FOOTBALL: Egg Bowl morning

Greetings all. It’s about four hours to kickoff.

Former MSU quarterback Wayne Madkin gave me a nice out-of-state perspective on the game when we talked earlier in the week.

I was covering State during Wayne’s career and asked him what type of emotion those players from outside Mississippi feel for this game. They obviously have nothing invested in the rivalry until they actually participate. Former Ole Miss coach Billy Brewer said his Mississippi players would rally the out-of-state players.

A native of Huntsville, Ala., Wayne grew up watching the Alabama-Auburn series and all the emotion that goes along with the Iron Bowl. He was a true freshman in 1997, which was the year of the pre-game fight in Starkville.

“That was my first year. I had grown up watching the Iron Bowl, and I thought, ‘Man, this ain’t going to be anything like the Iron Bowl,'” he recalled. “But I saw that fight then, and I thought, ‘Man, these Mississippi guys don’t play.'”

Out-of-state players and in-state players alike will need to make key contributions today to help the Rebels recapture the Golden Egg and get to the Cotton Bowl.

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Egg Bowl morning”

  1. john Says:

    Do you think rain will be a factor today?

  2. djrebel Says:

    John, I do not think rain will be a factor. The chance of rain increases as the day moves along. The Weather Channel the rain chance at 30 percent at 2:00. The game will be over by 3:15. Right now a little sun is peeking through.

    — PA

  3. farley662 Says:

    How is the crowd? I’m wanting to walk over for the game, but a State fan by himself is a bad idea around the OM faithful.

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