FOOTBALL: Heisman ballot

I’m trying to nail down my Heisman ballot today. I’m thinking Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford, but I don’t have them ranked yet.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what order that should be or who I might be leaving out?

— PA

36 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Heisman ballot”

  1. Lee Mincy Says:

    If I had a vote I would vote for Peria Jerry.

  2. john Says:

    to me Sam Bradford as impressed me the most; then Tebow and then Colt.

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    McCoy first IMO, he has single handidly put that team in the position they’re in. He’s not only the QB but the leading rusher on the team.

    Then Bradford, then Tebow.

  4. VA Reb Says:

    Bradford, Tebow, McCoy.

  5. Carl Says:

    Snead, McCoy, Tebow

  6. Bo Says:

    My ballot would be as follows:

    1. Tim Tebow
    2. Colt McCoy
    3. Sam Bradford

    No one means more to their team than Tebow. If you take Tebow off that team, they would have 4 losses. Have you seen the offense when the back-up QB is in? Scary!

    Colt is #2 for the same reasons that Tebow is #1. Colt is the leading passer and leading rusher. He doesn’t have the supporting cast that Bradford has, but still goes out and makes plays to get his team victories.

    Bradford is a great player, but I honestly believe that ANY of the QB’s on their team could go out and perform like he does. With that said, his accuracy is off the charts.

    Harrell is the victim of his system. EVERY QB in that system gets crazy stats. Good lord, Harrell passed for nearly 650 yards last year in a LOSS to OK State. Something tells me if Snead passed for yards like Harrell does, we’d be in the national title hunt.

    I was watching ESPN’s First Take this morning and they talked to a former Gator and he said that one thing that he thinks will really hurt the Big 12 QB’s is that all of them are putting up insane stats. If it was just one of them, he thought that QB would win the award. In the same episode, Coach Mangino (?), the Kansas coach, even said that there wasn’t much in the way of defense in the Big 12. He said the offenses have excelled in the spread offense, but that the defenses haven’t been able to keep up.

    That right there makes me feel like Tebow deserves it even more!

  7. Hernado Mike Says:

    I’d make some concessions for the QB from Ball State also. but in the end, my top 3 would be:

    1. McCoy
    2. Tebow
    3. Bradford

  8. djrebel Says:

    I’m leaning to Tebow. If you look at the NCAA total defense rankings six SEC teams are in the top 29.

    Texas leads the Big 12 in total defense and ranks No. 50 nationally.

    — PA

  9. rebel2011 Says:

    1. Tebow
    2. McCoy
    3. Bradford

  10. Bo Says:

    Not only are the defenses better in the SEC, but Tebow made them look silly. Had it not been for facing Florida, those SEC defensive stats would be much better.

    People forget, but even in the loss to us, Tebow and Florida’s offense had a GREAT game. If they hadn’t turned the ball over, they would have blown us out.

  11. AGRReb Says:

    I like Tebow. I too think he means more to his team than any of the other guys. Not just his physical perfomances on the field, but his leadership is second to none both on and off the field. He is a true All American and a role model for all young athletes, not to mention he is the best college football player in the country.

  12. JakefuryReb Says:

    I’m going to put Tebow first. Even though he did cry, it shows he has passion. And I’ve always said the Big 12 defense isn’t as great as the SEC.

    Next, would be McCoy, then Bradford. Just because I have a feeling that Bradford’s a prick. haha

    Next year though, look for ol’ Jevan to be mentioned.

  13. ripleyreb Says:

    No doubt about it, has to be Tebow. He might not be the best Q-back but has to be the best football player in America. I have never forgiven the DJ voter (not PA) that had a chance to vote for a legitimate Heisman candidate from right here in our own backyard and he voted for a long forgotten quarterback from Oklahoma. He voted for White over Manning. My blood still boils when I think about it. Please don’t blow it PA, vote for Tebow.

  14. farley662 Says:

    Tebow. McCoy. Anyone but Bradford.

  15. ripleyreb Says:

    Hey Farley, how is Aedan? Doing good I hope.

  16. farley662 Says:

    Doing great, thanks for asking. Had appointments yesterday with the surgeons and his neurologist. Both said he looked great and everything was perfect.

  17. djrebel Says:

    Good news Farley. Glad to hear.

    — PA

  18. osreb Says:

    wait until after Saturday. no one should be able to submit until after the championship games. If Tebow leads Florida to victory in dominate fashion, then he deserves it. Otherwise, it should be Bradford

  19. farley662 Says:

    Might have missed it, but what’s your take on the coach search at State PA? Any clue who we might get?

  20. cr Says:

    Which one plays against SEC defenses?

  21. L2 Says:

    Hate to keep beating a dead horse – but there is something to be said about walking the talk.
    After the Rebs took care of business in the swampy – Tebow said ‘I guarantee this team will play differently and will not let our guard down again. I will make sure of that.’
    The Heisman (TO ME) should be about so much more than stats – leadership in young men must be one of the most significant things to consider. I agree with above post – Without Tebow, this team is not the same. You can make the case for McCoy or any of the others in that regard in some instances, but as much as some want to hate him (for some reason?) Tim Tebow = Passion, Leadership, walking the talk, and the willingness to run over someone’s behind. And yes, he does play against SEC defenses.
    To make a long story long – I agree with you P.A. on your assessment.

  22. L2 Says:

    O – & everyone is talking about the physical against the finesse Saturday night….wouldn’t it be something if superman decides to come out and play physical with the Tide? Just a thought.

  23. tcfan Says:

    PA, you have to go with Tebow. After his speech in the loss to Ole Miss, he has been absolutely phenomenal and has actually went up against defenses that are considered average.

    Can you imagine the numbers Tebow would put up on Big 12 defenses? I guess we’ll all find out in about a month assuming they win Saturday.

  24. djrebel Says:

    Farley, I only know what I hear Brad and others around the program say. I figure we’re all hearing the same names. Do you think they’ll go low-level head coach or high-profile coordinator?

    — PA

  25. colreb420 Says:

    mccoy tebow brafford

  26. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The Gator loss to Ole Miss was definitely an awaking for the Gator Team. They have been on a roll ever since. Tebow, in my opinion, deserves that award.

  27. ColoradoReb Says:


  28. ColoradoReb Says:

    Unless Tebow loses to Alabama and I might go.

  29. Hope Says:

    Bradford, Tebow, McCoy

  30. Pontotoc Rebel Says:


    I think the leadership from Tebow is much more important than stats like the other two have.

  31. Dr. Nick Says:

    After what we saw tonight, anyone who doesn’t select Bradford first for the Heisman should have their voting rights revoked…

  32. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Doc Nick, if I had a voting right it would be revoked, because I would cast my vote to Tim Tebow. He and the Mighty Gators beat the nations #1 team yestersday and decisively. They did this without their No 1 running back Percy Harvin who in season scored 16 TDs.

  33. farley662 Says:

    I’m with ya JB.

  34. flfan Says:

    Tebow all the way!!

  35. Jen Says:

    Bradford, McCoy, Tebow

    48 TDs. Are you kidding me?! Bradford has almost 30 more TDs than anyone ever through their sophomore year.

  36. Dr. Nick Says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    Didn’t Bradford and the Sooners beat Missouri without their number one running back, too? And decisively, I might add?

    Hasn’t Bradford beaten five top twentyfive ranked teams this season, which is more than any other team?

    Hasn’t Bradford set the bar for touchdowns, passing, and yardage – as well as points scored in a season and consecutive 60+ games?

    Lets compare. Tell me, now – comparing stats, WHY Tebow or McCoy deserve the Heisman over Bradford? (Stats only, please).

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