Some holiday morning links here. I have covered many wild finishes in the Battle for the Golden Egg, and last year certainly fit into that category. Ole Miss players remember it. They used words like embarrassing, heartbreaking and disgusting to describe it. If a Cotton Bowl bid isn’t enough to motivate them, last year finish should be.

The basketball Rebels got off to a slow start last night and looked like they were going to get run out of their own gym, as Andy Kennedy put it. The shots began to fall, and that seemed to coincide with Kennedy’s move from man defense to zone. UCF looked like it had never seen a zone. “We were just in a 2-3. They really need to work on that,” said Ole Miss guard David Huertas, offering his advice to the Golden Knights.

The Rebels have a lot of athleticism, and they defend with energy. They’re going to struggle with teams that back them down into the post and play physical — much the way they played last year — but if DeAundre Cranston keeps coming along they’ll get better there.

— PA



  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    PA, if OSU wins who would we be lookin at in the cotton bowl? What would have to happen to have a McCoy v. Snead showdown?

  2. djrebel Says:

    If OSU wins maybe Oklahoma in the Cotton. If Oklahoma and Texas win, assuming Texas wins the title game, probably two Big 12 teams in the BCS. Then maybe Texas Tech to the Holiday Bowl and Missouri to Dallas. It’s all speculation.

    — PA

  3. rebel2011 Says:

    I would think the only way we would see a mccoy vs snead matchup would be if texas loses to the aggies tonight, which is extremely unlikely, or texas makes it to the title game and loses in it, which will not guarantee a cotton bowl spot. it seems like there is no good way for it to happen to me, although it would be interesting.

  4. Jay Stokes Says:

    i really don’t like our odds if we go over to the cotton bowl. the big 12 is so stacked with great teams this year. i would much rather see us go over to the outback bowl and play a big 10 team or an ACC team in the peach.

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