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— PA


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  1. djrebel Says:

    About an hour before kick now. MSU specialists are on the field in maroon pants, white shirts, white helmets.

    Ole Miss specialists are just coming out.

    An unsubstantiated rumor has been floated that Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead did not participate in the walk-through before the game. Snead is not at full strength, but the company line all week has been that he’ll play.

    — PA

  2. djrebel Says:

    The Grove was pretty mild this morning. Lots of tents were set up but vacant. State gave back several thousand tickets. I know people were bothered by the threat of rain. I’m thinking they’re doing good if they get up to 50,000.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Marshay Green is fielding punts right now. He missed some practice time during the week, and Brandon Bolden and Dexter McCluster were getting ready for punt duty.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Don’t know if Snead participated in the walk-through, but he’s on the field for warm-ups right now.

  5. waboreb Says:

    How is the weather outlook at the moment? I know the radar is showing no precipitation at the moment, but more could be expected.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Sun has gone back in. It’s cloudy with no rain at the moment. It will be good weather if this holds.

  7. farley662 Says:

    Stadium filling in well?

  8. djrebel Says:

    Not really. Seniors are being presented right now. You can see people filing in, but there are a lot of empty seats right now. Where’s your seat Farley?

  9. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Hotty Toddy!!!!!! Let’s get started….

  10. farley662 Says:

    Couldn’t find anyone to go with. Am less than a mile from the stadium and watching it on tv. No way I’m attending by myself. Seen too much stuff to know better. Can’t believe no one else wanted to go!

  11. Jeff Jolly Says:

    You didn’t ask me Farley……

  12. farley662 Says:

    Lets go Jeff. Park at my place and its a short walk.

  13. Jeff Jolly Says:

    LOL….If I had my jet fueled….I’d be there….I’m in Mobile…

  14. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Can you hear the Hotty Toddy from your house Farley?

  15. farley662 Says:

    Yup. If I sit outside I can hear everything.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Shepard Smith is here and just led the hotty toddy live. I’m thinking that’s the first time I’ve seen that on the big screen live.

  17. farley662 Says:

    Just stepped outside and heard it. Hope you folks don’t mind but I’m gonna hang over here with y’all. Not much for the other blog.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss fans haven’t necessaarily turned out in force, but there are quite a few empty seats in the two visiting sections, the southeast corner and north end zone.

  19. farley662 Says:

    Looks pretty full on tv.

    Most State fans I know thought making the trip was a waste.

  20. farley662 Says:

    Just got away with a hold right there. Had Glanton by the back of his jersey.

  21. bro-n-law Says:

    looks like Sneed is passing okay so far.

  22. farley662 Says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha! We suck.

  23. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Are you listening to the radio too? The radio is a couple of seconds ahead of DirectTV. I knew McCluster scored before they snapped the ball on TV.

  24. Stuck in Bham Says:

    That was quick…I could get use to this

  25. djrebel Says:

    Rebels on the board, going 76 yards, five plays. Snead threw two passes on the drive, completions of 21 and 9 yards to Hodge. McCluster ran 36 yards from the Wild Rebel for the points. Made Fitzhugh miss just past the line of scrimmage and ran down the sideline. Bolden took the Wild Rebel snap and handed to McCluster coming back across to the right.

    Ole Miss 7, MSU 0, 12:40.

  26. farley662 Says:

    I don’t like either teams announcers. Kellam yells too much and Jack just sucks.

  27. djrebel Says:

    Bro-n-law, who all’s watching the game down there? Who does Baylor have tomorrow?

    Yeah, Snead looked good on the first drive. Big third down now.

    Farley, it’s filled in a lot, but still a lot of empty seats.

  28. farley662 Says:

    Any truth to Lee breaking his hand PA? Noticed he’s wearing a glove today. Have not seen that yet this year.

  29. djrebel Says:

    Brad Locke tells me he hurt a finger but that’s it.

  30. farley662 Says:

    The last two home games have not sold out for you guys. How well do you think y’all will travel for a bowl game?

  31. bro-n-law Says:

    Baylor plays Tech. not much of a game, I guess. Drew, Kyle and Cameron seem to be watching with me. John chose to go home 🙂

  32. djrebel Says:

    Jason Cook is leaving the field, being carried off. Hard to tell what’s ailing him, but it doesn’t look good.

  33. djrebel Says:

    John must be choosing to watch in silence.

  34. bro-n-law Says:

    How does Sneed’s shoulder look to you?

  35. djrebel Says:

    A number of recruits are here today, including TUpelo’s Chad Bumphis. He tells me he’ll be at the Alabama-Auburn game tomorrow.

  36. farley662 Says:

    Does Dexter ever hand the ball off?

  37. djrebel Says:

    Shene just knocked through a 43-yard field goal at the 8:08 mark. It’s 10-0 Ole Miss. Drive went 6 plays, 27 yards, 3 minutes, 2 seconds.

    Wallace gained 17 on a reverse, and Snead had a 6-yard pass to Hodge.

  38. bro-n-law Says:

    With hits every time Lee goes back to pass, I give him till the end of the 1st qtr.

  39. farley662 Says:

    What a pick! Wow!

  40. djrebel Says:

    He has a few times but not much.

  41. farley662 Says:

    Lee might be a midget, but he’s a tough guy.

    So, the WV-Pitt game is still close………..

  42. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Nice safe throw

  43. farley662 Says:

    Ok guys, I’ve got bills to pay. I’m done with State til Crxxms gone. Enjoy the day guys and the bowl trip.

  44. homeboundreb Says:

    Wow, Sneed really looks good today! Where are MSU touted cornerbacks?

  45. djrebel Says:

    After a leaping interception by Palmer at the 46, Rebels go 54 yards in six plays. Snead completes a 30-yard pass to Hodge on first down, then a 10-yard pass to Hodge for the points. Snead, bad shoulder and all, is 7-for-7. Ole Miss 17-0, 4:31 left.

  46. bro-n-law Says:

    dang, slow internet connection. Having a hard time keeping up. Looks like Lee is out already.

  47. djrebel Says:

    Rebels have the No. 2 D line in right now. Powe is playing ahead of Justin Smith.

  48. djrebel Says:

    Hardy just hit Wesley Carroll while throwing, Jerrell Powe has an interception.

  49. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Powe with a pick

  50. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Bro-n-law…..internet is fine….Rebels are playing too fast for it to keep up!!!!!

  51. bro-n-law Says:

    I can smell the fire here in Meridian!!!

  52. djrebel Says:

    Snead passes 17 yards to Wallace on a fade. Wallace had a step on Damien Anderson, and the pass was perfect.

    Ole Miss 24-0, 36 seconds left in the first.

  53. va reb Says:

    Go Powe!!!!!

  54. homeboundreb Says:

    Looks like a good day for reb 2nd and 3rd team to get some work in.

  55. djrebel Says:

    That’s the quarter.

    Snead 9-for-9, 117 yards, 2 TDs. Powe 1 pick. Ole Miss 24, MSU 0.

  56. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I’m making my reservations for Dallas…..24-0 1st quarter…..

  57. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Isn’t that supposed to be 217 yards PA?

  58. djrebel Says:

    Lee has a sprained shoulder and may return, we’re told. Rebels’ Cook is in the locker room.

    Carroll may be headed indoors soon. Jerry and Lockett smother him on a sack. Dogs will punt.

  59. bro-n-law Says:

    Kylebuddy says final will be 45-3!

  60. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Dang….this D line play makes me wonder what our record would have been if they had all been healthy from the start of the season.

  61. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Sorry PA….you were right…117 yard….just seems like 217.

  62. bro-n-law Says:

    PA, is there any wind to speak of?

  63. djrebel Says:

    None to speak of really. Lee is back in the game and is getting hit every time.

  64. djrebel Says:

    Lee is walking off the field slowly after getting hit by Palmer. Carroll is back in. Lee got hit on almost every play but threw catchable balls.

  65. djrebel Says:

    After Snead’s first interception since the Arkansas game, MSU reaches the Ole Miss 26 but punts from its 48.

  66. bro-n-law Says:

    Has your defense been this tough all season?

  67. djrebel Says:

    Defense has been a work in progress and is peaking right now. Corners have been pretty average, but State isn’t getting enough time to test the corners right now.

  68. djrebel Says:

    Enrique Davis runs for 2, and State’s Derek Pegues is hurt. On the turf a long time now. Came out of a pack limping badly.

    Rebels, dominant as they’ve looked, haven’t run between the tackle well.

  69. djrebel Says:

    Shene just missed a 50-yard field goal. That’s really stretching his range, but he hit it good, he just bounced it off the left upright. It was a low line drive kick.

  70. djrebel Says:

    MSU injury updates. Pegues has a bruised knee and will return. Lee has a laceration on his face and will return.

  71. djrebel Says:

    MSU WR Brandon McRae is down. It’s pretty serious, a leg injury of some sort.

  72. Stuck in Bham Says:


  73. homeboundreb Says:

    What adjustments does State make at halftime? What does Croom tell his players?

  74. djrebel Says:

    McRae is leaving the field now to applause from fans of both schools. The injury was away from the action.

  75. farley662 Says:

    Crxxm has stated numerous times that he never makes halftime adjustments.

  76. djrebel Says:

    At halftime Croom says “Don’t get hurt. Every man for himself.”

  77. Stuck in Bham Says:


    You forgot that Croom will meet them on the bus.

  78. djrebel Says:

    Actually, this train has slowed a bit. State can’t move the ball, but Snead has cooled off, and Park just shanked one really bad.

    State’s got the ball at the 35 with 3 minutes left.

    Ole Miss isn’t running well between the tackles.

    Both teams need to get in and readjust, obviously State much more.

  79. bro-n-law Says:

    momentum change occurring?

  80. farley662 Says:

    At halftime Crxxm will blame his players, other coaches and the fact that OM has a Confederate mascot and cry racist.

  81. djrebel Says:

    It’s hard to say a momentum change is occuring, because Ole Miss is playing so well on defense. State can’t move the ball. Ole Miss isn’t moving it well right now, but that could change in the third quarter.

  82. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Tough engery for the Dogs. I hate to see that happen to anybody and my prayers are with the young man.

    That being said, State has now had a chance to re-group and this game is far from being over. Since the Snead interception, the Rebels have been flat. We need to keep the intensity up. Again, this one ain’t over yet.

  83. homeboundreb Says:

    Wow, Snead has really learned how to throw the downfield pass as the season has progressed!

  84. djrebel Says:

    Snead to Wallace for a 72-yard touchdown. Wallace was at least three steps behind Pegues’ backup, Zach Smith, and Charles Mitchell. Wallace, in a classless move, turned at pointed at both of them on the way to the end zone, so the Rebels will kick off from the 15.

  85. Stuck in Bham Says:

    I agree. Taunting always comes back to bite you.

  86. farley662 Says:

    Could you explain to me why it was such a smart move to hire Nutt but we need to be patient with Suckvester? Anyone??????/

  87. djrebel Says:

    Rebels 31-0 at halftime.

  88. homeboundreb Says:

    Well, it is said that Croom has brought back…”integrity”!!!

  89. pgrebels! Says:

    Looks like I need to re-evaluate my prediction. I predicted a final of 31-0, now looks like 52-0.

  90. pgrebels! Says:

    Hey, btw yall go vote on for ole miss’s pontiac game changing performance–the fake punt last week at LSU.

  91. djrebel Says:

    Halftime Stats

    Total yards — Ole Miss 324-42

    Rushing Yards — Ole Miss 23-135, MSU 14 for 7.

    Snead 10-for-13 1 INT, 189 yards, 3 TD

    Hodge 6 catches, 76 yards, 1 TD
    Wallace 2 for 89, 2 TD

    Dixon 8 carries, 17 yards
    Carroll 2-for-10 passing, 16 yards 1 INT
    Lee 3-for-6 passing 19 yards 1 INT

  92. djrebel Says:

    McRae has a compound fracture of the tibia and has been taken to Columbus for immediate surgery.

  93. pgrebels! Says:

    WOW! Those stats are extremely one-sided.

  94. bro-n-law Says:

    eating leftover turkey and dressing in your honor, PA…hope they have somethin’ decent in the pressbox!

  95. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    I have a feeling that with the injuries to Pegues and McRae as well as the thorough butt kicking in the first half that there is a potential for the fourth quarter to get very “chippy”…especially if Ole Miss is up big. We shall see.

  96. djrebel Says:

    Bro-N-law I missed my no-onion dressing this year.

  97. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Not that many penalties today. I hope it continues

  98. homeboundreb Says:

    Hey PA, why does McCluster have long white shirt sleeve on left arm, but nothing on the right? Fashion statement? Injury?

  99. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Here comes the “chippyness”…#1 from State has started the festivities…I hope Nutt continues the butt kicking….Way to punch it in on 4th down!!!!

  100. pgrebels! Says:

    Lots of wild rebel–I love it.

  101. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss took over at the State 39 after back-to-back sacks and a short punt on the Bulldogs’ first possession.

    Rebels drive 39 yards in 11 plays with Snead passing to Bradley Sowell — yes Bradley Sowell — for the point on fourth-and-goal from the 1. It was not quite the same magnitude of the fourth-and-1 last year.

    Rebels 38-0 7:09 left in the third.

  102. pgrebels! Says:

    Dawgs have -20 rushing yards.

  103. pgrebels! Says:

    Rebs have 7 sacks!

  104. matt Says:

    Dawgs now have -34 rushing yards and 38 yards of total offense

    hotty toddy

  105. djrebel Says:

    Attendance was just announced at 55,321. The State sections have thinned out a bunch.

  106. homeboundreb Says:

    Looks like we’ll keep it between the tackles quite a bit from this point on.

  107. pgrebels! Says:

    Announcers say that the largest margin of rebel victory in egg bowl is 48-0. Think we’ll break the record?

  108. bro-n-law Says:

    New quarterback… same results… hit on every play

  109. homeboundreb Says:

    Doubt we’ll make 48+. Look for conservative calls and some second teamers from this point on.

  110. pgrebels! Says:

    The expression on Croom explains it all. Its like he’s disgusted with his own team.

  111. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Who is State’s 4th string QB?

  112. pgrebels! Says:

    Let’s see some of our second-third team seniors and Billy Tapp.

  113. djrebel Says:

    Tapp is in the game. The fourth quarter is his.

  114. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    PA…what are you hearing in the box about the bowl game?…is the Cotton a definite?

  115. pgrebels! Says:

    Bolden looked real good on that run–running through tackles.

  116. pgrebels! Says:

    Rebs need to improve in pass defense in the next few weeks if they have to meet Texas Tech in the cotton.

  117. bro-n-law Says:

    Doesn’t look like the pass defense was tested today.

  118. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    a head slap from behind….nice….as i posted earlier, this will be a chippy 4th quarter…State can’t take their butt kicking like men

  119. pgrebels! Says:

    hey, bro–state ain’t Texas Tech!

  120. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    Maybe OM has returned the favor and State gets a new coach out of this. One can only hope.

  121. homeboundreb Says:

    Maybe Ole MS is doing for MSU what MSU did for Ole MS last year…insuring unemployment for the current coach?

  122. bro-n-law Says:

    Yeh, PG- my Baylor Bears get to find that out tomorrow.

  123. bro-n-law Says:

    I’ve been impressed with the OM return yards today. Looks like all have been for positive yardage.

  124. Stuck in Bham Says:

    Come on guys. Hold onto the ball.

  125. bro-n-law Says:

    11 sacks and countin’

  126. Stillmagnolia5 Says:

    ELEVEN SACKS….unreal!!!!!!!

  127. homeboundreb Says:


  128. bro-n-law Says:

    Kylebuddy was close, PA !

  129. Jeff Jolly Says:

    FINAL 45-0 and not that close.

  130. va reb Says:

    Hotty toddy!

  131. Jeff Jolly Says:

    when do they start selling tickets to the Cotton Bowl?

  132. PatrickH Says:

    Somebody tell me if I’m wrong…isn’t this the first time we’ve won all our November games since 1992?

  133. john Says:

    We now have a shot at the Capital One bowl, the top ranked non-BCS bowl. If Georgia stumbles against Tech tomorrow, it could happen. Otherwise, it’s Cotton. I think Big 10 matchup would favor OM.

  134. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Houston Nutt has delivered. I am one proud Rebel. The admin should make sure he doesn’t leave anytime during the rest of my lifetime.

  135. farley662 Says:

    You guys should be trying to elect Houston mayor of Oxford. Amazing what a good coach can do.

  136. farley662 Says:

    You can already buy tickets to the Cotton Bowl. You pick from SEC-Big 12 sides. Tickets are $100 a piece.

  137. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I figured they were higher this year…..paid $75 five years ago. Farley…I’m gonna wait til they make an announcement. If a couple of teams stumble tomorrow….we could be going to Florida.

    I sent in my absentee vote a few minutes ago Farley.

  138. toddy22 Says:

    wow, great job rebels! Great JOB!

  139. toddy22 Says:

    If Georgia loses to GT, do we have a chance at Capital One in Orlando?

  140. Jeff Jolly Says:

    That’s what they were saying on the radio after the game.

  141. 2thdoc Says:

    Congrats to you guys. Yall have everything clicking right now on both sides of the ball and have a good shot at beating whoever you face in the bowl game.

    If anything good comes out of this for us State fans, I hope it speeds up the inevitable of firing Sly. All I want for Christmas is a new head coach.

  142. L2 Says:

    WOW! Have smiled all day. Just an amazing day to be a Rebel! My buddy & I were talking at the game whether or not either team has ever dominated the other quite like the beatdown that went on today?
    So proud for the players who hung in thru the mess of the last few years. Nutt & Staff have worked hard to bring the energy back to this program & it is getting there with ever win. Nutt was correct when he said you spell fun – W-I-N! I really had fun watching this team all year. So glad we still have one more to go!

  143. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Just tuned in – heard late today that Ole Miss had blasted Miss State. Great job Rebels knew that you had it in you. A job well done. Its onward and upward for this great Rebel team under the outstanding leadership of Coach Nutt and his staff. GO REBELS!!

  144. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Has anyone heard anything on a bowl invite? Are they waiting until after the games tomorrow?

    Gonna order my tickets soon as I find out which one.

  145. farley662 Says:

    Pretty sure you won’t find out til after the BCS games are announced. Still have the SEC championship game to go.

  146. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    I still think we go to the Cotton regardless of what happens tommorow in the UGA-GT and USC-Clemson games. I understand that no representative from the Outback Bowl was in Oxford today. The word in my neck of the woods (Southeast NC) is that USC is locked in with the Outback regardless of whether the Gamecocks beat Clemson. The interesting aspect is that the Capital One Bowl does seem interested in Ole Miss. However, I would be surprised if they selected an 8-4 (5-3) Ole Miss team over a 9-3 (6-2) UGA team if they lose to GT. If Ole Miss were to somehow end up in the Capital One then I would expect to see UGA in the Cotton.

    I look for UF/AL to go to the BCS Championship and the Sugar. UGA to the Capital One. USC to the Outback. OM to the Cotton. With LSU’s loss to ARK today I think that Vandy and UK are back in the Chick-Fil-A mix. I could easily see the Chick-Fil-A select a 7-5 Vandy or a 7-5 UK comming off a win over a 7-5 LSU comming off 2 losses and a near dibacle against Troy. If the Chick-Fil-A selects either Vandy or UK then LSU ends up in the Music City as neither Vandy (don’t want to play in home city) nor UK (they have played in a bunch of MCB games) excite the Music City Bowl.

  147. djrebel Says:

    My gut feeling is Cotton, even if Georgia loses tomorrow.

    — PA

  148. m4rebs Says:

    Unreal game. It just felt like the Hoover Dam was leaking out of a pinhole in the first few minutes, then came the whole enchilata. I didn’t think our defense would be that dominate. It didn’t even look like the same State team that really had a good effort a couple weeks back in Tuscaloosa. Like you said Raliegh, I’m consistently wrong, and aren’t you glad???

    I don’t think we will know anything till after the SEC Championship game on the Bowl deal, due to the implications that may hold. If either of those 2 teams get blown out or beaten tomorrow, it may only allow us to get 1 BCS team from the SEC, which may impact the pecking order. This is the tough part of Bowl bids, hurry up and wait.

    Great Day to be a Rebel. I’m proud of the team, especially the Defense. Hotty Toddy. Keep Nutt, at all cost. Sign the petition!!!! (joke)

  149. toddy22 Says:

    I did not realize when I posted earlier that Georgia had nine wins. As I understand it:

    BCS Nat. Championship: Florida/Alabama
    Sugar: Florida/Alabama
    Capital One (gets first pick): Georgia
    Cotton Bowl (gets seconds): Ole Miss
    Outback (gets third): USC
    Chik-fil-a: LSU (even though they lost, no one has better record and tigers travel incredibly well)
    Music City: UK
    Liberty: Vandy no one

    Auburn, State, Tennessee, Arkansas sit at home

  150. m4rebs Says:

    I think the Outback really gets the 2nd pick, technically, but they always pick an eastern division team, at least most of the time.

  151. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Ole Miss beat down of biblical proportions! Bring on Tech!

  152. djrebel Says:

    The way the SEC writes its bowl policy is that the Cap 1 must pick the team with the second-best overall record or a team within one game of the overall best record. If Georgia loses it would be 9-3 but Ole Miss would be within one game.

    I don’t think Cap 1 goes Ole Miss in that scenario, but it could, based on the “hot team” thinking.

    — PA

  153. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Both UK and Vandy can go to 7-5 with wins tommorrow. LSU has now lost 2 in a row and slmost lost to Troy. Going from the National Title to a 7-5 season will keep a bunch of LSU fans at home come bowl time. I won’t be at all surprised if the Chick-Fil-A selects either UK or Vandy (with excited fan bases) over LSU (with a disappointed fan base and freshman QB). We’ll find out soon enough.

  154. toddy22 Says:


    I don’t disagree with that logic, but when it comes to bowl like Peach-fil-a it is all about dollars and cents. LSU brings better ratings and crowds normally, which is why I placed them where I did. With the loss at Arkansas today, I would not be surprised either though..

  155. toddy22 Says:


    From what I have been looking up, I think that Outback does get the second pick as well, which would really put that in play for us except for the fact that I do not think they are very interested.

    A couple of weeks back, when we were projected to go to the chick-fil-a, I thought it was too good to be true. The cotton is just incredible.

  156. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    I think it is great we are talking about bowls and that we are not going to the lowest rated one. Just imagine where we’d be if we had just won all of our home games!
    Now we need to learn to be a program that repeats years like this over and over. We saw a team in the second half of this year that expected to win each game, not hoped to like in earlier years. Here’s hoping Nutt can keep this attitude going in 2009.

  157. toddy22 Says:

    PA and others-

    Will the Rebels go higher in AP and crack BCS?

    Final question before I hit the hay

  158. L2 Says:

    Was Nutt just talking when he said that the more wins we have – the warmer the bowl game would be?? I do remember wearing just a sweater vest to Dallas ’03 – but that place can get downright nasty that time of year……Was he somehow thinking Florida with that statement – or can he look into the future too & see great weather in Dallas on Jan 2? The way he is coaching this team I wouldn’t put that ability past him!!

  159. djrebel Says:

    Toddy, I’d look for the Rebels to jump up a few spots, but that depends on having an informed electorate. You never know about that.

    As far as the bowls, I’m making plans for Dallas.

    It looks to me that even in that “shared pick” arrangement between the Outback, Cotton and Chick-Fil-A that the Cotton has veto power relative to the Rebels and they want the Rebels. While these three bowls will “work with the conference office” the Cotton has the right to its preferred West team, while the Outback has rights to its preferred East team.

    I think the Rebels will be in the Cotton Bowl unless Georgia loses today, and the Cap 1 throws everybody a curve. In that scenario Cap 1 would be within its contractual obligations to choose Ole Miss. This scenario assumes there are two SEC teams in the BCS. If not, either Florida or Alabama will drop back down to the Cap 1.

    The Southeastern Conference has agreements to send nine of its member institutions to postseason bowl games following the 2008 season. The winner of the SEC Championship Game will automatically participate in the Bowl Championship Series comprised of the Sugar, Rose, Orange and Fiesta Bowls.

    The Capital One (2nd), will then make its pick following the BCS selections. The bowl must select the team with the next best overall record or a team within one win of the team with the next best overall record.

    The Outback, Chick-fil-A and AT&T Cotton Bowls will work with the conference office to determine picks 3-5. The Cotton Bowl has the first preference of teams from the Western Division and the Outback Bowl has first preference of teams from the Eastern Division. The Cotton or Outback Bowl can select teams outside of its divisional preference, but must not select them before the opposite bowl selects from its divisional preference. The Chick-fil-A Bowl has the selection of preference following the Cotton and Outback Bowls.

    In selections 6-7, the AutoZone Liberty and Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowls will make their selections, not in any specific order, but in consultation with the SEC Office. The Bowls will rank available qualified teams in order of preference. If there are no similarities in the order of selection, the bowls will be granted its selection. If the bowls rank the same teams in preference, the team involved in the process would get its preference of which bowl to participate.

    The Petro Sun Independence Bowl will receive the eighth selection and the Bowl will have the ninth selection of available SEC teams.

    Dec. 28 • 8 p.m. ET • ESPN
    Shreveport, La. • Independence Stadium (50,459)
    Teams: SEC vs. Big 12

    Dec. 29 • 3 p.m. ET • ESPN
    Birmingham, Ala. • Legion Field (71,594)
    Teams: SEC vs. Big East

    Dec. 31 • 7:30 p.m. ET • ESPN
    Atlanta, Ga. • Georgia Dome (71,228)
    Teams: SEC vs. ACC

    Dec. 31 • 3:30 p.m. ET • ESPN
    Nashville, Tenn. • The Coliseum (67,000)
    Teams: SEC vs. ACC

    Jan. 1 • 11 a.m. ET • ESPN
    Tampa, Fla. • Raymond James Stadium (65,657)
    Teams: SEC vs. Big Ten

    Jan. 1 • 1 p.m. ET • ABC Sports
    Orlando, Fla. • Florida Citrus Bowl (65,438)
    Teams: SEC vs. Big Ten

    Jan. 2 • 2 p.m. ET • FOX Sports
    Dallas, Texas • The Cotton Bowl (68,252)
    Teams: SEC vs. Big 12

    Jan. 2 • 5 p.m. ET • ESPN
    Memphis, Tenn. • Liberty Bowl Stadium (62,338)
    Teams: SEC vs. Conference USA

  160. Nancy Dupont Says:


    You may get tired of hearing this, but I want to say again that you are one of the best journalists in the state. I honestly believe you would cover ANY beat thoroughly and intelligently. I read your stuff daily because you write about Ole Miss, but I’ve become such a fan I’d probably follow you anywhere. My husband started taking the print edition of the DJ because he wants to save your articles and columns and read them days later.

    For the record, I am a journalism professor at Ole Miss. Stop by and give some inspiration to my students sometime when you’re on campus.

    Nancy Dupont

  161. djrebel Says:

    Nancy, I am humbled by your praise. I would love to visit with your students. Please email me with times that are good, what you’d like me to speak about, and we’ll work out the details.

    — PA

  162. 03Rebel Says:

    “I think the Rebels will be in the Cotton Bowl unless Georgia loses today, and the Cap 1 throws everybody a curve.”

    Didn’t Florida beat the GA dawgs by 50 points.

    Come on Citrus/Orlando curve ball!

  163. 03Rebel Says:

    What do the different bowls pay out? It may be worth the money to play outside in Dallas in January.

  164. djrebel Says:

    Cap 1 $4.25 million, Cotton $3 million.

    — PA

  165. 03Rebel Says:

    Thanks PA for the quick response.
    1.25 million more, playing in Orlando and against the Big 10.
    That sounds much better to me. Thank you GaTech!

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