FOOTBALL: Holtz to Syracuse (update)

According to Brad Locke, who saw it on the NFL Network. That takes another out of the mix at State.

Not so fast my friend, as Lee Corso would say. Skip’s dad, Lou, says Skip will meet with Syracuse Monday. Maybe he’s not out of State’s mix.

— PA


42 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Holtz to Syracuse (update)”

  1. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, I hear Jimbo refused Auburn and his pot got pretty sweet at Fla. Auburn is now trying to contact Turner Gill at Buff as their second choice. State is still looking, but as I’ve said, lots of trouble there.

  2. ColoradoReb Says:

    OM to Cotton Bowl according to my unknown sources.

  3. ColoradoReb Says:

    State it looks like is going to have to go with an unknown up and coming because the word is the money is not really there. What about Crennal (is that how you spell it?). He will be available soon.

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    State should try for Romeo Crennel I think. He will be available soon. What do you think PA?

  5. djrebel Says:

    I don’t know. I’m just an observer in this thing. Glad I was able to avoid my own coaching search this year. I know I’ve heard Todd Graham and Derek Dooley talked about a lot. Those guys are still out there.

    I did hear about Auburn’s pursuit of Gill yesterday. He would be at least their third choice, maybe their fourth.

    — PA

  6. david Says:

    is the holtz thats going to syr the one from East carliona? or are we talking Lou holtz lol

  7. farley662 Says:

    Creb, I don’t think anyone has a clue what is really going on with Byrne. The so called experts with their various sources have all looked like morons so far. Too many people are closed lipped. He must be holding everyones children hostage until it’s over. And no thanks on Romeo. He has talent in Cleveland and Croomed them all.

  8. rebel2011 Says:

    I heard from multiple sources close to the situation that Greg Byrne was sighted in Hawaii yesterday. Said that he apparently fired Croom so he could get an all expense paid vacation to Hawaii for a week and that after that trip then he would try to find a coach. Which means that the coaching search starts today. Why do you think no one except the guys in Hawaii have seen him in an entire week and no one has said that they have talked to him???

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Farley, Great avatar. How is the little guy doing?

  10. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Its understandable why Jumbo refused Auburn, it that is true. He stands next in line for a really good job at FSU.

  11. ColoradoReb Says:

    I think alot of people are afraid of the Auburn job. There is way too much pressure there in my opinion. Farley, you can say what you want about who knows what but I think PA will tell you. I usually know a little something about what I say. I hope State can get a great coach and one day the egg bowl will mean a western division title is at stake. I just report the news, I don’t make it. There are a couple of possibilities at State yet. I just said Crennel because you don’t coach college like you do pro. Byrne has said he would like another African American to replace Croom to cool racial tentions among players who you may lose to attrition. Two of your top recruits have already changed and the longer this coach search goes on the worse its going to get.

  12. ColoradoReb Says:

    ESPN is now reporting Gill is to meet with Auburn Monday afternoon. Skip’s Dad Lou is saying he is talking to Syracuse Monday as well. I guess I do know a little something.

  13. ColoradoReb Says:

    The CL in Jackson is reporting OM has accepted the bid to go to the Cotton Bowl.

  14. djrebel Says:

    The school sent out a text a half hour ago to make it official.

    — PA

  15. colreb420 Says:

    Derek Dooley has already turned mississippi st down. he beat them and is now the toast of the town for turning down an sec job to stay at la tech.

  16. farley662 Says:

    What racial tension do you speak of Colorado? There has been little to no backlash. And the two recruits who changed were never hard commits. One lives in Oxford and the other was an Arkansas JC guy. We lost Garrett before the season started. And I highly doubt Byrne has said let’s hire a black guy to replace the one we just lost. That’s an ignorant statement.

  17. rebnutt Says:

    A few days ago, I heard T.Tub was going to interview at State on Monday as well. Anybody hear that, or anything about where/what he might do? From all of the comments, it doesn’t sound like Byrne is heading that way at all.

  18. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Derek Dooley could have turned down a very good coaching job at Miss State. In my opinion that win over State will not come around again for La Tech in some time.

  19. farley662 Says:

    That’s the thing. No one knows anything. Even folks inside the athletic department. If they do, they are not talking. I hit one large craniumed fellow up daily and he ain’t talking. He has some pretty good connections since his boss is Byrne.

  20. ColoradoReb Says:

    UNM is reporting that Gill has taken himself off their watch list as the new head coach to replace Long. NMSt has Dooley on their short list. Looks like Gill may be at Auburn, but looks like State is still in the dark.

  21. Raleighrebel Says:

    ColoradoReb, with all your knowledge, you should consider starting up your own newspaper and newsblog. LOL?

  22. farley662 Says:

    I will enjoy it from the comfort of my home in Oxford. Guess we all live in trailers here huh? Got my confederate flag hung over my plasma. Thought since I lived with the rednecks I would act like them. My tv cost more than my 1 bedroom trailer.

  23. ColoradoReb Says:

    Might do it Raliegh. I’d have to get PA on my staff and I’m not sure what his buyout is. He’d probably ask for too much, you know our budget isn’t that great with the economy and all.

  24. ColoradoReb Says:

    Great to know you’re in Oxford Farley. Get up there and watch the Rebels some time. You know it would be good to see a what a winner looks like sometime. Merry Christmas! You should be able to see us beat TT pretty well from your living room. Hate you have done all that driving back and forth from Oxford to Starkville today since you met with a “large cranium fellow” at Starkville earlier.

  25. RoastBeef1 Says:

    ColoradoReb, you sure do get a lot of “inside” info to be a Rebel fan in that part of the country. Please tell me where this “inside” info is coming from. I have tons of friends at State and they haven’t brought up any of this. I figure people who actually go to the school and have friends on the football team would have heard of all of these “racial tensions” by now. Is State losing recruits? Yes. Lost Montez Phillips the other day, but I haven’t heard of any of this talk inside the locker room. To me, you’re just making stuff up.

  26. farley662 Says:

    I actually go to games here all the time. Live less than a mile from the Vaught. Shouldn’t your sources know this? Ask PA about my guy. Used to work with him. Just for the record, I never called you ignorant. Said the statement about the black coach was. You did define ignorant for me with your post that followed. For that I thank you.

  27. ColoradoReb Says:

    I guess we will have to wait and see who’s right or wrong. If I’m wrong I’ll stand corrected. If I’m right, well I guess I’ll be right. I wont say anything else until we find out. Merry Christmas to both of you. I have a closer connection to State than most, but we will see what happens. I think State will have a coach this week. Hope its Bear Bryant from the dead. There is some talk coming from some players and I think you’ll see a couple go to the NFL early and maybe a couple to attrition. Again, I guess we will have to wait and see…

  28. m4rebs Says:

    That’s usually what happens… happens. Some of us are right, some of us are wrong, mostly I’m wrong (ask Raliegh). That’s what the fun thing is about these deals, you can talk from whatever end you like, and it really doesn’t mean anything, just like all of our predictions.
    Farley does go to Ole Miss games very frequently, I can vouch for that. I don’t know who you are Colorado, but I do recall that you were pretty on top of your game when it came down to tracking planes to and from Oxford as well as what Coach Nutt was eating on his interview visit at the Boone household, if my memory serves me right.
    You State guys, what happen to Peterson being the leading candidate/done deal. I have a buddy I work with who said on Friday that it was all but a done deal. Is this still an option? Don’t you love the coaching careousel??

  29. Flareb Says:

    That last statement was out of line. PA, my recommendation,”the penalty box”. Ask OJ, it’s getting a little crowded in there. “Lighten up Francis”.

  30. farley662 Says:

    So you can ban a guy for saying one unsavory term but allow another to degrade people? Come on guys, be fair.

  31. ColoradoReb Says:

    I try to stay on top of stuff M4. I am in a business that allows me to meet alot of people from all walks of life. The ones who seem to know more are the common working folks like me. My family has deep ties to Ole Miss for many many years. I happened to be at Scruggs house when Nutt was there and got to meet him. I was sworn to keep it a secret but I didn’t think anyone read this thing. Mr. Scruggs was pissed at me for that one. I know the State thing is not going to well, but I was told tonight a coach might have been found. I will know more tomorrow. Wonder if Hal Mumme is in the mix?

  32. ColoradoReb Says:

    Auburn will have to match Bama in pay to get a huge name. Might be Gill from Buff. They meet Monday to talk. Skip is all but in at Syracuse. Dooley is supposed to talk to UNM this week. Gill with drew his name tonight at UNM. Check this out for gossip- NMSt is going to hire a teacher with no coaching experience to run their program, although he did play ball. I think maybe in the pro’s at one time. Jimbo Fisher is supposedly going to be the highest paid assistant in NCAA football.

  33. ColoradoReb Says:

    What did Maroonog have to go to the box for? I didn’t see it before PA yanked it. I bet it was about me right? I love this blog deal its great!

  34. m4rebs Says:

    Colorado, you and Dickie Scruggs are friends? I think I saw something where he was in jail, is he still in and if so, when does he get out?

  35. m4rebs Says:

    What part of Colorado do you live in?

  36. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’m not really friends with Scruggs. I just own a company that worked on his house. I live in the Denver area, about three doors down from Chuck Neimas. I think Scruggs is in jail but I bet he still has plenty of $. LOL.

  37. ColoradoReb Says:

    We also worked on Boone’s house on Hwy 30 I believe it was. Never attended OM but everyone else in my family graduated from there. I just love college football and I know alot of people. Especially the rich, we seem to get alot of upscale clients because of what we do. Can’t really say much else or I’d have to you know. LOL

  38. ColoradoReb Says:

    But I have not ever spoken to Chuck, right PA? I just know he’s down there.

  39. ColoradoReb Says:

    Its late here we will blog tomorrow. As always, I’ll have the scoop for ya PA.

  40. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, we just have basic rules of decency here. I yanked one of yours too. Let’s all keep it clean. Keep the penalty box empty.

    — PA

  41. Raleighrebel Says:


    I’ll be honest. I’ve never heard of Chuck Neimas before hearing you mention his name on this blog, so I googled him. I’ll ask you the same question I got from Google….”Did you mean Chuck Neinas?” I figure you obviously don’t know his real last name since you spelled it the same way everytime. Since ya’ll are such big buds, he’d probably appreciate you spelling and pronouncing his name correctly in the future.

  42. m4rebs Says:

    Was he the guy in Walker, Texas Ranger?

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