FOOTBALL: Nutt update

Guys, it’s been a long day. I intended to have this up sooner and tried to post audio a while back, but had some technical difficulties.

The cliff notes version is:

— Nutt has agreed to a contract extension.

— He and his assistants will receive raises. Athletics director Pete Boone did not release financial details, but it is believe that Nutt can easily reach $2.85 million next season. Not all of that is base pay.

— Nutt was paid $1.7 milliion this season and said the raise in base pay is less than a million.

— Nutt says there was no contact between himself or his agent and Auburn. “That’s not to say there would not have been, I don’t know, but to answer your question, no.”

— Boone said the hour-long meeting was used much more to discuss how Nutt’s assistants would receive raises than Nutt’s own personal deal. Nutt was given a pool of money to disperse to assistants as he sees fit.

— The contract does not include a no-compete clause that prohibits Nutt from seeking employment at another SEC school.

— More later.

— PA

28 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Nutt update”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    Thanks a lot PA. Excellent work today. Now you can go home and get a little bit of a break haha. I feel much better about the whole situation now and am glad we were able to work something out.

  2. toddy22 Says:

    Why do we not add a no-compete clause? Do we have a clause that if another school were to take nutt they would have to pay us?

  3. m4rebs Says:

    This Auburn thing is not over, I’m afraid. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer again, but it sounds like there was interest from Nutt’s side, and I guarantee you there is interest from the Auburn side of things.

  4. m4rebs Says:

    Does anybody else feel a little pissed off that we got done this way? As most of you guys read right after the end of the regular season, I was the biggest advocate for paying Nutt and all of his staff to stay in Oxford, and I still feel that way, except, I would have preferred for it to been on our adminstrations terms, not a forcing of the hand. Anyone else feel a little irritated about this at all? And for it to be Auburn…..again???? At some point you’ve got to wonder if we don’t have some type of coaching development deal with them…….you know???

  5. Chad Says:

    I agree m4rebs. Isn’t paying a man to stick around kinda like paying a spouse with wondering eyes to look more intently at you?

  6. m4rebs Says:

    Good analogy Chad. I’ve always said, if she wants to be with somebody else, I don’t really want to be with that person; at least that was in my “dating” days. Now that I’m married, we both agreed that we probably aren’t the ones “made” for each other, but neither of us believe in divorce, so we will always stay together. i sure hope Nutt feels that way, I just don’t like being leveraged against….

  7. pBeez Says:

    I don’t disagree with that analogy Chad – but if you look at it from their side, why show deep loyalty to a school when A) they won’t give you a raise unless you ask and B) as Saban said yesterday, one bad season after years of winning and your gone. There is loyalty of Coaches to the schools they work for, and there is none among AD’s, President and especially fans to the Coaches.

    It’d be nice to roll back to the years when Professor Bounderant (might have to correct that spelling) also coached the football team and was never going anywhere, but those days ended decades ago. Old times aren’t forgotten, but look ahead, look ahead, look ahead Rebel men.

  8. Flareb Says:

    Explain. I wouldn’t think a coach would sign an extension if he were looking to go somewhere else. Now you have me concerned. I will say this, when is enough, enough. As his agent, I would feel it is his responsibility to make him aware of all the possibilities. Probably interest because of another eight hundred thousand to a million a year. It’s capitalism at its best. Winning football is a money maker and Nutt is as responsible as anybody on driving that success. TV money is the main culprit and I can’t blame Nutt for capitalizing on what will be a win, win for both himself and the university.

  9. Flareb Says:

    On another note, I have a good buddy that is a huge Clemson fan and he called me tonight raising hell about new coach Sweeney hiring State’s defensive and offensive coordinator. You have to question that move. State’s offense was horrible and the OC was at Clemson before and he was terrible. State’s defense was decent, just wore out from being on the field to long.

  10. Bo Says:

    that’s why I want Kent Austin as our next coach. Loyalty is huge to me. I don’t personally think that Nutt would bail on us, but we would all leave our jobs for greener pastures.

  11. m4rebs Says:

    Like my dad taught me a long time ago, money talks and b.s. walks. And I guess we will find out if he wants money, or if he sees what he has in Oxford. Let’s be honest, Auburn is a mess right now. From things I’m hearing, they may have some race issues within the team and they are completely lost from a recruiting perspective since they’ve done the offensive philosophy change. I see 2 contrasting programs that he can essentially choose to go with…Ole Miss, with some solid talent coming back next year, an offensive and defensive staff that has made steady progress this year, and setting up for success next year, or Auburn, a team in disarray with lots of money, but lots of people interested in telling the head coach EXACTLY how to do their job (thank you Mr. Lowder) that would have to start from scratch on the recruiting trail, the offensive side of the ball, and the defensive side of the ball.

  12. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Unrelated to the thread but South Panola loses to Meridian 26-20 in the 5A championship. Hell of a run…

  13. m4rebs Says:

    I disagree Bo. I am currently employeed at a place that doesn’t pay me as much money as I could be making, with less benefits, less upward mobility, and less earning potential. I made the decision to make the move where I’m at because it was best for my family. At some point you’ve got to decide, are you a career man, or a family man. I chose to be a family man 4 years ago, and I am proud of the decision I made and feel that I was guided by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to make that decision.

  14. Chad Says:

    pBeez, Okay! But is Nutt staying because we’ve had a good season or because he will have a fatter check next year?

    Again, is a wife/husband staying because she/he loves the other or because of the new car and house?

  15. Brian in Oxford Says:


    You are employed in a job at a certain level in a profession. Each level pay grade is determined by what your peers make. In the coaching deal you are pretty much at the top of your career path being a head coach in the SEC. Houston’s debut, with the team, if you want to call it that was very successful.The man did not leverage the deal. State has not even named a coach and that person is gonna make $2m plus. You enjoy success with Nutt but don’t jump ship, because for a change, the administration took care of an issue BEFORE it became one. Nutt is happy here. He is appreciated and he can go to the coach’s meetings and not be the lowest paid guy there even though he is one of the best ones. I heard we can get Orgeron for around $750K a year. He never wanted to leave. Are y’all in? Get real… I’m out.

  16. pBeez Says:

    Well Chad, the way I see it, Coaches aren’t like wives, they are like mistresses.

    Not the rekindling a high school romance unrequited love type mistress, but like high dollar eye candy whose interest in you is basically your ability to fund her lifestyle, and your interest in her is what she brings to the table, so to speak.

    When your cash runs out, or her plastic surgery bill outstrips her shoe allowance, its over. You both move on.

    Its ugly, but to paraphrase Chancellor Bismark, its “real athletic.” (say it with some snooty franco-prussian accent for full effect.”

  17. m4rebs Says:

    C’mon Brian. You think the meeting just so happened the day that the Birmingham News broke the story that Houston Nutt was the top guy on the Auburn wish list? Seriously….the “pre-set” meeting after the year for Orgeron was the day after the State game, why did Nutt get a 7 day window? Like I stated originally, if it was hashed out in the meeting, completely isolated from any other program’s interest in Coach Nutt, then I agree with you 100%, pay the man without any discussion. But to feel like we were going to lose the guy after 1 year to another program, that we already had this rodeo with, just doesn’t sit the same to me. As a season ticket holder for 10 years, I don’t mind paying for the right reasons, he does deserve the money he got, and all the money the assistants got, but if you don’t think this was a leveraging game, your nuts. To quote a wise man in my life, “Nobody wants the girl that nobody else wants.” Oregeron is applicable here, right? So I guess the really question we should be asking is, ‘why did it take Auburn’s interest to get the administration off their can to give the guy & staff the money they deserve?” Are we going to be proactive, or reactive at Ole Miss from now on???

  18. NEMISSER Says:


    NO COACH IS WORTH THE MILLIONS THEY ARE BEING PAID. But, I completely understand the logic behind paying them. I don’t blame the schools, but I do blame the coaches for being so greedy. If only there was a law putting a cap on HC pay, then maybe we could have a fair competition on the field. The way it is now, the more you can pay the better the team…Schools are BUYING their championships and that is not right. Money is the root of all evil, and it yells out this saying in both college football and the NFL. Anything over a mil a year is ludicrous.

  19. Bo Says:

    m4rebs, I know what you are saying (earlier), but if your job wasn’t best for your family, then the pastures would be greener elsewhere and you would leave.

    My point is that if the pasture is greener in Auburn than Oxford, then it’s hard for me to hate on someone to leave. I certainly wouldn’t want them to leave, and especially not the way Tubby did. I definitely appreciate loyalty, but the days of people like Paterno and Bowden are numbered. It’s just not going to happen anymore. People eventually get to a point where they want a change.

    By the way, I think it’s being a little over-blown. From what I understand, the deal with Nutt has been going on before the Auburn job was even open. The meeting today was to discuss how to give raises to the assistants. I think people have worked their blood pressure up for no reason.

  20. bhamrebel Says:

    amen bo. and to all a goodnight.

  21. djrebel Says:

    Morning folks. I enjoyed reading all this discussion. I’ll just add that I think the salaries are outrageous, but I have no problem with a coach being paid market value.

    If Houston had left yesterday Ole Miss could likely have ended up paying more than the $1.7 million they paid him this season to attract a lesser coach.

    The problem is with the market, which ultimately, like so many things, means the problem is with society.

    — PA

  22. Chad Says:

    Most of us look forward to some kind of NORMAL raise each year. However, what is normal about giving a person who has worked for you only a year a 33% or more raise?

    So, pBeez, college coaches are basically prostitutes-paid for services rendered? As long as the service is satisfactory, we will pay for things we should get for free from our wives (read-loyal coaches who believe in our program).

  23. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The way I see it, its better to give Coach Nutt a raise and keep him, than to let the scavenger at Auburn snatch him away. God Please forgive me for saying this, but I said it anyway!!

  24. pBeez Says:

    Chad, in a word yes.
    But I think this needs some modifications. Either Universities are unmarried, or they are married to gold-diggers.

    In the end, the analogy breaks down because this is capitalism, a business not a romantic relationship. Its nice for businesses and employees to have loyalty to each other, but in the end its a business relationship.

    Students and alumni have an emotional relationship with their schools. As disappointing as it is, Coaches are hired guns who are here for because of the business relationship.

  25. Raleighrebel Says:

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this transaction and disagree with a lot of what has been said above. I don’t even know where to start, so I won’t.I think its great that our asst coaches got a raise. I bet you’ll see some people going after Kent Austin soon to give him a shot at HC if we do well again next year.

  26. ColoradoReb Says:

    Someone needs to learn how to write a contract. A no compete clause who have been my first sentence. This is very stupid on the administrations part. All the other schools that are paying this kind of money have one. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

  27. HowlerReb Says:

    Everyone seems to be worrying about his salary and we pay $50.00 a ticket to go to a game. It is simple, if you want to win and win consistently, you have to have continuity. It is simple, pay the man and his assistants what they are worth or someone else will!

    Enough said, HOTTY TOTTY….Let’s go bowling!

  28. m4rebs Says:

    Raliegh, I thought that was what this blog was about….to get your feelings and thoughts out there where folks that care about the good of the University of Mississippi can either agree or disagree. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.
    All the above crapola aside, the fact of the matter is this, we have, so far, successfully kept the best Head Coach and coaching staff that we have had in Oxford in a long, long time. I’m happy for that. I really feel like we have a great opportunity to do some things next year that we’ve never been able to experience at Ole Miss, including a trip to Atlanta. We are going to be catching some of the biggest challenges in the Vaught, and we should be catching some of the teams that will be in reconstruction mode at their place. That means big opportunities for this Rebel program, hopefully. Hotty Toddy!!!

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