FOOTBALL: Bowl picture

I am trying to get an official word from the Capital One Bowl folks on exactly how much interest they have in Ole Miss.

The Ole Miss-to-Orlando scenario still hinges on the SEC getting two teams in BCS games, but that seems like a realistic possibility.

I’ll post a Cap One response when I get one.

— PA


8 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Bowl picture”

  1. toddy22 Says:

    Good work PA, but I still doubt we will get it, even though Georgia lost yesterday

  2. 03Rebel Says:

    The preseason #1 is only 2-2 in November. Those 2 victories were won by a total of 8 points against the mighty Kentuck and Auburn cats. In the 2 loses, the defense gave up 45 or more points each time, ouch. Big 12 would put up 70 on them. Maybe the SEC keeps them in Florida to protect the conference reputation.

  3. toddy22 Says:

    Yea, but if Ohio State gets the Cap One bid because they do not go to BCS game, that means Georgia might give OSU their first SEC win.

    Either way, we will be playing Ohio State or Texas Tech, Nutt better have some good practices over the next month

  4. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    I think the Oregon State loss put Ole Miss in a better position to go to the Capital One Bowl. I suspect that Ohio State will now get a BCS bid. I think the BCS games will be:

    Championship – AL/FL v. OK/TX
    Orange – BC/VT v. Cincinnati
    Sugar – AL/FL v. Utah
    Rose – USC v. PSU
    Fiesta – Ohio State v. OK/TX

    The SEC Bowls, I predict, will be:

    Capital One – Ole Miss/UGA v. Michigan State
    Outback – South Carolina v. Iowa
    Cotton – Ole Miss/UGA v. Texas Tech
    Chick-Fil-A – LSU v. GT/UNC
    Liberty – Vandy v. Tulsa
    Music City – Kentucky v. UNC/Wake/Miami

    I could see Ole Miss getting the Capital One bid as a UGA (Stafford) v. Texas Tech (Harrell) matchup in the Cotton Bowl would be attractive for TV (even though I think Ole Miss has a better QB and offense than UGA). I still think Ole Miss is headed to Dallas to play Texas Tech.

    Regardless, the Rebels are in a no lose situation. If Ole Miss goes to the Cotton Bowl we get the chance to beat a conference divisional champion who is highly ranked. Frankly, I think a win over Texas Tech does more for our final ranking and for the program than a win over Michigan State. On the other hand, a trip to Orlando would be outsatnding for many reasons – mainly I will be at Disney with my family and my son and I could go to the game. Both bowls are truly great and who could have imagined we would be even having this “conversation” 365 days ago.

    I appreciate the committment and hard work of every single member of the Ole Miss football team, staff, administration and support personnel. This has been a truly rewarding experience for Rebel fans everywhere. Thank you and let’s keep it going.

  5. farley662 Says:

    No offense, but Georgia is a better name. They will probably feel like they would travel well, which I think is bunk. OM fans should travel in force. But, if they look at the numbers from the last few home games, that may play a factor. If you can’t sell out your home games, why would they believe you could sell out a game 700 miles away? That may come into the thought process. It cost State in ’98.

  6. rebfan Says:

    Ole miss is #22 in the ap and #25 in espn

  7. J. Moore Says:

    Nice post Magnolias. Thanks PA.

  8. eScoutRoom Says:

    Michigan State v Georgia for the Capital One bowl.

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