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FOOTBALL: The Nutt-Boone relationship

December 6, 2008

Friday was like its own one-day coaching search.

Honestly, when the first two names floated for the Auburn job were Mike Leach and Bobby Petrino, I relaxed a little bit, thinking I would escape a coaching search. Those two names indicate a certain preferred offense, and Nutt doesn’t pass on every play.

Auburn media Friday morning were reporting a new interest in Nutt, and yesterday took on a life of its own with the Ole Miss folks mobilizing quickly to get the money together to keep Nutt.

It made Christmas shopping quite a challenge as I tried to pay for presents while returning this call or placing that one.

The day evolved, and the deal was done.

Pete Boone and Nutt addressed us after practice, the team’s first in preparation for the bowl game.

Freshman quarterback Nathan Stanley threw a couple of touchdown passes and really showed some nice touch on the deep ball. I think he’s going to be a good one, the type of 3-star prospect that Nutt thrives on uncovering then “coaching up.”

Before Boone and Nutt spoke they went into seclusion in Nutt’s office for about 30 minutes.

Media relations assistant Daniel Snowden in there too. We could occasionally see Daniel in the window.

When meeting with us Boone and Nutt both expressed a satisfaction in reaching the agreement. It will be especially handy this weekend with the recruits on campus.

Nutt talked about the commitment to the program, and both talked about a shared vision for the future.

“We haven’t had an argument. We haven’t had a sit-down brawl, and what people have described,” Nutt said. “That’s so far from the truth. You always have discussions with your boss. We may not agree on everything. The bottom line is he’s the boss.

“We all have ideas, and we try to work together to get them done. It’s been really good. I’ve gotten everything I’ve needed.”

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FOOTBALL: Nutt’s extension

December 6, 2008

Here’s what we had in today’s print edition.

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