EGG BOWL: From the print edition

Game story


Nutt’s first Egg Bowl

Dogs didn’t see it coming

Change must occur in Starkville

— PA


13 Responses to “EGG BOWL: From the print edition”

  1. rebnutt Says:

    Thanks again for great coverage, PA. I just looked at the DJ MSU blog & they’re calling for Croom’s head a year after he was SEC coach of the year. Surely that discord will help us in recruiting–those recruits (and it’s a really good MSU committed class, by all accounts) must wonder who they’ll be playing for in a couple of years.
    Our team should compete for the SEC west title next year, if we shore up with a couple more good OLs & DBs–from what I hear we’re after some top JUCO folks at these positions. Then we need to pick up some 4-&5-star HS players. Several other programs are in a state of flux (Tenn., Auburn, MSU etc.) & we need to capitalize on that.

  2. doubletripper Says:

    pa the only thing dissapointing about the game was the attendance. sitting in my seat i can’t believe every seat is not filled.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I’m having trouble acccessing the website. It acts like it wants to load the stories but never does. All I get is the djournal banner across the top of the screen and an advertisement.

    Anyone else having similar problems?

  4. djrebel Says:

    Thomas, I’m working out of the house right now. I didn’t have that problem this morning and again did not have that problem as I followed up on your post. I’ll forward your concern to our website folks.


    — PA

  5. djrebel Says:

    Tripper, the attendance was disappointing. I walked through the Grove before the game, and the attendance was actually more than I thought it would be, based on the number of Grove “set-ups” I saw that were unoccupied. I guess some of those people did go to the game and didn’t bother with the Grove.

    Ole Miss’ best crowds have always included a number of visiting fans, and State gave back a lot of tickets. Still, considering where the program was and where it is, it would have been nice to push 60,000 with home fans.

    — PA

  6. Thomas Ward Says:

    It’s working now. Thanks! Us Tennessee folks look forward to the DJ’s online coverage of the Rebels.

  7. pgrebels Says:


    If South Carolina loses to Clemson does it help Ole Miss for the Outback or Capital One bowls?

  8. pgrebels Says:

    Just wondering cause Clemson is up on SC 10-0.

  9. pgrebels Says:

    Just read on Brad Locke’s blog that Croom is throwing in the towel.

  10. UMLaw Says:

    Hearing Croom resigned. Anyone getting same?

  11. rebel2011 Says:

    wow i just heard that too on ESPN2. i cant believe he would resign he just cost himself a lot of money and saved mississippi state a lot of money.

  12. UMLaw Says:

    No way he just walked away with nothing. I’m sure they paid out most, if not all of his buy-out.

  13. rebnutt Says:

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but now’s the time to really go hard after some of those big-time recruits they have committed.

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