FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl presser

A few quick notes here.
— Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker and two other officials made the trip into stormy weather.
— The bowl expects an attendance record of more than 80,000. There’s a lot of local interest with this being the last game in the stadium where the event has been played for more than 70 years.
— Ole Miss has sold 16,000 tickets and can get up to 18,000. A small number of tickets are also available through the Cotton Bowl at
— Finals finish Thursday, and the Rebels will return to the practice field Thursday evening at 6:45. The team will practice here next week and will then take off until meeting in Dallas the evening of the 26th.
— Special teams coach James Shibest has been named national special teams coach of the year by the website

— PA


15 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl presser”

  1. methuselah1933 Says:

    dem reb boys do go since i away tink dey be good cotton pickers

  2. david Says:

    way to go coach… Speaking of cotton…What does anyone know about Raymond Cotton the QB that was once committed to Auburn but now is on the Ole Miss visit list….Whats up with Barksdale

  3. rpmjr Says:

    Finals finish Friday, actually. But that’s neither here nor there.

  4. Raleighrebel Says:

    We had a decent showing on the power rankings, which included Houston Nutt, Tyrone Nix, Hardy, Jerry, Snead, Oher…I think that’s it…may have missed one.

  5. m4rebs Says:

    What are the power rankings? I thought they ranked recruiting classes, etc. Is this a breakdown of every position on every team, including coaching staffs?

  6. Raleighrebel Says:


    Yeah, exactly that.

    Hope it was ok to post this link, PA. If not, just pull it.

  7. umreb74 Says:


  8. djrebel Says:

    I was going by what Houston said, so I guess finals at least finish enough for the football players that he believes he can begin practice Thursday evening.

    — PA

  9. Mike Says:

    Hey PA, what would you say to starting a Cotton Bowl roll call on your blog?

  10. bigdraws Says:

    You mean where everybody posts and says, “I’m going with my wife and two kids.”? Yeah, great idea.

  11. Mike Says:

    Big, I don’t know whether to read any sarcasm into your reply or not.

    I don’t necessarily want to know that your wife, your kids, your mother-in-law and her cousin that live with you are going. However, I think it would be kinda cool to know how many people are going and where they’re staying, if they want to say. Maybe some people would like to arrange a get together with other Reb faithful at their hotel, a restaurant or a local watering hole.

  12. djrebel Says:

    Now Draws, surely you were on a Liberty Bowl roll call somewhere last year.

    — PA

  13. bigdraws Says:

    You got one of your answers. There are apprx 16k going.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    I don’t remember even seeing one. I’m sure Gene’s page had one but I hardly ever frequent that place. Anyways, I stayed at fitzgeralds in Tunica. If you weren’t already going there. Chances are I wasn’t going to change your mind.

  15. farley662 Says:

    Creb’s “credible source” revealed.

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