FOOTBALL: Bowl talk with Boone

Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone says it’s unlikely the school will know anything certain about its bowl situation before Sunday.

“They were trying to put together a deal where the BCS would go ahead and commit to two SEC teams, but I don’t think they were able to get that done. It will probably be Sunday before we know for sure,” Boone said.

The SEC championship game winner goes immediately to a BCS game, probably the championship game. If the Alabama-Florida loser does not receive an at-large bid to a different BCS game, it would automatically drop to the Capital One Bowl.

Assuming two SEC teams will make the BCS, the Capital One Bowl has indicated it will choose between Ole Miss and Georgia.

“They only thing they could do right now would be to say who they would take (in a certain scenario). I’m assuming they have not made that decision,” Boone said. “We will talk to the SEC office today and get an update on all the information.”

— PA

One Response to “FOOTBALL: Bowl talk with Boone”

  1. Jeff Jolly Says:

    All the media outlets in Alabama are reporting that Tuberville is out at Auburn. Unofficial Auburn contacts have reached out to Mike Leach and Bobby Petrino to gauge their interest in the job.

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