FOOTBALL: Egg Bowl postgame

The link is to the audio of Nutt’s postgame news conference. The Jamarca Sanford photo is courtesy of Brandon Speck, the Nutt photo courtesy of David Ferrell.

— PA




4 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Egg Bowl postgame”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    They earned this trophy today. A job well done Rebels.

  2. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I’ve been watching the Rebels since 1963 and I have never seen them dominate an opponent the way they did today. They’re goal line was never threatened and the offense was spectacular. I don’t think the defensive line was blocked all day long. My hat is off to Houston Nutt, my college friend Kent Austin, Tyrone Nix, James Shibest and the rest of the Rebel staff for the superb job they did this year.

    Thanks Rebels….for a November to Remember.

    BTW….the game summary was crawling across the screen of CNN tonight. Houston said the whole world was watching them now. He was right again.

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Jeff I believe you said that you are from West Mobile. That wouldn’t be Tillman’s Corner, would it be? We live about 80 miles East of Mobile over in Okaloosa Co.,Fla. I went to an Air Force school once at Brookley AFB. From what I have heard, the powerful arm of politics closed that base. LBJ, Gov Wallace, and others.

  4. Jeff Jolly Says:

    No…not Tillman’s Corner. I’m a little north of there. I live in a subdivision off Airport just west of Snow Road. I’m about 5 miles west of the airport.

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