FOOTBALL: Today’s rumor mill

Settled in at Tad Smith for the basketball game now. When I left Tupelo Tommy Tuberville still had a job. Now he’s a statistic. I had heard a while back that Auburn might be interested in making a run at Houston Nutt. With the school making inquiries today about Texas Tech’s Mike Leach and Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino it would appear they’re interested in a style that is not Nutt’s.

Sometimes there’s more give and take in preferences like that as coaching searches unfold. I’ve been through three searches — two for football — in four years here at Ole Miss. I guess I’ve become sort of the staff authority on that, at least from an observation standpoint. John Pitts asked me to write a column about coaching searches, and that’s in tomorrow’s print edition.

Heard from an MSU person today that they’re willing to pay more than $2 million a year to the suddenly-available Tuberville and up to $2 million to Boise State’s Chris Peterson. If this person is correct Peterson may be more willing to listen than he’d initially let on.

If State is really going to attract Tuberville the administration may have to join forces with local economic development folks to try and recuit a few more grocery stores. Seems like that was a family concern as Tubervillle was leaving Ole Miss.

— PA

11 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Today’s rumor mill”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    Watching on Sportscenter, an Auburn spokesman said that they have already talked to Mike Leach trying to get interest from him. Most of the AD’s in this business are not stupid. At least not the SEC. Unless the coach is doing terrible, most of the time the athletic department has an idea who they want to be their coach and have already contacted them, sometimes even offered them. And Tuberville definitely is not doing terrible, so it only makes since with the limited candidates out there this year that Auburn already had what they wanted to do lined up before they made this decision. Otherwise, why did they wait 4 days to decide? I look to see Mike Leach named as the Auburn coach by the end of the week.

  2. rebel2011 Says:

    On a basketball note, i sure hope the Tad Pad is packed tonight. Having a home court advantage might be the only way we have a chance to win tonight. Will be interesting to see how the freshmen respond to the electric atmosphere. Coach AK sent an email out to all the students challenging them to be there in full force and wearing red. So we will see how the turnout is. Should be a very intriguing matchup.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Could have an impact on an Ole Miss-Texas Tech Cotton Bowl. Or anybody vs. Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl.

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    Look forward to the article tomorrow, PA. Definitely sounds interesting. I used to read one of the other Ole Miss blogs until I saw your coverage of the last coaching search….been reading yours ever since. I don’t think we’ll lose another good coach to another team this year after what happened when Tuberville left…at least I hope not.

    Also, after averaging 8-4 seasons at Auburn, and the pressure to beat Alabama, the potential coach has to realize the challenge, and low tolerance for mistakes they will be facing. I may be wrong with this one, but I think Auburn is going to come across like we did after firing Cutcliffe, and there aren’t going to be a lot of people lining up for the job. Only way I see them getting past that is offering up some huge money, which they probably are capable of doing.

    Go Rebels hoops! Will be following the thread. Don’t think its on tv in NC.

  5. Raleighrebel Says:

    Oops. I do have it on tv. Go Rebs!

  6. Raleighrebel Says:

    PA, this has nothing to do with Ole Miss football, but I just got off the phone with my stepfather, who is an alum of Auburn. He said that Petrino has a clause in his contact with Arkansas which disallows him leaving to go coach at a Western division SEC football team, which would rule him out at Auburn if true. Even if untrue, I would think he would become the most hated football coach in the NCAA (if he isn’t already) if he were to go there.

  7. Michael Says:

    PA, I appreciate the job you do and know that you have to follow these type of leads. But Nutt isn’t going anywhere. He and his family love Oxford, as do his coaches, and they don’t won’t to move again. Don’t drum up stuff and let it fester as long as you did with Kennedy and LSU earlier this year. Nutt’s relationship with Boone is much better than earlier, and I promise you Khayat and Boone won’t let what happened with Tub 10 years ago happen with Nutt. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in Boone, but even he isn’t dumb enough to let Nutt slip away. Its just not going to happen. And from a pure football standpoint, look at the potential team(s) that Nutt has for the next couple of seasons and beyond. Ole Miss will be a preseason top 20 team next year with a solid shot at an SEC title. All I ask is that you only follow solid leads and don’t just build up message board chatter rumors and let them linger for a month like earlier with AK. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. oxfordrebel Says:

    Michael, no disrespect here, but when PA hears something, I’m sure it’s from a more reliable source than you realize if he’s willing to post it on his blog.

  9. Chad Says:

    I totally agree, OR. I very seriously doubt PA posts heresay on this blog or in print. As an Ole Miss fan, I am not sure how long we can keep solid coaches. How many top tier coaches think of Ole Miss as their dream destination?

  10. cr Says:

    Sometimes this type info results in more stability and more money. I am glad we have a coach others want – always a good sign.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys, I appreciate you all posting.

    With Auburn apparently making inquires into Leach and Petrino it appears they want a style that Houston does not offer.

    My take on this coaching stuff though is you do not know what’s going to happen.

    I think Houston is very happy at Ole Miss. I also believe there have been some relationship issues as he and Pete Boone have learned to work together. From what I can tell that working relationship is improving.

    If Houston were to leave I don’t think it would be over a tiff with Boone but would be because somebody threw a wad of cash at him. If someone offers him $2.5 or $3 million he might decide he could be happy with that program too.

    Pete told me yesterday that there is no immediate plan to restructure Houston’s contract, which is only a year old, with a big raise. I’d be surprised, however, if the money folks at Ole Miss weren’t mobilizing right now.

    I will only post scenarios here that I consider worth watching.

    — PA

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