FOOTBALL: Nutt contract points

Reviewing Houston Nutt’s contract a bit. He was paid $1.7 million for this year and is scheduled to make $1.8 million for 2009.

There are seven financial incentives in his contract. One — participation in any level bowl game — has kicked in. Ole Miss will compete in either the Capital One Bowl or the Cotton Bowl, and Nutt will receive $30,000.

He would have received $60,000 for BCS participation and $90,000 for a BCS bowl win. He would receive $120,000 for BCS championship game participation and $240,000 for a championship win.

Had the Rebels tied for the Western Division title he would have received an additional $30,000. Nutt would have received $30,000 more for reaching and Atlanta, and $30,000 on top of that for winning an SEC overall title.

He will receive an additional $25,000 if he is named SEC Coach of the Year and $25,000 on top of that if he is named national coach of the year.

With those awards yet to be named, Nutt could capture one or both and could conceivably make $80,000 in incentives from this season.

— PA

6 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Nutt contract points”

  1. cr Says:

    It will take more than that to keep him.

  2. ColoradoReb Says:

    Auburn officials have called Nutt 4 times today and he has yet to call them back. I hope we can keep him at OM and if not maybe we can trade Tubb for Nutt(LOL).

  3. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Houston Nutt got fired from his alma mater and was a winner there, so why should he stay at Ole Miss who has been in the overall losing brackets for years. Ole Miss not a consistent winner since the 60’s. Auburn has a much large recruitment intake than Ole Miss and can produce winning teams much quicker.

    Can’t see Tuberville at Miss State. That definitely would not help his resume. A job at Miss State could eventually send him back to a High School or middle school coaching career.

  4. RC Says:

    Produce winning teams quicker?

    Seems like Houston Nutt produced a winner pretty quick at Ole Miss.

  5. pgrebels! Says:

    Nutt’s pay should definitely be raised to about 2 mil. We need to keep him for a long time!

  6. doubletripper Says:

    wouldn’t trade nutt for two tubbs. would rather have no coach than the classless individual that tubberville is.

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