FOOTBALL: A new rival?

Dan Mullen is the new Mississippi State coach it appears. What do you guys think? Can he attract Florida type athletes to State, and if not, will his offense spark the Bulldogs?

— PA


66 Responses to “FOOTBALL: A new rival?”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    I definatly think it’s a good hire. Maybe I’m just relieved or just trying to be positive. It at least ought to persuade Russel to honor his commitment. I think it’s better than what we had.

  2. farley662 Says:

    Wait, you mean Ellis didn’t get the job? My source of all knowing power says different!

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    He’ll tell us that he predicted it though. Half that stuff he says predicted I never read.

  4. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I saw some state fans remarking that if it were Mullen or Wilson, at least state would have a coach that coached in the national championship game.

    Remind them that we tried that a few years ago…….and you know how that worked out.

  5. bigdraws Says:

    Last I checked we didn’t get this guy from the PAC-10.

  6. JakefuryReb Says:

    You got to think though, Jolly. Orgeron was a Defensive Coordinator; Mullen is an Offensive Coordinator. It was a good hire for them.

    I can’t wait till the Egg Bowl is the battle for the SEC West. What a year that will be. 😀

  7. ripleyreb Says:

    Congratulations to the Bulldogs. Sounds like a good hire.

  8. djrebel Says:

    Looks like they set out to hire an offensive coach and were able to execute that plan. He’ll be able to get some athletes he can win with.

    — PA

  9. Bo Says:

    I think it’s a great pickup for State. As much as I love beating the Bullpuppies Vick-style, it would be nice if State would at least be competitive.

    I have a feeling that this will kick-start the Egg Bowl and make it a battle again.

  10. Jay Stokes Says:

    Dan who?

  11. bc Says:

    I think that Jeff is referring to Cutcliffe in 1998 when Ole Miss got pineboxed.I think that it’s a good hire but he will learn on the job just like they all do.

  12. colreb420 Says:

    eddie O was never more then a line coach. he was never a DC.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Bo, you do realize you’ve only won one in a row right. Anyways, thanks for helping me out bc. I misunderstood what he meant. We’ve got at least one fan who ain’t happy. She’s over on the state blog blasting the fanbase (especially me). Funny how I have that effect on people. Funny how you try to enjoy the new hire for at least a few hours, and it all ends when the complaining starts.

  14. Bo Says:


    Yes, I realize that. I also realize that we dominated the game last year and Coach O handed the game away, literally. I also know that Ole Miss has shut State out 2 out of the last 5 Egg Bowls. I also know that Ole Miss hasn’t been shut out since ’97 and before that, it was ’46. We don’t make a habit out of being embarrassed. We also don’t make a habit out of getting sacked 11 times or having 37 TOTAL yards in a game.

    I’d say Mullen has his work cut out for him….he’s a good coach, but it’s an uphill battle!

  15. bigdraws Says:

    Dammit, I hate facts.

  16. m4rebs Says:

    Not to be a smart A or anything, but did the 15-14 win in Starkville in 1997 count as a shutout win for us?

  17. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Congrats to Miss State on their new coach. I certainly hope that Mr Mullen can turn that football program around, and I believe that he can. Restore that ole cow bell and bullie dawg spirit down there. Just say to Ole Miss fans, enjoy that 45-0 win. The Rebs may have a tough fight on their hands in future from “cow college”. Dandy Don M. (old SMU and Dallas Cowboy QB)use to say “Turn out the lights, the party is over”.

  18. farley662 Says:

    Bo, I’m actually sorry my wife knows you.

  19. ColoradoReb Says:

    Mullen is on ESPN right now saying if he’s the coach he doesn’t know it yet.

  20. bigdraws Says:


  21. farley662 Says:

    Man. Footballrumormill didn’t tip you on this one. Poor Creb.

  22. maroondog Says:

    Can we be excited now? Is it safe?

  23. Braves Dawg Says:

    I don’t think so maroondog, ColoradoReb didn’t say so.

  24. maroondog Says:

    Sorry, wrong site? By the way, Creb said it was Ellis Johnson. So this Mullen thing just a smokescreen right? They are going to announce Mullen and then Ellis Johnson is going to come out. Jim Ross will be in the background yelling “ELLIS JOHNSON!!ELLIS JOHNSON!!!OH MY GAWD!!!BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!!”

  25. cr Says:

    Hiring someone without head coaching experience is a little worrisome. I hope he is great and the Egg Bowl is for the SEC West every year – and the Rebels win of course.

  26. Bo Says:

    Sorry, I had hit the wrong key. Our last shutout was ’96.


    That was pretty funny. I’ve never had someone say something like that to me. Haha.

  27. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Hiring someone without head coaching experience is a little worrisome.”

    Yeah, I agree with you cr, but who is it worrisome to? Certainly not Miss State, that have all to gain and nothing to lose.

  28. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Good luck to Coach Mullen. I know a lot of UM fans will disagree but strong programs in this state give the others more credibility, although it’s all about wins. I didn’t research it but I recall that all three MS schools were ranked in the top 25 in 1999??? Got to watch a lot more coverage of MS football on TV. Everyone loves to hate the in-state rival but if the Rebs and Dogs ever tie up undefeated (I know, put down the bottle) everyone will be going crazy! Dare to dream….

  29. colreb420 Says:

    PA to answer your questions. Flordia type athletes dont go to state never have never will. state will pick up a few blue chippers every now and again, but noone in oxford or anywhere eles in the sec is really losing much sleep over this hire. state got like their 5 – 6 choice, good for them hope you all are relevant in 2-3 years.

  30. bigdraws Says:

    It’s amazing how one year of winning football makes you so cocky 420. With a name like that maybe you’re just high.

  31. farley662 Says:

    This coming from a fanbase who just 1 year ago had Orgeron stickers on their cars.

  32. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “PA to answer your questions. Flordia type athletes dont go to state never have never will. state will pick up a few blue chippers every now and again, but noone in oxford or anywhere eles in the sec is really losing much sleep over this hire. state got like their 5 – 6 choice, good for them hope you all are relevant in 2-3 years.”

    I cannot believe what I am reading above.

  33. djrebel Says:

    I think Florida type athletes will go to State or Ole Miss when conditions are right. Perhaps Mullen will create those conditions. There are lots of athletes in the South. The difference for Florida right now is that they’ll take the athletes they’re already recruiting and add to those a Percy Harvin or Tim Tebow.

    — PA

  34. colreb420 Says:

    What was that? Oh right 45-0!

  35. farley662 Says:

    Snappy comeback! I have been put in my place. You and ColoradoReb have stunned me with your wit. I hope you get skull drug by Tech now. Guns up!

  36. farley662 Says:

    And isn’t it ironic one of the places Coach Mullen is speaking at is the Summit in Tupelo? Pretty sure they will still have pillows and clock radios when we leave.

  37. colreb420 Says:

    kiss my egg bowl!

  38. farley662 Says:

    I have been defeated. I will sulk away in shame.

  39. farley662 Says:

    Who did you vote for in the Heisman race PA?

  40. djrebel Says:

    Farley, I went Tebow, McCoy, Bradford on my ballot.

    — PA

  41. farley662 Says:

    Good man Pa. Good man.

  42. m4rebs Says:

    C’mon PA. You were down in Gainesville to witness Tebow overthrowing 4 or 5 recievers on EASY TD’s to crush to lowly Rebel D, right? You think he deserves the Heisman Trophy with that type of performance??? Ok, so he had a bad game, give it to him!!! I agree, he is the best player in college football this year. Any one guy that can single handedly beat Nick Saban’s “genious” defensive mind, is very, very special. Florida beating Alabama on Saturday validates that, he didn’t even have his best weapon with him.

    And for you guys jerking each other back and forth, the fact of the matter is this… is a good hire for Mississippi State for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that from my gauge of the State fans, they felt like Sly Croom had worn out his welcome in Starkville, and therefore, Dan Mullen is not Sly Croom, so from their perspective, a positive. 2nd, the guy has been around successful program(s) for the last 7 years or so (after he and Urban left ND anyway), which means he doesn’t have a beat down, half cocked look to the guy, which will breathe a breath of fresh air into a reeling fan base and program. I mediocre season where the breaks go your way, doesn’t give any fan base the true satisfaction of success – hence the dissatisfaction only 1 year removed from a Liberty bowl victory. So, it is going to be good for State, but it is going to take a couple of years for the guy to assemble his type of players, let’s be honest, Dixon just ain’t going to fit in to his style – you don’t see dump trucks running drag races do you? So there’s my POV on that, not that ya’ll asked.
    Lastly, I disagree that we (meaning Ole Miss) NEED State to be successful. That’s bull poop. If State sucks, then the recruits in the state of Mississippi are going to be more prone to go to Ole Miss, just as if Ole Miss sucks, recruits are going to be more prone to go to State. For example, since State has been terrible for so long, how many Nationally Televised games have they been on? Not many, right? When was the last Mississippi State game that was televised by CBS? A good while, right? That being said, there are not very many recruits outside of the Deep South that are subject to seeing Raycom Sports SEC Package, are the only ones seeing State, and if they do see them, they haven’t looked good. Just like us during the O years…the only reason we had decent recruits is because he was a relentless recruiter. Ole Miss was not getting the national exposure on TV every weekend for 4 months every fall, like Alabama, Florida, and LSU. We need all the help we can get to get the recruits to Oxford. The longer one or the other is down, the more likely one of them will be more successful. Just my opinion. The nice thing about blogs, I suppose. Hopeful the guns have blanks!!! Hotty Toddy!

  43. m4rebs Says:

    I know Draws….Homer Part Deaux, sorry.

  44. Jay Stokes Says:

    m4rebs… careful, there are a lot of tebow disciples that come to parrish’s blog. i said something one time about mcfadden deserving the heisman last year, and you would have thought i ran over somebody and kept going…..

  45. akrebel84 Says:

    I think this is a good hire for state…I dont know about you guys, but I am tired of mississippi college football being a joke…it would be nice to have 2 decent sec teams in the state, just as long as ole miss is always the better one:)

  46. maroondog Says:

    M4, did you pay attention to your TV this year, many of our games were on ESPN and ESPN2. The only time we were on Raycom the whole year was during the eggbowl. Congrats to Ole Miss and good luck in the Cotton Bowl, it is my alma mater, but let’s all keep perspective – neither team has been doing very good at being consistant.

  47. Bo Says:

    All of you State fans are fairly cordial here, but I don’t understand why State fans would hang out at a blog dedicated to Ole Miss?

    Ole Miss members of this site, do you post on Brad Locke’s site?

    I’d prefer to keep them separate, because all it does when mixing the two is result in the trash talk on this page…

  48. Raleighrebel Says:

    Bo, a lot of Ole Miss fans post on the MS State site too. I read their blog, but don’t post (yet). I think most of the ones that post on this site keep it pretty civil and have no problems with them posting on this site. They help us ‘keep it real’. Those are just my thoughts, but opinions vary, right M4?

  49. Bo Says:

    Yeah, I agree that they are pretty civil, but when I try to talk smack amongst Ole Miss fans and then they get all bent out of shape, it makes ME the bad guy. I don’t mind if they don’t like me, but I just don’t like that I’m the bad guy all of sudden because I’m talking smack about Moo-U on an OLE MISS blog.

    If I was trying to stir the fire, I’d post stuff like I have on this page on Locke’s site.

  50. Raleighrebel Says:

    Good point. I agree that you should never feel like the bad guy talking smack about MSU on this blog.

  51. cr Says:


    The question was an individual question so the pick to me is worrisome. As an Ole Miss fan it reminds me of the Cutcliffe hire which did not work out. There are just some things that only experience as a head coach can reveal which leaves hiring a coordinator more risky. Ohio State hired a Youngstown HC and I think it has worked out well. There are coordinators that have been great (Stoops) so Mullen can be great and I hope he is.

  52. bigdraws Says:

    LOL, Matt. I was almost about to hit my google button till I saw your next post. And Bo, I enjoy talking Ole Miss sports too. Don’t take everything so personal.

  53. bornarebel Says:

    I think State got a good coach (only time will tell). I would like to see State have a consistently good team as long as Ole Miss does too. I live in Tenn and I talked to a guy last night who was talking about the State hire and he said “well it’s just another Mississippi team.” I hear this kind of junk all the time about MS sports. All of you guys who do not live in MS probably hear the same thing. I just get tired of it. So I would love to see both of our teams consistently in the top 25.

  54. djrebel Says:

    Matt, the Big 12 defenses were the tipping point. Total defense league leader Texas ranks No. 50 nationally. Nine of the 12 rank below 70. My hunch is those numbers tell more about the defenses than the quarterbacks.

    — PA

  55. farley662 Says:

    Bo, same statement as yesterday.

  56. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, Tim Tebow is not only a great football player, he is a Great Roll Model . The youth in our country need someone like him to look up to. Thank you for your vote.

  57. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    RR, that a big AMEN!! Tim a great young man.

    I wonder if that’s farley, with the red hair, out celebrating the new coach?

  58. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    That’s pic of the celebrater over on Brad’s blog, by the way.

  59. ripleyreb Says:

    Good morning J.B. Is it snowing in the Panhandle? That picture has to be Farley or Bigdraws. Not sure which.

  60. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    No snow, RR, but its turning ccld very fast. Its 54 deg and we have seen the warmest part of this day. Tonight forcast to be 31. For some reason we are in the coldest part of the State. Sunday morning we got early for Church and it was 31 deg here, down the road about 25 miles at Fort Walton Beach it was 41.

    Not sure if that pacture is Draws, don’t think he has any hair.

  61. m4rebs Says:

    maroondog, if you would read my comment a little bit carefully, I did mention that you played on a National setting, but didn’t play well. So the only National exposure State got was more negative than positive (all were losses on ESPN/ESPN2 this year – AU, UA, LSU, LolyPoly). I recall last year that all of State’s key wins (AU, UA, UK, Ole Miss) were on Raycom. It wasn’t just this year. We’ve played on CBS a few times, but not much. We haven’t been on ESPN since Georgia game in 2006 I believe. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to be degrading to either of our schools, just pointing out some results of the National stages.

    Bo – it’s all about perspective as far as who is what. Don’t sweat the small stuff, man.

  62. farley662 Says:

    To be fair m4, before this year the only reason you were ever on CBS was because the other team was highly ranked and they wanted to highlight the other team. You guys have had one decent year in a while. Downgrading State for being bad is not exactly the thing to do when your team is one hurt Jevan Snead knee from being right there again.

  63. bigdraws Says:

    Very funny JB. If it was just white hair I might could claim it was me.

  64. farley662 Says:

    I think it was Braves JB. He loves to wear belly shirts.

  65. ripleyreb Says:

    Farley, I tried to send a “thanks” to you over on The Van,wouldn’t accept my post. Anyway, Thank You. RR

  66. m4rebs Says:

    Don’t disagree one bit farley. And that was my point, if you recall I wrote that Ole Miss was doing ANY recruiting for 4 months every Saturdays the past 5 seasons during the fall. The only reason we have talent was because Orgeron was a relentless recruiter. Sorry for trying to prove a legitmate point. I tried to make an argument that it is not healthy for Ole Miss to have State be the #1 team in the Nation. On the flip side, it is not healthy for State for Ole Miss to be the #1 team in the nation from a recruiting perspective, that’s all. Sorry about bringing in the national tv exposure point.

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