FOOTBALL: Harrell’s fingers

Texas Tech could match up with Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. Does this slow down Graham Harrell. It doesn’t sound like it will keep him out.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Harrell’s fingers”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    If we can get enough pressure on Harrell, we can slow down the speed of that offense, similar to what UGA did to Hawaii last year and to what Oklahoma did to Texas Tech this year. Also, this offense is much better with a long field. Good defensive teams can really slow it down inside the 20. And, if our defensive guys can really hammer the QB, the RBs, and the receivers when they tackle them, they’ll get to hearing those “footsteps!” Then, it will be up to Javan and company to help out the defense with some ball possession time.

  2. kylebuddy Says:

    What happened to Harrel? Do you know if Crabtree will be at full strength?

  3. kylebuddy Says:

    Hey PA, if you have a chance, try to interview Tyrone Nix. Were wondering how the D-line will do against Texas Tech.

  4. kylebuddy Says:

    I hope that our corners play some great football against TT.

  5. Chad Says:

    I’ve been browsing through Brad’s blog. I certainly have been wrong many times this season, but I get the idea that MSU is either on the verge of getting a really good coach, or they are pursuing their own Orgeron. I think that the later is going to be reality.

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