FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl meeting this morning

The Cotton Bowl selection committee was scheduled to meet early this morning. I’m hoping to have some stuff from Rick Baker, the executive director, to post later this morning.

The Cap 1 Bowl had some nice things to say, but I’m thinking the Rebels end up in Dallas.

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl meeting this morning”

  1. david Says:

    did you see tickets are 100 bucks ?

  2. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Yeah….they were $75 five years ago.

    Capital One tickets are $75.

  3. david Says:

    thats nutts, but its all seating is 100 which sucks…My dad and I are still going. Should be a nice drive from KC to dallas.

  4. rebfan Says:

    any chance we can fall to the liberty bowl? Haha. My wife and I found out earlier this month that we are having a baby so there is no way I can go to Dallas or Orlando.

  5. rebnutt Says:

    Anybody have good info on what happened with Clayton Moore of Louisville HS last week? Has Ole Miss really rescinded his scholarship? There’s a mention on of him being at a crossroads, but I don’t subscribe so I can’t find out more.

  6. djrebel Says:

    He tells Scout about a verbal altercation with his coaches that apparently goes back to games he missed while injured earlier this season.

    At any rate, he’s not with the team for the championship game, something the Louisville coach spoke about earlier today at the MHSAA press conference in Jackson.

    Looks like Houston Nutt is reevaluating Moore’s scholarship offer.

    — PA

  7. Matthew Rogers Says:

    Any word from Rick Baker? What’s the word PA?

  8. Will Says:

    From reading the comments made by Steve Hogan, why would you conclude the Cotton Bowl is the destination? I’m glad that it is a bowl game for the Rebels and definitely want the best bowl possible. But my thinking is the Cap One would be better because of weather. You may well be right that it is the Cotton, but do you think the Rebs aren’t worthy of the Capital One as much as Georgia?


  9. kylebuddy Says:

    I think that if Ole Miss controls the Texas Tech offensive line, if my guessing of them going to the Cotton Bowl is right, then Grahm Harrel won’t have the best chance to throw to Crabtree, or be able to be so consistent throwing the half-back screen. I feel like any time that Jeaven Snead puts the ball in the air, short or long, he can complete the pass.

  10. kylebuddy Says:

    I feel like the Rebels will go to the Cotton Bowl. If we can control some of their offensive line, we can limit Harrel, and that limits a lot of the whole offense.

  11. kylebuddy Says:

    If we can play the D-line like we did against State, we can win.

  12. kylebuddy Says:

    I’ve been watching some film from the Florida game, and we can win if our big guys on the D-line can get back in the backfield.

  13. kylebuddy Says:

    I have been watching some film on the Florida game, and if our big D guys get in the backfield, we could beat them by at least 10 points.

  14. kylebuddy Says:

    We could also use some play action fake.

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