FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?

I don’t have the long, rambling analysis that I would for an Ole Miss game, but there’s a pretty good one in the SEC in Atlanta tomorrow, a matchup many have been wanting to see for a long time.

I think the status of Percy Harvin plays a key role here, not key enough for Alabama to win, but if Harvin is too gimpy to do much or to even play at all it will slow the Florida train. I know the Gators have athletes, but he’s a special one.

Alabama is solid on defense, and Saban gets his teams up for big games. Look at the opener against Clemson, the game at Georgia, even the Iron Bowl when the Tide could easily have been distracted against a struggling Auburn team.

I look for the Tide to keep it close, not win.

— PA

Florida 29, Alabama 18


21 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    Gators 28 Tide 20

    South Panola 32 Meridian 20

  2. asudduth Says:

    Florida is dominating, however Alabama has always had enough to win. I am going to take the Tide to win by less than 3, I know I am going against the norm.

    30 – 28 Roll Tide

  3. Stuck in Bham Says:

    UF 42
    UA 17

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    For some reason I think Alabama is going to be ready for this game and will beat Florida. No logic to my prediction (as usual). I think its going to be close though.

    Saban: 31
    Tebow: 28

  5. FtMorganRebel Says:

    There is something about this Alabama season that reminds me of the 1992 NC team that surprised Florida and then the almighty Canes…….

    Bama by 2

  6. Pontotoc Rebel Says:

    Rebles beat Gators because of the big O and D lines. AL has that too and will punch FL in the teeth. However, FL still wins…..17-14???

  7. farley662 Says:

    Gators 45
    Turd 21

  8. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The Gators. Probably the best college football of them all at this time.

  9. Chad Says:

    Raleighrebel, I tend to agree with your assumption. I KNOW that Florida has been playing excellent ball lately, but we proved that they are beatable. I am reminded of the announcer from Rocky IV when Balboa landed his first major punch on Drago, “He’s cut, the Russian’s cut, and it’s a bad cut.” I can’t see Saban not having the Tide prepared.

  10. Chad Says:

    Oh! I forgot my prediction.

    Bama 29
    Florida 22

  11. bornarebel Says:

    I think Bama will pull the “upset”.
    Bama – 24
    Florida – 21

  12. tlcreb17 Says:

    I will not jinx any team with my predictions. As usual, though, I cannot let it go without a chant:

    Roll Tide, Roll!
    Roll Tide, Roll!

    Around the bowl and down the hole!

    Roll Tide, Roll!

  13. rebel2011 Says:

    Florida 35
    Alabama 17
    Alabama will keep the ball from Florida but will not score much. Thats the only reason florida only scores 35. However, the only way Bama has a chance is a man by the name of Nick Saban…

  14. david Says:

    Ok whats up with this Nutt to Auburn crap? If he goes there, he’s going to be hated by 2 sec schools…If he leaves I say fire Boone and Kyaht

  15. Jay Stokes Says:

    it always amazes me how somebody as monotonous and boring as saban can motivate players the way he does…..but he always manages to do it in the right way.

    i think bama will pull the upset……i can’t stand either team, so i honestly couldn’t care less who wins. i think coffee will have a big day and that the tide will control the clock for a good portion of the game.

    bama 28
    UF 24

  16. Jay Stokes Says:

    nutt isn’t going anywhere…..people are so paranoid. who leaves a school after one season as the coach?? i mean, that’s even low for bobby petrino’s standards….

  17. david Says:

    maybe but maybe boone is enough to force him out

  18. Peter @ Says:

    agree there..

    Alabama’s weaknesses become apparent this weekend..and Florida may exploit them..

    Florida 33, BAMA 17

  19. pgrebels! Says:

    Is Harvin out? Well, it won’t matter anyway.

    Gators 42
    Tide 20

  20. stangreb Says:

    31-20 gators

  21. farley662 Says:

    Don’t go out on a limb now stang………..

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