FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl roll call

By special request. Who has made plans to attend?

— PA


27 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Cotton Bowl roll call”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Still making plans, but hoping to be there.

  2. Walt Says:

    I live in Fort Worth, so I couldn’t ask for a better situation. Needless to say, I will be there with 5 family members! Hotty Toddy!

  3. colreb420 Says:


  4. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll be there!! I’m gonna be the guy dressed up like Texas Pete handing out coupons for hot sauce!!!

  5. djrebel Says:

    Draws, I think you’re jerking chains over here. I really don’t think you’re going to the Cotton Bowl. What’s the latest in your coach search? Is Kevin Wilson the guy? I’m hearing that Bowden will get a strong look.

    — PA

  6. bigdraws Says:

    You prolly know as much as anybody PA. They’re keeping that thing tight-lipped. All I hear today is Wilson. 5 days ago it was Peterson. Who knows? I’m not going to Dallas, but I’ll be watching with my New Years “good luck” vittles. Fat back, mustard greens, black eyed peas… get the picture.

  7. Hope Says:

    I’m going…oh and might have 3 extra tickets if anyone needs them!

  8. UPTexan Says:

    PA, live in Dallas so it will be a big family/friends reunion for us. Now just praying for the 70 degree weather for the week; its been decent the last fews years, but who can forget the Ice Bowl; ND v. Houston. Hoping for the best!

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Roll call; bowl weevils invited to this cotton game.

  10. rebfan Says:

    me and some friends are chartering a bus. Might have some extra room if someone needs a ride

  11. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’m taking the family. I guess nobody around here is going to give me some tickets so I better get on the ball and buy some.

  12. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA you got any extra press passes?

  13. david Says:

    I am going with a group of 15. 3 from jackson, 4 from dallas, 2 from memphis, 1 from KC, and 5 from all over texas. Looking forward to it. I wish I could find a field pass for my dad. It would make the perfect present.

  14. EglinReb Says:

    Section 4, row 66. 10 brothers, neices and nephews. Sis won’t make it

  15. djrebel Says:

    Colorado Reb, I had a pass with your name on it until you posted below just what a true Rebel you are. I am concerned that would affect your unbiased reporting.

    — PA

  16. L2 Says:

    Am there – along 5 other rowdy Rebels! Wish it was today!

  17. Jay Stokes Says:

    i plan on being there if my schedule allows….haven’t finalized it yet.

  18. Mike Says:

    Will be 5 in our group. Going down 1/1. Hope to be there in time for the parade and pep rally. Anyone staying at the Hilton Garden Inn?

  19. Mike Says:

    BTW – Thanks PA for the roll call.

  20. Glenn M Says:

    Looking like I will be able to get there. A buddy has a line on 2 tix. Fingers crossed.


  21. Josh Says:

    Bought tickets the morning before going to watch the Rebs allow -55 yards rushing to State. NYE in Dallas and Cotton Bowl should be a blast. Hotty Toddy.

  22. cr Says:

    8 of us will be there

  23. umreb74 Says:

    15 going to watch REBS WRECK TECH!!

  24. Thomas Says:

    The Tennessee Rev has made his plans to be with the Right Reverend Nutt in Dallas on January 2. And all the people said, “AMEN!”

  25. toddy22 Says:

    I am flying in and have my single ticket. I panicked and bought one from the cottonbowl site. Got to select my seat though, although not great. Probably will move around and find my friends

  26. Bo Says:

    I’m meeting some of my Ole Miss alumni buddies in Dallas to go to the game.

    I’m still trying to find a good hotel though, because they say it’s best to take the DART/shuttle to the game, so I’m trying to get a hotel near a DART station…there aren’t many.

  27. JG Says:

    I live in Dallas, so I will be there!

    Not sure how much time you guys have spent here, but the Cotton bowl is in the ghetto and the parking situation is a bit of a nightmare. I would recommend taking the train. Depending on where you are staying there are various places where you can hop on. Check out the link below.

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