
    MSU 10

  26. m4rebs Says:

    People take this prediction stuff a tid-bit serious, don’t you think PA? I saw where one clown accused you of “Wanting” Ole Miss to lose to ULM and LSU in consecutive weeks and that influenced your prediction. At the end of the day, none of these predictions mean anything, period. It is all in fun, and for you fruit loops to start taking shots at me for picking against Ole Miss everytime, is hypocritical. I could say the exact same thing for all of the folks that HAVE picked Ole Miss EVERY time. Chill the crap out.

  27. djrebel Says:

    Thanks guys. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Yes, the prediction stuff is all in fun. People ask me what I think, so I tell them.

    I give honest opinions, lighthearted and mixed with a dash of sarcasm, but at least their honest.

    — PA

  28. Raleighrebel Says:

    M4, if you post a comment on a public blog, expect it to be subject to a response. I don’t think my response was a “bash” though.its all in good fun. Don’t take things so seriously.happy thanksgiving.

  29. doubletripper Says:

    pa i live in olive branch so i have to rely on the comical appeal for sports information. as you can guess they are more concerned about UT and memphis state than the rebs so thank you for all the good stuff you put on here. happy thanksgiving to all and let the game begin. REBS-35 puppies-3.

  30. farley662 Says:

    It’s easy to pick your team each week. The reason some do it is so they can do the, “And I called this one!” stuff each time. We have one of those on that other blog too.

  31. pgrebels! Says:

    Rebel offense shines and defense shuts out bullies.

    Rebs 31
    MSwho -2

  32. djrebel Says:

    Farley, I hope things continue to improve for you guys.

    — PA

  33. farley662 Says:

    Thanks PA. We are home now and little man has been smiling and laughing all day. First time since the surgery. He also had a little candied yam juice and thought it was the greatest thing ever! We truly are blessed and thankful this year.

  34. djrebel Says:

    That’s good news. It’s nice when they can be satisfied with candied yam juice. It gets more expensive from there.

    — PA

  35. toddy22 Says:


    What kind of offense do you think we will see in twelve hours? I think Nutt will start more conservative and try and run it. He might test out Croom’s defense before Snead starts throwing because MSU does have a respectable secondary.

  36. djrebel Says:

    I think that is exactly what you’ll see. I think they will have Snead throw in very selective situations. I think you’ll see more Wild Rebel than they would otherwise run, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little bit of Billy Tapp. If they can get Snead through this game and get a win, then they have a month to get him healthy.

    — PA

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