FYI: Bowl update later

Morning folks. I’ll post the bowl info when it happens this afternoon. Probably Cotton, but we’ll see.

Nice win for the basketball team yesterday and good to see some improvement, however moderate, in the post. Long way to go there.

First big test for the women coming up at 2 p.m. today against No. 9 Texas.

— PA


11 Responses to “FYI: Bowl update later”

  1. ackerman17 Says:

    According to’s Chris Low:

    The Capital One Bowl has decided to take Georgia. Ole Miss will head to the Cotton Bowl and LSU to the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Kentucky will go to the Liberty Bowl and Vanderbilt to the Music City Bowl.

  2. umreb74 Says:

    Former 5-star safety Jamar Hornsby has committed to Rebs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    Hope he’s straightened his act out. This guy has done some shady stuff in the past and Florida kicked him off their team.

  4. umreb74 Says:

    Yeah, kinda funny they jerked Clayton’s scholly 4 a temper tantrum and we have 2 commits w/even shadier character.

  5. farley662 Says:

    It’s cause Clayton is white. Dang reverse racism will get ya everytime!

  6. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    PA – I agree the Cotton is most likely. Either bowl is outstanding. I was wrong picking Bama to beat UF. I think the Gators will beat Oklahoma by atleast a touchdown. If UF beats OU, Ole Miss will again have the destinction of handing a National Champion their only loss (see Notre Dame 11-1 with a 17-14 loss to Ole Miss in 1977).

    On another positive note, I was glad to see PB and RK step up and give Coach Nutt and his staff much deserved pay raises. A good recruiting year and we may be on our way to stringing some strong years together. We have a solid group comming back in ’09 and I expect to be in the mix for the West. Obviously we will need some luck (as all teams do) but I do think we are in the conversation. I believe we are in a uniquely strong position in the West.

    AU will have a new coach and their talent level is down a little (no insult intended and there is still plenty of talent on the roster). Plus, Bama has regained supremacy in the state and that makes it even more difficult for the War Chickens.

    State will have a new coach. I know the Dogs want to make a statement with their hiring, but I don’t see a big name comming to Starkville. That is not to say that they can’t get a great coach, but unless they get a big name coach, State will have a difficult recruiting season. The high school players in Mississippi can’t help but take notice of how much FUN the Ole Miss players are having playing for Coach Nutt.

    Bama has a great coach and plenty of returning studs. However, they will have a new QB and that is always a mystery. On a side note, Saban was a class act in his post game press conference last night. He was very complimentary of UF and said he was pulling for them to win the National Championship for the SEC. Very classy.

    ARK has many questions. I don’t think the Hogs are infactuated with Petrino and I think Petrino is not infactuated with the Razorback job. In fact, I think Petrino will be out within the next 2 years (either he bolts – imagine that; or he actually stays long enough to get fired). The uncertanity can’t be good for recruiting. How can a recruit really believe Petrino will be around very long?

    LSU is still loaded and Jefferson could have a breakout year in ’09. There is enough talent on the LSU roster that they can beat anybody, anywhere at anytime. However, Ole Miss is not going to be out coached by LSU. After all, Saban told Skip Bertman that the best man to replace Saban after he left LSU was…….anybody?……that’s right – Houston Nutt.

    The SECW will have new coaches and new QBs galore next year. That could benefit Ole Miss greatly as we are very solid in both the QB and coaching catagories. We were in the position of having a new coach and a new QB this year and it worked out fine for the Rebels. So, other teams may be as fortunate as we were this year with Coach Nutt and Snead. We will see.

  7. Raleighrebel Says:

    What time are the bowl selections being announced today, and what channel?

  8. farley662 Says:

    ESPN. 7pm

  9. Raleighrebel Says:

    Thanks Farley

  10. tcfan Says:

    I trust Nutt’s judgement with Hornsby. I heard when Moore came to the summer camp, after he was committed, the staff wasn’t very impressed and in a way probably was looking for a way not to keep him.

    Also, with that, Kent Austin was at the 5A game scouting Tyler Russell. No doubt we’ll go after him, but if he happens to go to Bama now, look for Bama QB commit AJ McCarron to sign with Ole Miss.

  11. david Says:

    Any word on the Hardgrave players? Or Koric Neat…looks like one fast man…cheer for the lady rebs today beat Texas…

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