FOOTBALL: Capital One Bowl comments

This is from Steve Hogan, the executive director of the Capital One Bowl, when I asked him about the bowl’s interest in Ole Miss following Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech. The bowl is contractually obligated to take the SEC team with the best overall record — or within one game of that record — after BCS bowl selections are made.

— PA

There is some very sincere interest in Ole Miss for several reasons. First and foremost I have a lot of respect for Pete Boone, he’s a friend of many years, and there are great people there with an unbelievable fan base.

Second, is Houston Nutt. He has a lot of friends in Orlando. We have a lot of respect for Ole Miss. It’s exciting to see what the Rebels have done over the course of the year to be where they are.

There is sincere interest in Ole Miss, and there will be a lot of debate.

We’re no stranger to Western teams in Orlando. We’ve had Arkansas a couple of times, LSU and Alabama. We’ve had a variety of teams from the East and West. There’s no reason why Ole Miss would not make sense in Orlando. There is no impediment.

We try to look at the teams available based on the balance of their season. We don’t want to make it about (selling) every last ticket available. That would be easy to do. It might cost us a few thousand in sales, but we’re not there for every last person to come to Orlando if you will. We often take into account a team deserving on the balance of the year.

Personally, I’m very fond of Pete Boone, and obviously Houston is a good man and a great coach. We have a lot of respect for both of those men in Orlando.

We think the world of their athletic program there, and let everyone know they’re in our mix.


17 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Capital One Bowl comments”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This is good news, thanks PA for you reporting. You are doing an outstanding job, keep up the good work. Maybe a good trip for you and family to Orlando. Jimmy

  2. Jimmy Hupp Says:

    I really hope the Capital One Bowl takes Ole Miss. The team is HOT, and I’m ready to head to Orlando. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better 8-4 team in the country right now, and it’s a shame that we had such a slow start to the season because the team has been playing stellar the last two months.

  3. bro-n-law Says:

    I know 2 family members who would love to go to Orlando!!!

  4. Matthew Rogers Says:

    PA please review these thoughts and give me your take on the situation. If you agree maybe you could help spread the word (to the administration and media contacts in GA) and help get this thing done.

    UGA to the Cotton and us to the Cap. One Bowl. Think about it, it makes perfect sense. GA had high expectations at the beginning of the season and would love to get some glory back and what better way to do that than to upset the Big 12 beauty tx tech. GA fans, media, and the football team should be lobbying to go to the cotton bowl for redemption. The Cap. one bowl will have the 3rd team from the Big 10 (Mich st?) who nobody cares about and are they even ranked? Matthew Stafford is from Dallas and would love to have a publized homecoming against the Heisman candidate QB from tx tech. The SEC could help show that the conf. is not down by beating the Big 12 champ in the BCS champ game and having GA beat tx tech in the Cotton. The SEC conf. office should get the deal worked out where the Cap one and Cotton swap teams for the optimal matchup for the conf. and bowl games. The Cotton would love to have Stafford in Big D, the SEC could show-up the Big 12 who has been getting all of the respect, and the Cap One would get a pumped up Rebel fan base who wants to travel to Florida. It makes sense and people with power should get it done. Don’t worry about the Outback b/c they will be happy w/ Carolina and the SEC will tell them it’s the best thing for the conf.

  5. JG Says:

    Hell of season! I live in Dallas, so I am bias to the Cotton. Though I do believe the Capital One is better bowl and a better match up for the Rebels playing a Big 10 team. Michigan St. loves to run the football, I think Ole Miss could handle that. Our DB’s will struggle against Tech.

    Looking forward to the postseason either way. I have bought Cotton Bowl tickets but I won’t be to upset if I have to put them on Stubhub.

    Go Rebels

  6. djrebel Says:

    Bro-N-Law, those two love the idea of going to Orlando but haven’t made the connection that there’s a football game involved.

    Matthew, people accuse me of spin, but your stuff is really good.

    — PA

  7. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    PA – Nice work with the interview. I will be Orlando New Years Day so I am hoping Ole Miss goes to the Capital One Bowl. But, I still believe we will see TT in the Cotton Bowl on Jan, 2. Either way, I am one happy Rebel!

  8. Matthew Rogers Says:

    Thanks Parrish, as a prosecutor (Ole Miss law school) I better have good stuff otherwise I hear the evil words of Not Guilty. But as usual in my closing arguments I left out a great point. Those direct Delta flights from the ATL to Dallas (DFW) on Delta. It could help the US economy, an atlanta business (Delta) etc etc. Hell Delta could run a Matthew Stafford, bulldog, cotton bowl, (you name it promotion), round trip for dog fans $99.

    Seriously do you think the GA people have taken a look @ the Cotton Bowl from the perspective that I argued for earlier?

    On a Sun Belt side note I hope my MTSU Blue Raiders (undergrad school) get those ULL Ed Orgeron’s (Ragin Cajuns) Wed. night. If they win they will get a bowl game. The Independence pays more (1.1 mill) but the Blue Raiders would probably travel better to the Papa John’s bowl (300K pay out) in Birmingham.

    Also I keep kidding my vol fans about getting ol Ed. I know some folks loved him and give him some credit for this season but for my 2 cents worth Ole Miss would have been better off never interviewing that guy. We better put a whippin’ on old Ed and the tn vols for the embarrasment we had to put up with. You going to get an exclusive w/ O prior to the game in Oxford? lol

  9. djrebel Says:

    Seriously, I think bowl games are about egos as much as anything else. Ole Miss, rightfully, is excited to reenter postseason on a higher plane. As disappointed as Georgia fans might be in how a season that began at No. 1 has progressed, dropping from a $4.25 million bowl to a $3 million bowl would be further insult.

    ULL, or U-la-la as I like to say it, was not Ed’s school. That was Northwestern State, the Demons.

    Ed at Tennessee will be interesting. If he’s asked to recruit, coach D-line and not asked to manage people he should be OK.

    — PA

  10. Matthew Rogers Says:

    PA, I know ull is not O’s school (trust me, who could forget when we scheduled the Demons of Northwestern State and then almost lost to them) but whenever I hear the stereotypical name Ragin Cajuns I just can’t help but get the mental image of the Original Wildboy himself rippin’ his shirt off and challenging every man to an A** whippin’ contest. Whenever I say ull I call them the “Ed Orgeron’s” b/c when I hear ragin cajun I think of him. As a matter of fact I think ULL or U-la-la, as you like to call them should replace the writing on their helmets w/ an animated pic of Ed ripping his shirt off (a la Hulk Hogan) and instead of Ragin Cajuns written on the helmet they can just have that picture w/ “wildboys” written under the picture b/c in my mind he will always be the original Ragin Cajun. As a Monroe guy surely you like that idea eh? It’s funny not to long ago we were on here bemoaning the PC policing of mascot names and here I am talking about stereotypical mascots and replacing “Ragin Cajun’s w/ “Ed Orgeron’s”.

    I agree w/ your assesment of O at ut, but Kiffin is just as unproven and undeserving of a head coaching job in the SEC as Ed was. Therefore I don’t see them being successful on rocky top. A Ragin’ Cajun and an unproven west coast guy who got a job b/c of who his dad is instead of what he has done smells like a recipe for bad things to come. State will make a better hire than ut did.

    You are also correct about the bowl situation. UGA is scared of tx tech and they would prefer to return to Orlando, even though I think uga would be favored over tx tech They are more concerned about image than proving their true metal. I would just think the Conference would think a shot at reclaiming the imaginery best conference titile would mean more than UGA ego. Seriously could you imagine how much public perception would be reversed if the gators took down the sooners and uga took down tx tech? Whatever tx did would be irrelevant b/c the SEC would be throned imaginery king again @ the end of the year regardless of whatever happened in the other bowls. As you have noted all year long our secondary will make a heisman contender look like an NFL MVP, but if the SEC helped us get to Orlando we would take the Big 10 down b/c they are a run first team @ mich. st. However the capital one people are all about mascots, (I found that out when I tried to go to the bowl website and all I could get was a goofy mascot competition) so they don’t want us b/c we don’t have an official mascot to show off during bowl week(damn you Boone, Khayat, and pc police), and we all know uga is the mascot darling. All that being said I sincerely believe that scenario would be best for all involved in the SEC.

  11. cousinwalter Says:

    As a Georgia fan, I would love to see Georgia in the Cotton Bowl against a team like Texas Tech. Ole Miss vs Michigan State would be a great game too. Wouldn’t Ole Miss also be eligible for the Outback Bowl as well since South Carolina lost to Clemson this weekend? What about the Peach Bowl in Atlanta? All those games Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta are all good exposure for Ole Miss Recruiting. I am sure Georgia wouldn’t mind further exposure in Texas either.

  12. djrebel Says:

    Matthew, your closing argument is working already. Welcome Cousin Walter. Ole Miss is “eligible” for the Chick-Fil-A and Outback Bowls, but the Cotton has dibs on the top Western team after the Cap 1 makes its selection. There is that gray language of a shared pick made in consultation with the SEC, but I doubt the conference would convince the Cotton folks now that a sinking 7-5 LSU is in its best interests.

    — PA

  13. Ole Miss football at the end of the season | folo Says:

    […] shot Ole Miss would play in the Capital One Bowl (whose spokesman says nice things about Ole Miss here) but Georgia appears the likelier contender […]

  14. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Any idea from the school about how much interest there is in tickets to any of the bowls, and if so, which one the fans are most interested in. If the school had a preference in Orlando, would a guarantee of a number of seats help?

  15. djrebel Says:

    Matthew, I’m diggin’ the thought of the Ed decal on U-la-la helmets.

    — PA

  16. JakefuryReb Says:

    I’m new here, well not new, but new to posting. I’ve never met a more die hard Ole Miss fan than myself (of course, unless I meet one of you on the street or at a game).

    In my opinion, I would rather Ole Miss go to the Cotton Bowl and have our secondary tested by a Heisman candidate than to go to the Capital One Bowl and play a team that we know we can beat. If I remember correctly, a knight in the Dark Ages didn’t coward away from an enemy they knew that would kill them, they fought it so they could die and be honored than be known as a coward. I look at it the same here. I would rather give TT a run for their money, and possibly beat them than to tackle Javon Ringer in the backfield all day (I’m sure our D-Line would love that though, haha). It’s just my opinion though. Either way, I’ll be in the stands.

    I’m also angry about UM getting shanked by the polls. I don’t think anyone else has beaten Florida this year. I don’t think Alabama has a had a tougher opponent this year, of course that will change this weekend. Seriously, they need to cut us some slack. Even though the SEC isn’t as strong as it usually is, Ole Miss still performed better than 8 other teams.

    I’m just ready for New Year’s Day!

  17. Matthew Rogers Says:

    Jake I don’t think any Ole Miss player or fan is “scared” of any team in the country. I’m selfish, I’d rather be in Florida than Dallas. Both bowl games are prestigious and both have a big pay out so locale and being favored, I think makes it an easy preference (either fl. bowl) for Ole Miss fans. Personally I’d prefer Tampa (Outback) Bowl than the Cap. One (Orlando) due to the closeness to the Beaches/bay (Clearwater fl). We know the Outback is essentially not going to happen so I’d prefer Orlando over Big D. I went to Dallas for the last Rebel Cotton Bowl and enjoyed the tx book depository museum & Campisi’s but besides that Big D was not an ideal locale.
    Having said that I think you are a little overconfident to say “we know we can beat” the big 10 representative in the Cap One. No doubt we would be favored and probably win but nothing is a given in college football. I’m not trying to weasel out of the Cotton Bowl due to the opponent, I just want a warm getaway to an ideal locale. PA and others could take the little ones to Disney World. Think about it Houston Nutt mugging w/ Mickey Mouse and that Main St parade being led by the Ole Miss nation. Plus we could make some inroads w/ florida recruits. As much as I hate to admit it we are clearly above average when State is pathetic, lsu, auburn, and ark. are way down, and even though we rose up against florida we tanked against carolina and vandy who are not very good this year. It’s clearly all about QB’s in college football and it was great this year to have a good one compared to what we had to put up w/ the past few years.

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